This is an excerpt from the Books Business Abundance Podcast:  How to Ask for What You’re Worth.

Kelly: People ask me about being in the speaking business because I’m also a professional speaker. And when I tell them what I charge to speak for the amount of the time that I speak for, and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, how can you charge that much?”

And I said, “Listen, if you can’t say it, they won’t pay it. Period.”

Ellen: Love that. Yeah. It’s true.

Kelly: If you don’t believe it, if you say it’s $7,500 and then they’re like, “Okay,” cause that’s what makes you feel comfortable, but you could get just as comfortable to say, “It’s $15,000,

Ellen: Right. Well, one of the tricks that I had to do with myself, and this is a tip for everybody listening is I just had to say, the next time I’d be talking to somebody, I just had to really like get in my body and just say what that price is.

Kelly: Yep and shut up.

Ellen: Right? And right. And let myself be uncomfortable with how big a number it is. Right? And do it anyway and just be uncomfortable. But like my face wouldn’t show it. I’m not going to cringe or…

Kelly: You can’t but inside you’re like, ”Ahh”.

Ellen: But inside you’re like, “Oh my God.” Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: I remember going from, so when I started speaking, so this was two years ago really as a professional speaker I started out at $7,500 and that was a little bit scary. Right? And I was thinking to myself, “What are you scared of? You’ve been practicing law for twenty-something years.” Like, “You probably should be making more than that.”

So, then I went to $10,000. I remember one day I was talking to a woman; she wanted to hire me to do a webinar. And I called my coach and I said, “You got to tell me what I’m supposed to charge.” Right? “She wants me to do a webinar and it’s ninety minutes. And she was like, it’s $10,000. I’m like, “No, no, no, I’m doing a webinar.” She goes, “Yeah.

Same thing, doesn’t matter. That’s your rate.”

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