Episode 2: Twitter Expert, Gary Loper, share insider secrets to growing a massive Twitter Following

October 11, 2018

In Episode 2, Gary Loper, Twitter Expert, who has a over 300,000 Twitter followers shares how you can grow your Twitter influence as quickly as possible and the secrets to reaching the widest audience possible with your book marketing on Twitter.

Episode 2

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[00:51] Introduction of Gary Loper. (Twitter Expert)

[1:35] How do you use Twitter?

[2:08] Should you have different accounts for business & personal use?

[2:25] Be other person focused.

[3:57] Why motivational quotes work no matter what niche you are in and how they work.

[6:38] How Gary gets leads.

[7:04] What do you think is the best way to use Twitter to market your books?

[7:14] How to reach a larger audience  by doing this on Twitter.

[9:14] Positive vibe vs. Controversy

[9:34] More on how to reach a larger audience on Twitter.

[10:24]  How often you can tweet the same tweet.

[10:38] Why do people tweet the same tweets over and over?

[11:26] How do motivational tweets help every author?

[12:20] How to get enough messages for 4-5 months without repeating any and why you should.

[13:20] Should you focus on one or two social media sites, or more?

[14:15] Where should you expand your social media reach and how can you automate it?

[14:47] How often do you schedule your tweets and how to do it?

[16:02] Gary’s Tweet Formula (What to post.)

[16:57] What to do if you are just getting started on Twitter.

[18:38] Auto-scheduling , what it does and how to do it.

[19:20] How Gary promotes his books.  

[20:22] How Gary created his signature book.

[21:11] How many people you can follow on Twitter (they changed it)

[21:26] How to leverage it every time Twitter makes changes to their rules.

[22:07] Understanding social media.

[22:39] How to build trust to get people to become rabid fans and customers.

[23:22] How to avoid getting banned from Amazon.

[24:20] Gary’s strategy for getting social proof/jv partners.

[25:16] Final tips.

[26:36] How to contact Gary.

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