Episode 126: How to Use Podcasts to More Sell Books and Program with Hernan Sias

July 6, 2022

Hernan Sias is a high-energy, successful podcaster who shares in this interview what you can do as a guest as well as a host to engage the audience, make it fun, and make more sales. He also shares how he monetizes his podcast and how you can too!

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Ellen Violette

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Business Bros Podcast

Ellen Violette’s Interview on the Business Bros Podcast


The art of successful podcast hosting (and guesting), and publishing bestselling books have some similarities, as host, Ellen Violette, demonstrates on this episode of The Books Open Doors® Podcast. Her guest, Hernan Sias, has built his enormously popular Business Bros Podcast through the clever use of multi-media marketing tools that he’s here to share.

Hernan reveals a dozen secrets to creating compelling content, which definitely includes podcasts, the Little Engines That Could of marketing! When positioned properly, episodes can be monetized in several different ways that Hernan illustrates along with actionable tips for garnering referrals and capturing mindshare.

You’ll also discover how Hernan keeps up the remarkable energy behind more than 1,000 episodes of The Business Bros and counting. Two of the most critical assets? Playing off NRE – or New Relationship Energy and  a well-developed and lively narrative that defines your story and purpose.

Loving the dynamic between Ellen and Hernan? Click here to hear a recent Business Bros Podcast on which she’s featured! You’ll also want to join us next week when The Books Open Doors® Podcast welcomes Andrea Stenberg, who will share tips about leveraging video as a marketing tool.

Key Quotes:

 “Once you connect with somebody on a level where you know that their passion and your passion align, I think it’s just automatic that fire sparks and we’re ready to rock and roll!”

“Growing up all I knew about money was that we didn’t have any and I didn’t want to have that life as an adult.”

“If you are in business, the way to get in front of your ideal audience is to create content.”

“Learn to be more interested than interesting.”

“The thing about constant creation is that you have to be as consistent as possible.”

“Whatever your story is, tell a good story. Everybody loves to hear a story!”

“If you don’t give people what they want, then you’re just wasting your time writing a book because you’re not going to have an audience.” (Ellen)

Key Takeaways:

  • Secret #1: Hernan keeps his high energy through his engagement with people and genuine interest in the topics he’s discussing. Passions feed off one another!
  • Secret #2: Have a motivator! Hernan knew early what it was like not to have money and it drove him to search out resources and find a path to financial security.
  • Secret #3: Even entrepreneurial efforts that fail are a success because they’re an introduction to a whole other world of opportunity apart from a 9-to-5 job.
  • Secret #4: More credentials are better! Hernan has sought out (and maintained) multiple licenses because real estate, taxes, insurance and other financial services are overlapping and great resources that he can legally share with listeners!
  • Secret #5: Knowing how to monetize your podcast is key. Hernan got started through advice from podcaster Gary Dee, an expert on the subject.
  • Secret #6: Think of the Internet as a highway. Every post you see while scrolling through is a billboard and every billboard is content. The person with the most billboards wins and your podcast is content.
  • Secret #7: Experimentation is crucial to finding your voice and messaging. So, take your time, try things and, above all, be patient.
  • Secret #8: Podcasts can be a great (and high-visibility) source for business referrals. Much more lucrative than sponsorship!
  • Secret #9: Want to create an engaging podcast? Learn to be more interested than interesting! Let your guests tell their story and listen closely. That’s where the gold is.
  • Secret #10: Let your authentic personality and interests shine through in small ways that often spark more energy and intimate connection.
  • Secret #11: Consistency is king when it comes to content creation, so focus your brand around things that you genuinely love and are eager to keep on talking about!
  • How Hernan Actually Monetizes His Podcast:
  • It’s a prospecting tool. Referrals come in based on exposure to his credentials.
  • Inviting guests on the show isn’t selling anything. It’s drawing interest and offering a platform for clients to share their stories.
  • Learning to create content for social media channels and other promotional purposes evolved into services Hernan could himself offer others.
  • Entrepreneurs want and are willing to pay for content and exposure they don’t know how to create themselves. Hence a willingness to pay a premium to appear on Hernan’s podcasts – which currently have a 10-week waiting list.
  • Top Tips for Being a Great Podcast Guest:
    • Start by being clear about who you are.
    • Determine what motivates you and why.
    • Create a baseline story or “aha” moment about the genesis of your career.
    • Have some amusing anecdotes at the ready; they’ll punch up even the most lackluster host’s questions.
    • Your narrative is most compelling when you’re living and feeling the details.
  • Hernan shares some of the tools (such as Streamyard live stream) and tricks he has evolved, learning many of them from guests who made recommendations.
  • Secret #12: Don’t start by identifying your product or service, looking afterward for ways to market. It’s far more efficient (and effective) to start out by identifying your target audience first, then building out your product or service accordingly.

About Ellen:

Ellen is a multiple #1 bestselling author, 3X award-winning book and business coach, including being named one of the Top 20 Book Coaches of 2022 by CoachFoundation, host of The Books Open Doors® Podcast, CEO of Create a Splash/Books Open Doors® Author Services and Grammy-nominated songwriter. She works with high-achieving trainers, coaches, founders and speakers who want to write, publish, launch a book to #1 bestseller and use their book to RISE to the top of their niche! Her company also offers book marketing support. Her mission is to make the world a better place, one book at a time by helping experts get more credibility, make a bigger impact, open doors to unlimited opportunities, make more money and leave a lasting legacy.

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Ellen is an 3X award-winning book, including being named one of the Top 20 Book Coaches of 2022 by Coach Foundation. She's also a multiple #1 bestselling author, a 3-time eLit award winner, podcast host, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She has been helping entrepreneurs increase their credibility and expert status, become #1 bestselling authors, and make a bigger impact in the world since 2004. Her mission is to make the world a better place one author and one book at a time!



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