I hit rock bottom in 2018. My list had stalled out, I was working too hard. I was exhausted and at my wits end, after 14 years online.

Part of the problem is that I am stubborn, so I would give up but nothing was working, and I knew something had to change and change fast.

Around that time, I was on a coaching call with a long-time mentor of mine who I hadn’t talked to in a while. (I had soured on coaches and was trying to go it alone-big mistake.)

He suggested that I start a podcast. But he told me that rather than doing it on books, I should do it on Internet marketing because all entrepreneurs need to learn email marketing, joint venturing, social media, copyright, and webinars and I have a lot of experience in al these areas. Plus, most entrepreneurs don’t think about writing a book at first.

So, I started putting my podcast together. I worked on it for several months until I reached a point where my intuition was telling me to scrap it…it just didn’t feel right, and I didn’t want to do it. So, I dumped it and started over putting together my current podcast.

I was getting clients at the time, but mostly by referral and it was too inconsistent, and I had to face the fact that I had never been very good at running the business side of my business. It was chaotic.

So, I signed up for a program with a multi-millionaire for some tough love and to learn how to run my business better. Then the pandemic hit and something amazing happened. Top experts started offering their programs with big discounts and payment plans, and they were too good to pass up.

So, I signed up for another program. What happened next was that both experts offered an event. One was a challenge and the other was a masterclass. Then, they each offered a three-day virtual live event behind that. And what I realized was that in the challenge, I had to do the assignments and by doing them I made progress.

In the masterclass, I learned what to do, but we didn’t have any time to actually do it until the three-day paid event-that’s where they got into the nitty gritty.

So, when I started thinking about my own plan for this year, I knew I didn’t want to do a three-day event-they are a technical nightmare without a big team and big bucks from what I could tell, and I didn’t want people to have to pay to start getting results. So, I went with the challenge model.

It’s for anyone who:

– is having trouble getting started writing their non-fiction book

-is short on time but wants to write a book

-needs more clarity on what to write and how to position it so it stands out from the competition, so your buyers can’t wait to get one!

-wants to write a book to be a bestseller

We start Monday, January 11th and it runs through Friday January 15th. (Replays available through Friday, January 22nd, 2021

There will be a free gift for those who attend live as well as prizes throughout the week!

Register now at http://www.bestsellerbreakthrough.com

Ellen Violette is the creator of the Write Your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp. She helps speakers and thought leaders write their book, launch it to #1 bestseller, and use it to make a bigger impact in the world, make more money, and leave a lasting legacy.

She’s also a multiple #1 bestselling author, award-winning book coach, podcast host of the Books Business Abundance Podcast, and Grammy-nominated songwriter.