Episode 1: Ellen’s on Entrepreneurship, Book Writing and What to Expect from This Podcast

October 11, 2018

In the first full episode of the Books, Business & Abundance Podcast, Ellen Violette & Joie Gharrity talk about the journey that Ellen and all entrepreneurs go through as they grow their businesses and about books writing, particularly title writing and how Ellen became an expert in this field.

Episode 1

Show Notes

[00:51] Introduction of Joie Gharrity

[1:22] Why this title for the podcast? (Ellen’s story)

[5:39] Writing tip

[7:17] The Money isn’t in the book, it’s here instead

[7:49] How I created my first two signature programs

[8:42] ] How I created programs without knowing all the information

[9:13]  How I grew my list from 200 to 1600 people in two weeks

[10:13] Understanding the Entrepreneurial Journey (the myth and the reality)

[10:32] Freedom and Fun

[10:49] What you need to handle as an Entrepreneur

[11:20] How important it is to pick a title

[11:58]  Why title writing is my superpower

[12:22] Why the book falls flat

[13:17] How to find the right information to write a great title

[13:53] Why is Ellen someone you should listen/listen to me?

[15:11] What Joie thinks about why people should work with me

[16:42] Why people want to write a book

[16:52] What is your strategy?

[17:31] Book-buying tip

[17:45] What can people expect from this podcast?

[19:06] The roller coaster of Entrepreneurship (Shared #1 bestseller)

[19:57] Case studies

[21:27] How they can connect with Ellen beyond the podcast

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Ellen is an 3X award-winning book, including being named one of the Top 20 Book Coaches of 2022 by Coach Foundation. She's also a multiple #1 bestselling author, a 3-time eLit award winner, podcast host, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She has been helping entrepreneurs increase their credibility and expert status, become #1 bestselling authors, and make a bigger impact in the world since 2004. Her mission is to make the world a better place one author and one book at a time!



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