You should always have an offer at the back of your book.

However, I see many coaches offer a free strategy session without thinking about the ramifications of doing that.

If you are marketing your book on a regular basis where you are reaching hundreds or thousands of people monthly (i.e. speaking from the stage, podcast guesting, daily videos or article writing for large publications for example) it is not feasible to offer free consultations unless you have a team of coaches to handle the volume of calls you will receive if you’ve written your offer correctly.

Instead, if you offer a free gift, you can put a one-time offer on the thank-you page for a low-cost product. I recommend for no more than $100 and make sure your free offer has a catchy name. For every hundred books sold at a 20% conversion rate, you’d make an extra $200! Not a bad return, huh?

And finally, if you do offer a free consultation in the book,  please don’t call it a free consultation. Nobody wants a free consultation. They know it’s code for a sales call. Give it a sexy name and promise some kind of real result.

You can also mention that they’ll get a subscription to your newsletter so you can marketing to them on a regular basis and establish a long-term relationship with those who love what you do-again, sexy name and let them know why it’s a must-have!

Then write the copy in the back of your book to excite your potential buyers because after all isn’t that why we’re writing non-fiction books? To get them to take the next step with us?

If you’d like to learn more tips and strategies for marketing your book (even if you haven’t written it yet), I want to invite you to a free Bestseller Breakthrough Consultation where I will review your project and give you two or three more customized strategies that will work for you!
I look forward to speaking with you.
Ellen Violette helps inspirational speakers, coaches, and founders write a bestseller in 7 days, launch to #1 bestseller, and use their book to grow their business,  make a bigger impact, make more money and leave a lasting legacy through her coaching, strategy session, and author’s-services company, Books Open Doors ™ She’s is a multiple #1 International bestseller author herself and author of nine books, award-winning book strategist, host of the Books Open Doors ™ Podcast and Grammy-nominated songwriter. Her mission is to make the world a better place, one book at a time.