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Excerpted from The Books Business Abundance Podcast Interview with Cat Williford: One Woman’s Healing Journey Through Writing Her Book & The Secret To Great Art. www.booksbusinessabundance.com/podcast/28

Ellen: What do you see as the top blocks to achieving our goals?

Cat: Number one, we let our old worn-out stories of not enough. Whether that’s ” I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I don’t know enough. I don’t have the right connections,” whatever that boogeyman is that runs our sh**, internal story. That old story blocks our creativity. It blocks our capacity to plot a plan or we’ll plot a plan, and then it will come up. So, that old worn-out voice and story, which leads us to then start worrying about the, how we’re going to do something versus staying on point with our purpose, our bigger picture of why and what we want.

So yeah, getting star-cross by the “cursed how’s” is what I call it. And then, the third thing that really gets in our way, is we’re not staying current with ourselves. So, we might lose touch of like we’ve set a really big goal, it changes us. And so, if we’re not keeping track of how we’re growing or how we’re becoming different, we lose the capacity to stay on track with our intentions.

Ellen: How do you know?

Cat: Ah, great question. How do we? We start to feel less excited or even dread when we think about our goal?

Ellen: You’re saying if you’re dreading thinking about your goal, you’re growing? I’m confused.

Cat: Oh, no, I’m sorry. You know that it’s time to refresh yourself. Like current with yourself.

Cat: Yeah. So if I’ll just give an example here, if you’ve set a goal to complete a big project, whether that’s writing a book or finishing your draft of a proposal for a new business, whatever that is, if you set that goal and you find yourself dreading it, you might be caught up in the story, the old story of not good enough. You might be worrying too much about how I’m going to get all this done versus chunk it down one bite at a time, baby. Just one bite at a time. Or, it’s a goal that’s actually an old goal. It’s not a current goal.

Ellen: That is so true. That is so true. I’ve been there…

Cat: We’ve all been there, and I want to make it really okay and right that we’ve all been there. I, my best tip around it is, get yourself some support, whether it’s a good tribe, a mastermind group or a coach, whatever it is. Get support. Don’t go it alone. It’s hard to go it alone. Don’t do that.

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