You’ve written a book, but it’s not selling as well as you had hoped. What do you do?

Assuming it’s got a great title and cover and it’s well-written, you focus on more visibility. Unfortunately, many go about this the wrong way. They start reaching out more to their own community, but that won’t give you the visibility you want. To reach a larger audience, and sell more books, you have to get out of your own echo chamber. What I mean by that is if you only speak to your email list and to your group, you will be reaching the same people over and over and you will not expand your reach, sell more books, and/or grow your business.

What you want to do is collaborate with other people and leverage their influence for more visibility. Here are seven great ways to do that.

1. Be a podcast guest. Create a one-sheet and reach out to podcasts that would be interested in your topic. The more often you speak, the faster you will grow your visibility, your book sales, and your business. You can find a free list of podcasts at or Speakertunity at

2. Speak to other people’s Facebook groups. You can also do Facebook swaps where you speak to each other’s groups. You can ask your “friends” in a post or individually by direct messaging them if they’d like to swap. You can also ask in other groups that you belong to.

3. Go to networking groups. Networking groups are not for selling, they are for making connections that can lead to partnerships and sales down the road. Each group has a different format, so try different groups and see what works best for your business. To get the most out of them, see how you can help others. When you consistently give value people will be more apt to help you get what you want.

4. Join groups that cater to your ideal clients and engage. Share often, and again, give value. People who need you will take notice and reach out to you over time. When they do, invite them to get on a call and have a chat. Once you have them on the phone or Zoom, find out what challenges they have and how you can help or point them to who can help them or to resources they can use.

5. Go to virtual events that have breakout rooms. Last year, I went to a virtual event that I paid $147 to attend. In one of the breakout rooms, I met a woman who became a client of mine and she referred two other clients to me. I made $1825.18. And now I have three satisfied clients who may send me even more business down the road!

6. Buy a sponsorship on a podcast or an event. When you buy a sponsorship, it helps you reach a potentially large number of your ideal clients and allows you to leverage the know, like and trust factor that the host has with his or her audience. And remember, when you go to events that people paid for, you know they are buyers and they are serious, and because you’ve paid to be a sponsor, the host will be eager to promote you, so it can be a goldmine.

7. Write a book and do a book launch. (Combine this with any or all of the strategies above for massive visibility!) When you launch a book, you can reach thousands or hundreds of thousands of people if you give it away for free or sell it for .99 by putting it in the announcement sites that advertise Amazon book promotions, in addition to all the other ways that people promote i.e. groups, joint ventures, paid ads. speaking etc.

Extra Strategy: If you have an iPhone or iPad, get on Clubhouse! It’s not open to Android users yet, but it’s a fantastic way to meet influencers and collaborate with movers and shakers. And right now, it’s early, and early adapters always get the biggest benefit from a new platform! To learn the basics of Clubhouse, listen to Books Open Doors™ Insights in Episode 84:

If you want to sell more books, make more money, and reach a lot more people with your message, you have to be visible, business is not just going to show up on your doorstep because you are amazing at what you do! Get out of your circle and expand by using one or more of the strategies that I’ve listed here and you’ll be amazed at what happens in your business!

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Ellen is an award-winning book & business coach, multiple International #1 bestselling author, co-author of Sell More eBooks with Jim Edwards, a podcast host, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She’s also a former contributor to Published! Magazine and former copyeditor. Her company offers a full range author services.

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