There are guiding principles that govern the universe and one of them is the law of attraction, which states that you get what you focus on. So if you focus on the positive, wealth, health and joy, you will get it, but if you focus on doom and gloom that is what you will attract into your life.

Sounds easy enough. But, the problem arises when you keep trying to focus on the positive while your life is falling apart, and no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t turn around.

Soon, this can lead to guilt and shame that somehow you aren’t thinking positive enough because if you were, this wouldn’t be happening.

You feel like it’s your fault, There’s guilt and shame, and before you know it you’re feeling like a complete failure.

Sound familiar? I know how this goes because I have been there.

And here’s the rub: it’s really hard to have a great mindset when nothing’s working, when you have failure after failure, and you just can’t seem to turn it around.

The money is going out, the bills are piling up and you’re panicking.

The truth is the law of attraction is not enough.

The secret behind the law of attraction is that strategy and action are required. It’s a four-step plan:

1.Get clarity.

2.Decide what you really want to do

3.Create a plan

4.Take action,

And don’t worry if it’s not the “right” action. Taking action helps you figure out what you want if you enjoy it, or what you don’t want if you don’t enjoy it.
Either way, it will help move you forward.

So if you need help with strategy, get it. If you need help with accountability get it.

Figure out what you need, find the person who has done it, and get help.

Do your homework.

If you think you can’t afford help, ask for a scholarship. Offer to do what you are good at that will help the other person in exchange for help. Or, get a side gig. Figure out what skills you have that you can charge for. (I don’t recommend getting a part-time “job” because the pay is too low for the time you will have to invest. But, if you have absolutely no skills you can charge for then go for it.)

Some coaches will help for a reduced fee, or will help and allow you to pay once you get the results you’re looking for. Or, sometimes you can get access to their material by helping them edit videos and/or text, or serve them in some other way.

Don’t hire a coach only based on affordability. It must be someone who teaches what you want to learn. Don’t get blinded by your fear and jump in with the wrong person. It will only prolong your pain.

In the meantime, take advantage of all the free information online. Go to
Youtube and find videos that might help. Listen to webinars, and/or search for free guides, checklists and reports. Do whatever it takes.

But don’t rely on the law of attraction to make everything all better.

When I was at my lowest point, I still got clients because I kept marketing and learning, I kept trying things, I kept going. I got help.

I found a way.

You can too.

If you need help, go to and let’s have a quick 10 minute discovery call to see how I can help you or point you in the right direction for you.