I had way too much stress in my life and my business and I had to find ways to reduce it.
I couldn’t control a lot of the stress in my life but I could in my business, so here is what I decided. This did not happen all at once but in stages and some still in progress:

  1. No discounts because I feel sorry for the client who hired someone before me who didn’t do their job properly or ghosted them.
  2. No taking on clients for money. If it doesn’t feel right; it’s a no, no matter what. (Saying no brings in better clients.The key is to trust.)
  3. Change my business model from product launches to evergreen (working on it)
  4. Stop going on marathon networking calls or blasting calls where the energy is exhausting or leave if I start to feel tired and not worrying about what others think.
  5. Take a break to smell the roses, walk,and get some sun as much as possible.
  6. Increase the automation in my business with a few low-cost tools (dm me if you want the list)
  7. Stopped being in a hurry to get to the end result and enjoy the journey. ( being an overachiever I pushed myself too hard.)
  8. Learning to say no more (on going)
  9. Getting more intentional about my learning and stop overbooking learning opportunities. Accepting you can’t learn everything- some should be outsourced instead. Plus, admitting I am a recovering learning addict.
  10. Stopped doing some things in my business that I am good at and delegated/outsourced them to increase my time working on my business instead of in it.

Some of these have been really hard lessons but so worth it. I hope it gives someone else the courage to change.

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