Episode 81: How to Create Business Success With Ease And Flow with Trissa Tismsal-Capillli

February 17, 2021

In this episode, Transformational coach, Trissa Tismal-Capilli shares how burnout was ruining her business and her life and how she found amazing success by learning how to create with flow and ease. She also shares the details of how she’s doing her USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Launch and how you can join in and get over $2,000 in awesome bonuses through the end of February, 2021.

In Books Open Doors Insights, Ellen Violette shares a workaround on your website for the now-defunct Matchbook Amazon strategy for adding a Kindle book when your buyers purchase the print book.

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Your True Power, The Keys to your Amazing Life
Book launch Raffle + Bonuses

Website: Boss Transformed

3 Key Points

To get high-end clients Trissa ASKED.

Your positivity & vibration attracts your clients to you.

When things are hardest you need to relax and let go the most.

Plus, Book Launch:

Only publish the ebook for the launch to get the most buyers

Take pre-orders

Get in all the bookstores


[00:51] Ellen: Hi and welcome to Episode 81. Today, my guest is Trissa Tismal-Capilli, CEO of BossTransform.com. She’s an author speaker and professional certified coach for over thirteen years, helping thousands of entrepreneurs, coaching multi-million-dollar business owners and advising billionaires. She’s on a mission to help business leaders to eliminate overwhelm and take their profits to the next level with ease and flow.

And she’s been recognized as a top marketing consultant for a multinational billion-dollar company and featured in major media, including CBS, NBC, and Fox. She’s been dubbed America’s transformational success coach, and she’s on a mission. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So welcome to the call, Teresa.

[01:41] Trissa: Thank you so much for having me here. So excited.

Ellen: Well, I’m happy to have you. I think I first met you when you were doing some kind of event and you invited me to be an affiliate. I think that’s how we met. Yeah.

Trissa: Yes. I actually invited you to be a speaker as well. I hosted.

[02:04] Ellen: A speaker, okay. Oops. Well, at least I never forget kind of where I was or what I was involved in. I may not remember the exact details, but anyway, so why don’t you tell us how you came to be such a transformational success coach?

Trissa: Well, it started way, way back. I was actually twelve years old when I first found and picked up my first self-help book, a positive thinking book. And as a young girl, right. It’s like, ”Wow,” you know, it’s such a treasure of information and it just got me in this journey of learning and personal development at a very young age. And so, I applied it into everything that I did from school. Right? And using that to Excel and be like graduated at the top of my class and launch my very first business as my first job. And so,

Ellen: Wow.

Trissa: Yeah, so business, as my first business, I had a continuing legal education business. So, I was already right off the bat working with Supreme Court Justices, judges, top lawyers, and very powerful people. And it was super amazing. I felt that that personal growth and that big thinking brought me to that place.

[03:26]: And it was very fun. We innovated an industry. I had fifteen employees, working full-time employees. I had an office in a high-rise business district. Right? Like it was pretty cool. And it was very successful externally, as you can see-nice to look at, but at the end of it inside, I wasn’t feeling successful. I was feeling very burnt out. I was feeling exhausted and wasn’t really happy. And so, I thought, “Okay, s there has to be something else because this is not what I imagined it to be.” And so, I realized that the legal industry is not really a good fit for me because that’s the only time I realized that I was sensitive. I’m an empath as we call it. Right?

[04:24] Ellen: Join my group, yeah.

Trissa: And that being around litigation topics is not really healthy for me. So, I embarked on a journey of really finding out what my passion is because that’s one of the biggest success advice out there, do what you love. And so, I had to look for that which I love. And so, traveling around asking again, like interviewing informally, not there wasn’t any podcasts yet. I believe at that time, interviewing people, successful people.

“How did you get to where you are?” Like “How did you find your passion?” And one day the founder of Long Beach Magazine told me Trissa, “I think you’d be a great coach.” And I’m like, “What is that? Never heard about it.” And, he just described me that he thinks everything that I am already is going to be a great fit.

[05:19]: And so, I went on and Googled it. It wasn’t a lot of information about coaching back then, but I was just thrilled because I felt it was a career made for me. And so, yeah, like from there, I was just went deep. Of course, historically, that’s what I do. Like I was young, like, “Let’s go full out,” went to coaching school and started just getting clients like really successful people right away, like, like multi-million-dollar business owners at (inaudible).

Ellen: So, how did you get them?

Trissa: It’s just really that positivity, that vibration. When you’re young and you’re just excited, you don’t have anything much. I was just telling everyone, I’m a coach! And I met, and they’re like, “What’s that? “And it’s so happened they’re really successful people. And then, I would do my sessions with them and they’d be like, “This is cool.”

[06:26]: And I asked “without hesitation, “Do you want to be my client?” They’re like, “Sure.” And it’s like fun. And so, it went really great. And of course, from what I learned, you have to be your best version, and you have to keep on going and growing and growing. And that’s when I started learning and getting on classes and learning all these marketing strategies, which was fun. Then after a while I found myself actually back into that space where I first started- overwhelmed and burned out.

Ellen: Ah…

Trissa: Right?

Ellen: I’m smiling because that sounds so familiar, yeah.

Trissa: Right? And to me it’s like, “ Wow. I’ve done everything. I’ve gotten masterminds, hired, like the best, most expensive coaches, done a lot of inner work, followed every advice in the book and why am I still in this place?” So, I was a young, the new thing there was, I just started, I was, I was a young mom.

[07:33]: Like it was the first time, I just had a baby, and then I actually developed an auto-immune disease. And I looked like somebody got a knife and peeled my skin. It was so raw and inflamed, like all over. People who saw me really like uh, they cringe. It’s really scary to look at me. Even seeing my husband look at me, yeah, it’s really bad. And how it felt was somebody got fresh lemons and squeezed it all over that; it was burning. So, it was really bad.

And so, I had that health thing. My relationship, my marriage was as toxic as ever. It’s my husband was very resentful already about me trying to be everywhere, doing my best. Right? Like being the best version quote unquote and trying to be the best mom, the best in business, serving people, and look where I found myself really just rock bottom.

[08:40]: I felt like I was Robin Williams making everybody happy except myself. So, it was really a tough place, to find myself at that time.

Ellen: And so how did you get out?

Trissa: So, when you get really to that spot, right? It’s like, “Okay, I’ve done everything. What else can I do?” It’s like such a desperate spot. Like “What else?” And so, I knew, right. like part of me wants to give up, but another part was like, I have a baby here, like such love soaking in his love.

And I knew I can’t stop and I have to find a way. And it was so interesting how synchronicities happen when we really open up.

Ellen: Yeah.

Trissa: There has been actually a teacher, right? Or somebody, a person, that was shared with me maybe like a few years prior to that, like somebody said, “You should check out this teacher, I think did resonate with her. You very much alike.” And I’m like, “No, not going there.” Like really ignoring it, “Not resonating.” And then at that time, when I was feeling low, I opened my email and so another, email from this person and you know, I was resisting it right for a long time. And I said, “You know what? I’ve done everything. This sounds really off to me. It’s not something I usually do, but heck what else do I get to lose?” Right?

Ellen: Right, right.

Trissa: Right?

Ellen: That’s sometimes what it takes.

Trissa: Exactly right?

Ellen: Just what it takes is just getting enough. Yeah.

[10:30] Trissa: Yeah. So, I did go to that to that class, actually, it was, again, didn’t have time for it. It was very expensive, like again, excuses, but like again, “I get it. I have to try something else.” And actually sitting in that room, in that class, I had no idea what the teacher was talking about. I could not understand anything she was talking about. And I was like “I don’t know if I did the right thing.” And I asked one of the team people, and I said, “I’m not understanding this.” And she said, “You know what? it’s okay. She can be teaching in Mandarin or Chinese and you can be sitting there and you’ll still get it.”

Ellen:  Wow.

Trissa: And I just trusted it because again, I’m desperate. So, I sat there and I just sat there, but with openness though, right? because as if this is Chinese and I’m sitting here, and I’m just feeling it and absorbing it and true enough, by the time the class ended…I think it was four days after I started really understanding it.

I started getting into a different space that I actually am getting it, and I was feeling it so, it’s the understanding first came within my body because I was relaxed, like just sitting there. And then, the understanding came next cognitively. And I did see some changes right away coming home because I was feeling from being this desperate, it was so light and expansive, and I started seeing some changes. And actually, after that, so this change in, and I would say it’s more of the vibration and frequency and this openness, that allowed me also to see other people, right?

[12:32]: Like other solutions that’s has been in front of me all this time.

Ellen: Right.

Trissa: And then suddenly now, “Wow, I’m in a different frequency or vibration. Now I’m open and ready. Now I’m finally saying yes to them.” And then all, like, it’s kind of like team of everything happening synchronistically. And as I am also diving deeper into my own stuff, because there’s more there to unpack. I thought I did all of it already in the bag, but there was more.

And then that’s when, everything started like healing and everything started getting better. My toxic relationship with my husband transformed into the most amazing, supportive, infinitely, loving relationship. I get to be now at that time I was like always feeling like a failure as a mom and I get to be the mom that I’d like to be. And, everything just shifted for me.

[13:31]: And I learned how to be in this state of flow that I get to serve my clients all over the world, powerful entrepreneurs in expanding their business from this date as well, from the state of flow, from the state of ease. And it’s super fun. It’s such a blessing. And that’s why I get so excited to share it. It’s because to me, , it’s magic. It’s like “What? Like I got to do that. I get to have that transformation.” And it’s really the thing that I’ve been searching for from that time, right? From when I read that first book when I was twelve, and it opened the possibilities and I went into this journey looking for it, looking for it. And now I feel that I found it and…

[14:23] Ellen: Well, I definitely want to talk more about that, but I also want to say something when you went back to when you’re young and you’re all open and gung ho and everything. I just want to say that you don’t have to be young to be in that space. I started my business when I was fifty-one, but I was in that space, it was like, it was a new thing. I was excited and I was ready to go.

But, what happens though, is over time as you get beaten down, or you said burnout or whatever, then all that other stuff starts to happen. And then it’s like, how do you get out of it? Or, do you get out of it? Or, what do you do? And so, that’s why I wanted to talk to you today about flow and ease.

So, how do you, work with people to get flow and ease, or do you have tips to give us, for flow and ease?

[15:10] Trissa:  Well, the first thing is we look at what is not feeling like ease and flow. What is it that it feels hard, actually, that’s the biggest clue. Because once we look into that, it’s actually the space that tells us what needs to shift because it’s not supposed to be there. It’s only as a gift of a spotlight to tell you where to unravel things.

I just got from a massage earlier today. And it’s really those tight spots, right? Like, like when my masseuse touches me, it should not feel there should not feel any pain. It has to be so beautifully, but if there’s a spot, they rub or she rubs. And it’s like, “Oh, there’s a pressure.”  It’s not yummy, right? Like, “Ah,” that’s where we focus. And when we focus there, the massage is such a great analogy for me. When she starts focusing on a spot when there’s hardness, right? When it feels hard, especially in business, you want to tighten it up.

It’s like, you want to push through it and you want to break through it. And it’s the same with a massage. When she presses and she goes deep, you feel it’s more painful and it’s really painful and you tighten up some more and it becomes more painful.

The training actually, which I also helped with my clients is when that happens, when the challenge or the hardness is actually coming, that’s actually the time to loosen up. That’s a time to more open and let it just flow through. Because once you just, and this is the same, I gave birth drug-free at home and it’s the same, right? It’s the same. Like, when it feels like super intense, you just open up, relax.

[17:21]: I gave birth floating in water and I am singing, so relaxed. And it was the most blissful, orgasmic experience because I opened and opened and just heart surrendered in the time when it felt the most intense time, when you feel like you have to harden up, so you have to be strong. That’s what we were told, “You have to toughen up. You have to be, you have to break through it.” And it feels such hardening it’s counter-intuitive, but it’s the opposite.

Ellen: Wow.

[17:57] Trissa: When we relax, “Ah”, even with my massage, it just “wooh!”. It goes, and after she’s like, “Feel this?” It doesn’t doesn’t hurt. Like, it doesn’t feel anything. It just feels good after. Right? And it’s the same with our business. When we open up, it’s those points where it feels the hardest, those are the gifts, those are the gifts, and then we can speak about something specific, but, if there’s something around sales or marketing, like you can’t be consistent showing up, if we want to look at, “What is it here, that’s really stopping you?”

[18:39]: And we go really deep under that. And we unpack that and unravel it from the core of what’s really stopping you. And when we unravel it, then, now, we let slow and ease to just have its way, because that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s the natural state, ease and flow is our natural state and we have forgotten that. We think that growing a business is supposed to be hard work. That’s what all the success advice told me. “You got to work hard” and I got so good at working hard.

[19:19]: Ellen: Yeah me too. I see that a lot on Twitter too. Sometimes, I have these little fits, people say things like it’s definitive and it’s like stuff where I go, “No, no, you don’t have to work hard.” There’s going, like, “If you’re not working, all the time, or, if you’re not working on Saturdays, you’re not going to be successful.” Or, they just say the stupidest things.

[19:42] Trissa: Right? If you’re really in Twitter or respecting these people that are telling you, you really bring that in and really model that. And it’s like, “Whoa.” That’s why I feel so passionate about us really speaking our truths in our experiences, because so many people, as I have, followed some advice that really that, yes, it brought some kind of milestone success, but that’s not really what I was looking for.

Ellen: Or,  at what price?

Trissa; Exactly! At what price? And that’s not true success at all.

[20:21] Ellen: Yep. So, when you work with people, it’s really about the emotional work. Yes?

[20:26] Trissa: Absolutely. Well, the biggest part of it. So, I work with people using the three pillars, a three parts system. So, first system is about systems and structures and strategies and skills and their habits. So more of these practical, logistical things that we still need, we need a plan, right?

Ellen: Right.

Trissa: We need that of course.  And, the thing is most people in business focus on just this one-third- that’s the reason why it’s feeling hard actually, because it’s incomplete. There’s two more things that you want to focus on.

Ellen: So, what are the other two?

[21:02] Trissa: So, the second piece is about your subconscious programming. So is there are things that makes it feel hard because you still have buttons. You have buttons that get pushed that makes it feel stressful, get pushed and make it feel overwhelming. It gets pushed and makes you feel, right? just wow, all over the place. It’s hard. So, you have buttons.

And so, in this second part, those buttons are your subconscious programming. And our work is simply to, again, see what those buttons  are and unpack them, unravel them, release them and replace. Basically, we don’t need to replace buttons with different buttons. We just don’t want buttons at all, right?

[21:48] Ellen: No buttons, yeah.

Trissa: No buttons to push. And then when you don’t have those buttons  (breathes) we bring into third one, the third part, which is really aligning with your true power. It’s your state of flow. This very expanded, expansive state of being that’s the third one and the biggest one for me is really when you use this number three, your true power, state of flow to power, all the systems, structures and strategies, and you don’t have any buttons. Ooh, you are going to be on fire. That’s just ease and flow and abundance and joy. And it’s going to be just a fun ride. Yeah.

[22:41] Ellen: Well, that’s the name of your book too, right?

Trissa: Yes, that’s the name of my book? Your True Power.

 Ellen: The Key to your Amazing Life.

Trissa: Yes.

Ellen: So, how can people get it?

[22:55] Trissa: So, it is available in Barnes and Noble and Amazon, but so make it super easy for everybody they can go to www.yourtruepowerbook.com. They’ll see the links to both retailers there. And after they order, they can come right back and get all the goodies; they have over $2000 and bonuses that can really help them go deeper and discovering and living in their true power.

And then when they registered, they also get to have a free raffle ticket to win a thousand dollars cash gift cards and other amazing prizes. So, it’s super exciting cause we’re in launch mode. We want to make it super fun for everyone and easy to join us in living in true power.

[23:48] Ellen: All right. So, how long will all that be available? The bonus?

Trissa: So, the bonuses will be, not all, but all to have everything we’re doing for the launch, our  launched starts from February twenty-third  till the twenty-eighth. So that’s one week it’s Tuesday to Sunday, that’s one week. So, you’ll be able to get all bonuses and the raffle. After that, the raffle’s going away. So, if you’re hearing this right now, go and get it. After the launch, you’ll still have bonuses. The only difference is we won’t have the raffle and price is going to be regular price cause for a launch, we are offering it at a big discount at only $1.

Ellen: All right.

Trissa: And by the way, proceeds go to charity.

 [24:37] Ellen: So, you said you’re doing a launch and I’m just curious how you’re doing the launch. Like, what are you planning to do?

Trissa: So, we are doing a USA Today and Wall Street Journal campaign. So, that’s why we have done a pre-order stage. Right? So, we normally, if you’re just doing an Amazon bestseller, you’re not recommended to do a pre-order. So, we are doing pre-orders. Is that something that you..?

Ellen:  Yeah, tell us.

Trissa: Yeah. Okay. So we are doing a, a longer pre-order because to be in the national bestsellers, which is USA Today and Wall Street Journal it’s no longer just one retailer. You have to be in several retailers because of the list for USA Today and Wall Street Journal actually gets all the retailers available, right? That’s not Amazon, Barnes and noble, if there’s iTunes, if there’s Books a Million, all their retailers in a specific period of time for a one-week period, and the competition is high because for USA today, it’s not like “I’m a business book”. You are actually, you have to really have to be the top-selling book and you are going side by side or against the Harry Potter’s. So, like fiction, nonfiction, romance, like all of it, right? and self-help and business books like…

Ellen: Right. But they take the pre, but the pre-orders count. Whereas an Amazon now they don’t want pre-orders. They won’t let you rank with the pre-orders. Is that the case?

[26:23] Trissa: So, with USA Today and Wall Street Journal, for the national bestsellers, count for all the pre-orders is going to count towards the week of the launch.

Ellen: Okay.

Trissa: Right? That’s how it works. But in Amazon, if you’re just doing… they’re not counted, right? So that’s what’s different about what we’re doing,

[26:49] Ellen: But at the same time, even though they’re not counted by the same token, if you get a whole bunch of them on the first day, they don’t like that either; Amazon doesn’t like that either. Yeah. So, I was just reading somebody doing a campaign and they were saying how they were trying to even it out over three days. I don’t see what the differences person, I mean, one day, three days. I don’t know.

Trissa: Yeah. Well, we’re, we’ve been doing it for a while. So, I was able to see some patterns. So, when it’s actually a longer period, Amazon wants to see consistent

Ellen: Right.

Trissa: sales all throughout. And if your listeners are planning to do this, you want to have those consistent sales every day. And when you do, you stay on the bestseller list. So now we actually are bestsellers, international bestsellers on Amazon for many, many, many weeks, actually months. Right? And Barnes and noble, both retailers. And then so the beauty of that, when you do it that way is that by the time you launch, supposedly the algorithm thinks that your, a book that’s not a one day hit or something that they will actually favor you in terms of the algorithm, recommending you in terms of, like in their search and the Amazon search engine.

Ellen: Right.

Trissa:  Like you they’ll give you more of a favor because they’re seeing that you’re consistent.

[28:21] Ellen: Yeah. They’ve made it much trickier, much trickier, but you also said something when we were off camera that I wanted to talk about some more, which is you were saying that you weren’t doing the EPUB and the print book at the same time.

Trissa: Yes. So….

[28:36] Ellen: So, tell me about that because I haven’t heard that before.

Trissa: Yes. So, what we’re doing is we’re not publishing the print, the audible and the ebook at the same time. We are publishing only for the launch, the ebook version for only $1, because we want people to not like if we had a thousand buyers or actually more because this is national bestsellers, If we have 10,000 buyers, we want the 10,000 buyers to have only one choice, right? and that is the $1 ebook.

If we have 10,000 buyers and they want to buy some buys, print, and some buys audible, and some buys the ebook, then we’re splitting those books, sales into these three different categories.

[29:27] Ellen: Right. Because one is under “books” and one is under “audible” and let us under “Kindle books”. Got it. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense. So, you’re doing the EPUB first because of the low price?

[29:40] Trissa: Because we can, it at a very low price. And when you are launching you, don’t, we don’t want the price tag to be a roadblock for people.

Ellen: Right, right.

Triss: We want it to be super easy. We didn’t want shipping costs to be a roadblock for people buying, right? So, we want it to be super easy, $1, it doesn’t matter what device you have. You’re going to get it, easy peasy. And so hopefully, you make the sales; it’s within reach. So, you know..

[30:14] Ellen: (My contacts are saying) it has to be like five or 6,000, something like that together…

[30:19]:  Actually more, yeah.

Ellen: It’s more now?

Trissa: Yeah. It’s more. And it’s also depending on the timing, right?

Ellen: Right, right, it’s who else is there? But yeah,

Trissa: Who else is there. And then, especially now during the pandemic, earlier during the pandemic, a lot of people pushed back there because it’s like, “Whoa, we’re launching. And this happened, let’s push back our publishing.” And then when they push back their publishing, it’s like, “Oh my gosh,” it becomes so loaded that the publishing industry was like,” Oh my gosh, we can’t print enough books.” Like, there’s so many things. And then now people push back again. And so like, now those people who just a lot of people are publishing at the same time because of all these pushbacks.

[31:01] Ellen: So, what’s your plan to sell that many books?

Trissa: Well, we are really like here  getting, podcasts and stages. We are reaching out to different… basically, we’re doing this grassroots because it’s an anthology actually, I’m working with a total of fourteen women. And so, we are all reaching out grass roots, reaching out to family and friends, asking them to ask family and friends, reaching out to people with platforms and asking them to cross promote. So really there’s a lot of other things too, right? Like there’s sites that promotes you.

Ellen: Right.

Trissa:  We’re doing as many things as possible to get to the number.

[31:48] Ellen: Well, I wish you all the best with it.

Trissa: Thank you so much. We need all the luck. Thank you. Yes.

[31:59] Ellen: Okay. Well, I’ve got to say, you just radiate, you just radiate and watching you grow. It’s just amazing. I’ve known you quite a long time now, and you’ve come a long way. Yeah. So, congratulations. Congratulations.

[32:14] Trissa: Thank you so much. It’s such a, yeah, such a joy and so happy that I get to be here on your show finally,

Ellen: Finally. Yay.

Trissa: Yay.

[32:27] Ellen: Okay. Well, thank you so much. It’s time for me to go into my Books Open Doors Insights. So, that’s my weekly tip or strategy to help you make a bigger impact, make more money and leave a lasting legacy. So, I recently updated  Write your Bestseller in 7 days Bootcamp. And that’s how I was doing that. I came across one of the slides that was talking about Matchbook for Kindle. And I went in there and realized that it’s been gone for quite a while now. And I didn’t realize it.

So, if anybody doesn’t know what Matchbook was, what it was that when you buy the book, you could get the Kindle version for free or 99 cents or a $1.99. And they discontinued it. And the reason I think they discontinued it is because now Kindle books have finally grown up and they’re respected, whereas they weren’t in the beginning, and some are even charging more for the Kindle books to get them faster than for the print books.

[33:32]: So, I decided that… there’s a weekly self-publishing post that I do. And as I was doing that, I thought, “Okay, well, what’s a workaround around that?” And so, I thought, “Okay, well, you can send people to your website and then tell them that if they go and buy the book, kind of like what you did with the bonuses, you know, just say, “Go buy the book and come back.” And then, you can get the Kindle book either for free or for, you know, 99 cents or for a dollar 99. However, you want to do that. But that’s a workaround since you can’t do that on Amazon anymore.

So, that’s my tip for this week. So that’s it for today to get the transcripts go to https://booksopendoors.com/podcast. And you’re welcome to join our Facebook group. It’s on the page there. And if you want to write books faster and easier, easier, and you don’t know how to get started or you’ve gotten started, but you got stuck. There’s a copy of Book Planning Secrets, A Simple 4-Step Guide to Writing a Bestseller. So, that’s it for now until next time bye-bye,


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