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3. Pick a topic where you see a NEED for it.

No matter how many books there are on any given topic, there is always a way for you to add value to the conversation.

Sometimes, it’s by supplying information that is not covered in any of the other books, other times it’s how you position your book so people understand what makes it different from the other ones. You could also focus on a different audience who is hungry for the information you want to share or approach the topic from a different angle.

If you have a list and/or community, ask there. Ask your clients. These are people who have already told you that they are interested in your general area of knowledge and can give you great insights.

If you don’t have any following or an email list and want to know what people are looking for, you can go to Amazon and social-media sites to find out what people want. Get on people’s newsletters in your niche and follow them. The ones who have marketing budgets can often give you insights that would cost you too much to find out on your own.

Also, look at the reviews on Amazon books on each topic you are considering writing about, especially the bad ones. See why people didn’t like them. Oftentimes, their readers will tell you what they wanted to see that was missing. When they do, think about how you could provide that information to them in your book.

Also, ask on social-media sites like Warrior Forum and Quora. You can also ask on Good Reads. And you can run polls and surveys.

The important thing is to make sure you write about something your market wants or you will not sell books or get any benefit from writing one.

4. Pick a topic based on your strategy.

Number 2, 3 & 4 overlap to a degree. But, here is the exact 4-step process to determine your strategy.

First, you have to know what problem you can solve for people. The best way to find out is to make a list of your skills, and then see how you can use them to solve a problem that people have. (Give value.)

Second, figure out who is your ideal customer. These are people who want the problem solved and want it solved now. They have the money to pay you, and it is easy to connect with them, preferably both on and offline,

Next, think about how you will deliver your solution. Will you be offering individual coaching, group coaching, a membership, etc.? Once you know that, it will help you figure out what your call to action will be in your book i.e. next step.

If your business is new, individual coaching is the fastest way to get clients in which case it makes sense to offer a free strategy session at the end of your book.

If you are scaling your business, then you might offer a lead magnet-something that your buyers have to opt in to get.

Once you know what your call to action is going to be, then you can start with the end in mind and work backward. In other words, think about what information they would need to get in your book to be ready to take you up on your call to action.

And what would the topic be that would contain that information?

That would determine your strategy for picking the best topic for your book.

So, to recap:

From Part 1:

1. Pick a topic that inspires you.

2. Pick a topic that you either know enough to write about, can research, or can get through interviews with other experts.

From Part 2:

3. Pick a topic where there is a need.

4. Pick a topic based on what you want the book to do for your business and that will lead to your call to action.

When you find a topic that inspires you, that you know how to deliver, that people want it and will grow your business and/or make you money, you’ve found a great topic for your book.

The important thing is to pick your topic based on what you want to write, that you have the knowledge or know-how to deliver, and is what the market wants, and what they will pay for, you’ll have the best chance for success!

Ellen Violette is an award-winning book and business coach & Grammy-nominated songwriter, who works with creative visionaries who want to write a book because they have a tribe and following who are hungry and waiting for it, and want open doors to bigger opportunities.

Ellen is also a multiple International #1 bestselling author, 3-time eLit award winner, podcast host, former regular contributor to Published! Magazine, CEO of Create a Splash and Grammy-nominated songwriter. Her company is a full-service company for book services. It also delivers done-for-you services. To learn more, go to www.booksbusinessabundance.com