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Most authors don’t realize that Pinterest can be a powerful tool for marketing their books and their business, especially if their target market is affluent females. (70% of Pinterest users are affluent women.) According to Pinterest expert, Daniel Hall, there are 5 powerful reasons to use Pinterest in your marketing mix and here they are:

1. Pinterest does a really good job of allowing it’s users to organize themselves around keys subjects, so non-fiction and fiction writers can use it to reach their market on any topic. And it’s a search engine, so any topic is easy to find.

2. Pinterest encourages users to not only share content, but it will prompt people to share it. So, what you can do is put up graphics, called pins, which are, in effect, graphical representations of short articles related to your subject matter, and your market will share them, so they have the ability to go viral. For example, Daniel Hall’s partner in his Pinterest Course, John Kremer, has so far generated 168,000 link or clicks on on pin, and it was actually shared at least, when they last counted, 1.4 million times!

3. Unlike other sites, like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest encourages users to embed a link behind their graphic, so it’s much easier to connect with their audience and get them to get onto an email list and/or to buy books, products, and services than on other social media sites with less effort. For instance, a link could take them to your author’s blog, an Amazon listing for a book, or your podcast-anywhere “within reason” as Daniel says.

4. Another benefit is that Pinterest will show your pins to any active user, so they don’t have to be people who follow you or who are your friends, which is a tremendous benefit! It allows users to reach virtually ANYONE interested on any given topic- when you put out good content that Pinterest deems is worth sharing.

5. And finally, Pinterest archives your pins, so not only can anyone find your content, but it will remain there for years to come, and the links back to your books, products, and services will also remain intact!

With all the choices authorpreneurs have for their marketing, it makes sense to use Pinterest as it is the one platform that will give you all five benefits I’ve shared here and give you the most exposure for years to come!

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