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"I'll do the research and write a bestseller non-fiction title and subtitle with the best keywords and categories for publishing it in Amazon to stand out from the competition and you can be a fly on the wall and see EXACTLY how I do it! "

Everything I show you, you can use over and over again for future book projects! 
The return on investment is huge - in just 90-minutes you'll get the entire process done-for-you with instructions on how to do it yourself! 
No need for previous experience - I'll show you how from beginning to end! 

In this 90-minute one-on-one session with multiple #1 bestselling author and award-winning book & business coach, Ellen Violette, you'll not only have your title and subtitle written for you, but you'll also discover:

How to research keywords 

Want your potential buyers to be able to find your book? Having the right keywords helps Amazon catalogue it properly, so they can! 

How to research categories

Many potential buyers shop by category. When you choose the best categories for you book, it helps Amazon catalogue them properly along with your keywords.

How to position your book so it sells! 

Help your customers understand how your book is different from all the other books and how it's the one they need, and they will buy your book over all the others! 

My #1 shortcut that is so easy, anyone can do it!

When I work with clients I do an in-depth marketing study to find the best keywords but there is one shortcut that anyone can use that only takes a minute that will give you a quick snap shot on the viability of any one keyword and give you clues to the best categories to choose.

How I construct bestseller titles 

II developed a creative process first as Grammy-nominated songwriter and award-winning lyricist, and then as a book author and coach. Every book that I have helped launch has been a #1 bestseller. 

Crushing Kindle Marketing & visibility Study


one time payment-Immediate Results 

You'll receive a stellar title for your book

A subtitle that explains what your book is about, how it's different, and why they need it

The best 7 keywords 

2 or more best categories
(depending on the book topic)

Satisfaction is Guaranteed and I will work with You until you Love What I come Up With


"Ellen's comment's about dong the research BEFORE doing the writing made sense to me...so I sat down with her and it was worth every penny! 

Doing the research at that point...was phenomenal! If I'd waited until I was done it would have taken an extra month or two to get the book out! And the title...

I've had people walk up to me and say they bought the book SOLELY because of the title...

I never would have been far enough away from the book emotionally to find the right title and I'm so so grateful I worked with Ellen early in the process to make a difference in my book!!"

Stephanie Scheller Dupre

Marketing Expert & #1 Bestselling Author 

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1 - How long does it take? The entire process takes just 90 minutes from the time we start.
QUESTION 2 - Do I need to be on a computer? Yes, you have to be able to see the screen and what I'm doing to understand the process, so you must have a computer screen open.
QUESTION 3 - Where do we meet online? We meet on Zoom. You will receive the link to the "room" before our call. So, if you are not familiar with zoom, please go to www.zoom.us and test it out. They have a free version. 
QUESTION 4 - How will I remember what you showed me? You will get the full recording of our session that you can refer to anytime you desire. 
QUESTION 5 - What if it doesn't work for my topic? I have worked on titles in all different non-fiction fields and I have never found a topic where the process didn't work. But, if I were to determine that that was the case, I would refund your money. (This would be determined before the call, not after.)
QUESTION 6 -How soon can we schedule the session? It depends on how full my calendar is at the time of your purchase; it varies. Once you have purchased it, you will receive a link to my scheduler where you can choose a time that works best for you. And if can't find one, you'll email me and we'll find another time that works for you. 

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