Episode 4: Sales Expert & Bestselling Author, Eric Lofholm on mindset & how to make your book a #1 bestseller in multiple categories

November 12, 2018

In Episode 4, Sales expert and multiple #1 bestselling author, Eric Lofholm, talks about the power of your mindset and importance of owning your talent and seeing yourself as an author, and how he got 7 books to #1 on Amazon at the same time!,

Episode 4

[00:51] Introduction of Eric Lofholm (Sales Expert & Multiple #1 bestselling author)

[1:52] Eric’s story

[2:58] What is the secret to success?  

[3:32] The power of shortcuts

[5:31] How did Eric shift his self image?

[7:12] Owning your natural gifts & talents

[8:16] When do you stop refining and publish?

[9:57] What a book does to your thinking

[13:41] Who am I to write & publish a book? (Self-image revisited)

[14:20] How Eric inspired me to create my eBook Launch Secrets Program

[15:22] How Eric got 7 books to #1 bestseller status at the same time

[18:31] How Eric marketed his launch

[20:03] How getting to #1 bestseller works

[24:11] When to publish your paperback (Works in KDP too.)

[25:46] Marketing for your launch outside of Amazon

[26:53] How to get more people to buy your book from a free launch

[27:25] LinkedIn Marketing (What to do when prospects think the book is still free but the promotion is over)

[28:10] How to get to #1 when there is a juggernaut book in your niche

[30:53] Why write multiple books

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