Episode 5: Financial Stress Reduction Expert & Bestselling Author, Chellie Campbell on a traditional publishing deal, how her book fills her workshops & putting FUN into your business!

November 19, 2018

In Episode 5, Chellie Campbell, creator of the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop and bestselling author of The Wealthy SpiritZero to Zillionaire, and From Worry to Wealthy talks traditional publishing deals and how she turned a “No” into a “Yes” , how she stumbled into becoming a bestselling author, how writing her books have filled her workshops and her take on how to create a business model that works for you and is FUN!

Episode 4

[0:51] Introduction of Chellie Campbell Financial Stress Reduction Expert & Author of The Wealthy Spirit and more.

[2:39] The power of The Wealthy Spirit

[3:32] How she wrote it

[4:20] Her story as a writer and how she came to write her first book

[6:22] The structure of  her book

[6:59] Self Publishing in the 90’s

[7:34] How to find a traditional publishing deal

[8:25] Two books that helped her publish happily

[9:11] Love your work

[10:48] Avoiding burnout

[11:36] Creativity vs. Routine

[12:54] Picking her business model

[14:09] How her book supports her workshops

[15:00] What the book can’t do that courses will

[15:45] Best ways to promote books

[16:49] Licensing her program

[18:40] Sending out Ships (Taking action)

[19:33] Wealth affirmation

[21:10] Tips on dealing with disappointment

[25:12] What to do when you don’t know how to do something

[25:40] Being flexible  (Avoiding “ya but…”)

[26:44] How she got her publishing deal (Dealing with publishers)

[31:20] How Chellie came up with more to say

[31:39] The magic number of books you need to sell to be a bestseller

[32:20] How Chellie  structured her second book

[34:03] How Chellie found her idea for her third book

[39:10] How to start writing

[39:25] Final tips

[40:25] How to contact Chellie

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