Episode 130: How Adversity led one Heartbroken Father to Write a Book and Start a Movement with Eddie Rodriquez

August 16, 2022

When Eddie Rodriquez’s daughter was killed, he needed to find a way to carry on, and that led him to create the 10 Million Smiles Movement and write a book about  it.  Taking those actions helped him deal with depression and gave him a new purpose.  Rodriquez believes that when you smile the right way it has transformative powers and can heal you. To learn more about the movement, how you can participate, how you can start one of your own, and/or how to heal whatever challenge you’re facing, listen to this interview!

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How do you stay positive when life gives you lemons? Eddie Rodriquez has survived the death of his daughter,
a cerebral hemorrhage, a stroke and now stage 4 colon cancer. Adversity motivated him to create the 10 Million Smiles
World Tour. It’s about connecting with people through a smile and it’s his way of making a difference in the world while
honoring his daughter’s memory. If you’re facing any challenge or adversity, this interview will show you concrete ways
to stay positive and carry on as well as how anyone can start a movement and fuel it with a book!

Key Quotes

A smile is a superpower

I had to fake it til I made it.

Communication of two hearts is a beautiful thing

When you connect hearts it’s at that level where that’s real.

On creating a movement:
You live it, you breathe it, make sure that it’s something that will keep you going and will energize you, that when you wake up in the morning you’re like, “Yes! I
have another day I can go out and spread smiles!”

Every single storm that comes through has a rainbow somewhere.

People say, “Change your state”, but understand to forgive yourself when you get into a bad state.

If you start looking at everything that happens to you in life, and you say “here’s this really ugly thing that happened to me, it didn’t happen to you, it happened for you to be able to learn.”

The worst thing that happened in my life was the death of my daughter, it’s also the best thing because of the fact that everything I’m able to do now, she left me a gift. Do I want her back, “Yes, I do want her here. I can’t have her here but I can do the next best thing in honoring her with what I’m doing  ”

She gave me her smile and said, “Dad, run with it. Take it, spread it.”

You have to ask the right questions, of yourself, of the universe, God, whatever name you want to put on it.

Whatever it is you want in your life, go for it!

If you have a goal and you can’t reach it, find a way around it.

Key Takeaways

Used the right way a smile can lead to transformation.
Smiling can help with depression.
The right way to smile is GENUINELY; smile from the heart. The energy behind it (your smile) is what can create healing.
If you smile for 60 seconds, it releases endorphins that can heal you, and laughing is even stronger.

72% of entrepreneurs are depressed.

o turn the idea into a movement you have to fully enjoy and love what you are doing.

When you’re depressed you’re not communicating the way you should with other people.

Changing the energy, changes the whole world.

The work has to be done by the person who wants to get there.

The things you don’t want to do are probably the things you need to do because those are the issues that come through you.

Ask yourself:

What’s really important?
What’s going to make a difference?
What do I love?
And how do I create it?

Positive questions lead to more positive questions.

Make sure to word it right for yourself.

Reframing questions with Carol Boston

Everything is habits

If you always look for the positive doesn’t mean you don’t get down but hold onto it.

The things you do feed your inner body and your outer body, it frames who you are and how you’re going to handle things, and when you have off days you have off days just like everybody else.

To grow your movement, connect with the right people and make sure the energy vampires don’t get into the conversation.

Bring in people who want to help themselves because Eddie can’t help anyone.

He can guide you to get there, but he can’t do the work.

Eddie designed a coin. You can donate to get the coin.

Write a note to someone you want to be happy and why they were the perfect person to give it to then you register the coin.
They smile. They get excited and send it to someone else and he tracks it across the world, so they know where it’s going.

If you can’t donate message him, and he’ll see if he can get you a coin.

It’s about connecting. He wants to help people no matter what.

Do what you love and whatever you needcan show up instantly.

Sometimes, something you think is bad, turns out to actually be good.

Promoting the book:

He puts it out there
Tells people about it
He’s not a salesman
He says “This is what I need, how is it going to show up?”

Ask questions, then pay attention to your intuition and follow it,
it may lead you in a direction that isn’t where you thought you
needed to go but is where you needed to go.

Don’t let anything stop you. Focus on life and telling yourself
a positive story.

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    inding your personal style.

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