Books Open Doors Insights #33: What Type of Book Launch Should I Do?

September 21, 2022

Doing a book launch is not one size fits all. There are several ways to approach a book launch and several factors that go into making the right decision for your book. In this training, Ellen Violette, shares the different ways to do a launch and how to decide which one is right for your book. A “must-listen” for every book author!

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 Your fabulous book is finally ready to go. Now the question is: What kind of launch should you plan? That’s the hot topic on this episode of The Books Open Doors® Podcast. With the imminent re-launch of a new edition of her book, Real Easy eBook Workbook, A Step-by-Step Guide to Take Your Book from Idea to Bestseller,”  (Now called, “3 Day Bestseller Workbook, How to Write a Business Book for More Credibility, Bigger Impact, and More Clients.) host, Ellen Violette, has strategy on her mind!

She is giving us an insider look at what it takes to get your book into the public eye. You’ll discover interesting research insights and enjoy a front-row glimpse into how Ellen has driven her clients’ books – one after the other – onto bestseller lists. She shares thoughts on pricing, the benefits of Amazon’s free launch platform and the magic number (is there one?) that will secure your book’s bestselling status. You’ve invested a huge chunk of yourself in writing the very best work you possibly can. Now’s the time has come to decide: How much is do you want to invest in promoting and harnessing it as a vehicle for selling and marketing your product or service?

Key Quotes

 “Giving books away versus not giving books away, it’s a personal decision. Some people just feel that they worked too hard to do that.”

“You can buy a lot of advertising and get in front of a lot of eyeballs that way – and possibly end up with a USA Today or New York Times bestseller. It’s really about how big your reach is.”

“The great thing about doing an Amazon launch is that we have gotten people to No. 1 who didn’t have any reach because you can still leverage the announcement size and groups to sell enough books to get you to be a bestseller.”

“You don’t have to have a list at all to become a bestseller, but of course, you’re not going to sell as many books doing it that way as you would if you had a bigger reach.”

“It goes back to what’s your skill set, how much money do you have to spend and how big do you want to go? Do you want to play small or do you want to play big?”

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon’s free launch allows authors to give their books away for up to five days and the countdown allows discounting for seven days.
  • Why it might make sense to give books away:
    • As a point of entry for readers to discover (and develop loyalty to) what will eventually be a series.
    • As a means of developing email leads.
  • Ellen has launched books with and without freebies and has done the research, which indicates that:
    • E-Books that launch for .99¢ ultimately make .70¢.
    • E-Books that launch for free and then go to $2.99 yield $2.00 or more per book.
    • Do you want to get the book into more people’s hands? What’s the goal?
  • Three Reasons to Position Your Book to Become a Bestseller:
    • To give your book bestseller status.
    • To sell books.
    • To grow your email list and/or your community.
  • A cottage industry has grown up around launching books and Amazon’s platform features various avenues for making announcements (work that can be done on your own or with help from Ellen’s team).
  • What’s the magic number that bestsellers have to hit?
    • There is no one fixed number.
    • The goal is to sell one book more than the person who is the top seller on the day of your launch.
    • There are strategies and secrets for ensuring 100% success.
  • About the various types of bestseller lists out there:
    • Amazon
    • USA Today
    • The New York Times
      (Also Wall Street Journal)
  • Catapulting your book onto a bestseller list depends in part on:
    • The book’s reach.
    • How much budget is available for things like advertising.
  • It’s possible to buy your way into becoming a #1 bestseller. People spend as much as $100k to appear on The New York Times’ list, but the ROI tends to be short-lived because it’s not organic.
  • Each time you launch, you have an opportunity to grow your influence and list! Here’s how:
    • By creating an opt-in bonus at the front of your book that will route readers to you.
    • Offering bonuses with the book launch, redirecting buyers from Amazon directly to the book’s website to redeem their gifts with a receipt (which enables you to capture their information).
  • Additional elements that can be added to a launch:
    • A live party (something Books Open Doors® can help with) to celebrate the book and connect with readers who have already purchased it or to sell the book as part of the promotion.
    • Hire a partner of Books Open Doors® to create a virtual book tour and all the associated online promotional events and interviews.
  • Books Open Doors® offers a number of tools to help get your project launched:
  • Interested in helping with an exciting book launch? Send an email to Subject line: “Book Launch” to find out more about how to partner with Books Open Doors®. 

About Ellen:

Ellen is a multiple #1 bestselling author, 3X award-winning book and business coach, including being named one of the Top 20 Book Coaches of 2022 by CoachFoundation, host of The Books Open Doors® Podcast, CEO of Create a Splash/Books Open Doors® Author Services and Grammy-nominated songwriter.

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Ellen is an 3X award-winning book, including being named one of the Top 20 Book Coaches of 2022 by Coach Foundation. She's also a multiple #1 bestselling author, a 3-time eLit award winner, podcast host, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She has been helping entrepreneurs increase their credibility and expert status, become #1 bestselling authors, and make a bigger impact in the world since 2004. Her mission is to make the world a better place one author and one book at a time!



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