Hint: Don’t wait until you’ve written your book!

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a winning book BEFORE you write it.

The way you do that is you figure out the general topic you want to write about. Once you know that, follow these steps to build your foundation for a #1 bestseller.

1.Make a list of the keywords you think your market would look up if they were looking for that topic. You can use a free site like Wordtracker to do it. Look for the words with the highest volumes.

  1. Take the best keywords and put them in the search bar, one at a time in Kindle, and see how they are selling by checking out the ranking.There are two numbers to look at 1. is the overall ranking in Amazon and 2. is the ranking in each category. Lower ranking is better. Also, look for bestsellers for each keyword.

FYI: If Amazon ranking is over 50,000 they are selling less than one book a day.

  1. See how many books are in the category (too few books mean no one is interested and lot of books means it’s a popular keyword)
  2. Look to see if there are any bestsellers for each keyword on the first page. Bestseller mean that it’s a good category. No bestsellers can be a red flag not to use that keyword in your title or for one of the seven keywords allotted in Kindle.
  3. Then, make sure you position your book differently, so it stands out.
  4. Determine how difficult each category will be to rank in, but also how popular it is. For a bestseller launch you want categories that aren’t too difficult to beat, but you also want to be where books are selling. The sweet spot is where those two intersect. Sometimes, it means choosing one category for longer term sales and one for the bestseller launch. You can always change categories later.
  5. Extract the best keywords from the other books on the page and notice words which show up over and over again. These are generally good keywords.
  6. Use some of the best keywords to write your title and some for your 7 keywords in Kindle/Amazon.
  7. Make sure the domain name is available. If not, rewrite the title, so you can get a dot com. Otherwise, you could be sending traffic and sales to your “competitors”. (If you position it properly you won’t have competitors, but I used that word for lack of a better one.) Once you have your title and your domain name you can create an outline and write your book.If you want help with this process, it is one of the things I help authors with.Next Steps:

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Ellen Violette is an award-winning book and business coach, multiple #1 bestselling author, 3-time eLit award winner, contributor to Published! Magazine, and CEO of Create a Splash. She helps entrepreneurs gain authority, get their message out to make a bigger impact in the world, and change lives by becoming a bestselling author!