Episode 7: How to Build a Business You Love Without “Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Mind” with The Rock Star Transformation Coach, Pat Nunno Roque

December 10, 2018

In Episode 7, Pat Nunno Roque shares the events that altered the course of her life and ultimately helped her fulfill her mission helping others design businesses they love as well as how she came to write her books, how she leverages them to get speaking gigs, and her secrets to ROCKING it on LinkedIn.

Resources Mentioned:

Free & Paid Courses

Rock on Success: 90-Day Fast-Action Planner: Focus & Freedom to Live Your Best Life Without Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Mind

Rock Your Golf: 90-Day Success System to Rock Your World On and Off the Gold Course

3 Key Points

#1: Pay attention, get the life lesson and use it to move your business forward. Pat calls this “When God Taps”

#2: Success is not measured by money, but by doing what you love and building your business around your life.

#3: Your book is a powerful tool that you should leverage to get speaking gigs.

Show Notes

[00:51] Introduction of Pat Nunno Roque

[1:51] Pat shares her story and how a car accident changed her life

[3:38] Pat explains how she was making a lot of money, but losing herself, and how her life changed again!

[4:38] Pat shared how a gift that was given to her for her 50th birthday changed the course of her business and branded it in a unique way.

[6:18] Pat and Ellen discussed how the best things can come out of the worst things and the life lessons in them.

[7:06] Pat shared her philosophy around the idea that things happen for a reason and we need to slow down and pay attention.

[7:56] Pat shared how she was unprepared for a recent vacation and what she plans to do about it in the future.

[8:18] How did you cope with getting fired after hitting rock bottom?
Pat explained what that was like and how she bounced back.

[9:17] Pat shared how her mission and how she helps people channel their inner rock star and find out why God put them here.

[10:09] Pat shared her thoughts on work and how since people spend so much time working they need to do it “without selling your soul or losing your mind.”

[10:23] Pat and Ellen discussed how it’s easy to be seduced when you’re making good money.

[11:50] Pat talked about honoring your inner voice.

[12:28] Pat shared how a multi-million-dollar deal fell through, how her company reacted, and how a disconnect to that company helped her honor her feelings and move on.

[14:56] Why Pat wrote her first book.

She built it for herself; it’s a 90-day fast action planner because that is all she could deal with at the time.

[16:29] Pat shared the 5 facets of a fabulous life, what would life look life to stop making good money while sacrificing the rest of your life?

[17:30] Pat talked about creating your business from your life.

[18:18] Pats second book is a spinoff of the first book.  It’s called, Rock Your Golf, which is her passion, and she saw a need for it. Her friends were lonely in middle life and the book was to help them learn how not to get left behind and get in the game.

[20:00] Pat shared why this book was a no-brainer for her and why she is more relatable than some of the golf pros she works with and she shares why.

[21:20] What’s coming next for Pat.
Sorority women and how they can get out of their own way, plus other books.

[22:10] Pat talks about why she didn’t launch her book as a free giveaway and Ellen explains that she got misinformation.

[23:23] How Pat has marketed her book(s): how she uses it in her speaker negotiations.

[24:47] Who sponsors her, and how to get the right sponsors.

[25:11] LinkedIn is her Jam! Pat explains the tool she uses that has changed her business; she gets one to two dozen on a regular basis!

[26:17] Pat created a LinkedIn system, which she explains.

[26:37] Pat shares her Rock Your Virtual Coffee system and how it leaves prospects feeling like they are already working with you before your first call!

[26:43] Pat shares how you can use the free Acuity program; she teaches you how to set it up, so you can close more deals without sounding salesy with her Rock Your Virtual Coffee, and it’s free. You can get it at:


[29:55] She also created the Profinder cheat sheet, how the leads come in and what they look like with valuable tips; they are also at www.rockonsuccess.com/academy. She also has $1 trials for several of her programs.

[31:04] Closing thoughts: smart first steps and hire Ellen to help you with your book. Then use your book to open up a world of opportunities. Call Pat on how to take that book, monetize it, and leverage it in public speaking.
You’ve got gifts, let them shine.

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