(Selling books through free+shipping)
Studies show that people LOVE free offers and will even pay more when
they get something for free with an offer than if it didn’t include a
freebie. And one of the best ways to sell books is with a free + shipping offer.Unfortunately, some potential buyers think that free + shipping is a
scam, so let’s break it down:

With this strategy, you give your book away and charge $7- $7.95 for shipping. There are printing costs and mailing costs. I did extensive research
looking for the best printing prices for a client a while back and
discovered a company called The Book Patch www.thebookpatch.com,
which had the best prices other than Amazon.

I have had my books printed by Amazon for as little as $2.15 a book
(depends on the size of the book). You can calculate the cost of your book at: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G201834340,
But, let’s take a 150-page book with black ink that sells for $14.95. The
cost to print, based on their calculations would be $2.65 per book.
Note: Amazon may cap how many books you can buy; they say it’s
different for each book, so you’ll have to check with them to see what is
the best option for your book printing.

Now, if you are mailing the books out yourself, in the U.S., you can use a media mailer from the United States Post Office. The price of media mail is determined by weight. For a book that is one pound or less, you’ll pay $2.75 for shipping and 50 cents more for each additional pound.

The estimated weight of a 150-page, 6X9 paperback book with 50-pound text paper is almost 5 pounds (4 lbs. 13 oz.). Your cost to mail would be $4.75. Mailing outside the U.S. will cost you more than your buyers are
paying for the book, so you will take a loss on those. So, when you add
together $2.65 (average) for the printing + $4.75 inside the U.S., your costwould be $7.40 and you’d be losing money outside the U.S.

Now, one way to avoid this is to only give away digital books to buyers
outside the country. But, the reason so many authors use this model is
because IT WORKS! Buyers FEEL like they are getting the book for free,
and they are fine with paying the shipping because it’s such a low cost of entry-usually $7 or $7.95.

And using a funnel, authors will make a lot more money by using the
book as a lead generator and offering other products and/or services on the back end. In fact, these additional offers should more than make up
for any potential loss on the front end. However, when done right, you
should not take a loss at all.

Russell Brunson is a master at creating funnels, and in his One Funnel Away Challenge (http://ellenlikes.com/ofa)*, he showed how a certain
percentage of the people who get the book (and who already have their
credit card out) will make an additional purchase when there is a one-
click process for purchasing, which you can create using the Click Funnelsoftware (http://ellenlikes.com/clickfunnelsfree)*, which comes with a
free 14-day trial. (The next One Funnel Away Challenge starts Monday,
June 16th and my understanding is that it is the last one that will have
live coaching with it from Russell’s team.)

Then, the author can offer what is called a “bump”-something extra offered at the same time like a trial to a membership- or an extra piece of
information (for very little money), and then another offer behind the
first paid offer. So, let’s look at a typical funnel based on Russell Brunson’s data:

1st offer (20% opt in if it’s working right)
Free book + shipping

Second offer (1-5% buy rate on the first offer)$27-$37 product

Order Bump (20-40% take the offer)

Third offer (3-10% take the offer)$97 to $297 offer

So, for every 100 people who go to your funnel, you should get 20 people
taking the free + shipping offer. At 1%, your first offer would make you $27-$37. At 5% your first offer would make you $135 to $185. A $5 bump would make you an extra $100 to $200 dollars (pure profit)And your
third offer (second upsell) would make you$291 to $891 in profit!
(These prices are not set in stone, they are just examples to show you the potential.)

And here’s how it works…Once you get your funnel working, you take the money from the sales of the $27-$37 product ($135 to $185) and put that money back into your paid ads, and then pocket the money from the
bump and the $97-$297 offer, which could amount to over $1,000. And
then run it again. So, you never go broke from your paid advertising and you never pay for leads! Plus, as you continue to increase your ad spend, you can outspend your competition, and own your niche!

And it gets better. For coaches and services providers, this type of
strategy can get you hundreds or thousands of leads a month and provide a never-ending stream of customers and/or clients for your business on

Like anything, there is a learning curve, but if you’re willing to put in thework, you’ll never have to worry about filling your practice or selling
your programs again!* For full disclosure, this is an affiliate link and I
will make a commission when you go through my link. (You’ll get
additional bonuses including help absolutely FREE when you join
through me.)

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