I was so proud of myself for launching my podcast. I had recorded several interviews and felt like I had plenty in the can so I wouldn’t get caught short. We were coming up on Christmas so I had planned to take two weeks off and then start up again in January.

But when the beginning of the year rolled around I was completely unmotivated and depressed. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do this year. I started meditating and writing my thoughts down a lot. And one month turned into two and eventually six months before I relaunched the podcast because I didn’t want to do it until I was as sure as I could be that I would keep it going.

in the meantime, my friend and colleague, Alex Branning, invited me into the One Funnel Away Challenge. I had no idea what to expect, but he was so enthusiastic about it and it was only a $100 so I figured, why not?

I signed up.  I was in and I wanted to give it my all. I started out watching the lessons every day and doing the homework, but then I had to have dental surgery and couldn’t keep up. so I decided I wouldn’t worry about completing the funnel, my goal would be to get through all the lessons, which I did. .  I decided  the next time I would start creating my funnel. So, I took it again and then I had to more major dental issues and didn’t get through it again.  But, instead of beating myself up, I decided that I would keep at it for as long as it took and I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it.

And of course, working with clients, I always put them first.

But, I created my funnel strategy and started creating two new courses for my first funnel. I created all the powerpoints, and then videos for the first course, and all the powerpoints and all but 3 of the videos for the second course are done as of now.  And I’ll be launching it soon.

One side benefit has been that I’ve loved the challenge so much that I became and affiliate and started promoting it, and so far I have enrolled eleven other action takers into the program.

And by being true to myself, it has given me more confidence. And that has led to getting to work with some great people and interesting projects.

But, here’s the thing….I have learned that life seems to happen when I’m making other plans. I have also learned that no matter how urgent I get, it doesn’t help me get where I want to go any faster-in fact it sometimes slows me down, and no matter how much I beat up on myself for not  being perfect, it doesn’t make me perfect. So, I just keep going, taking action and readjusting.

And in the process, I have learned to relax more into the process. Do I do it all the time? No. I still have my freak-out moments. But, not as often and I have a lot more clarity on where I’m going.