Books Open Doors Insights #28: 4 Ways to Work with A Ghostwriter and Why You Should

May 10, 2022

In this training, Ellen Violette breaks down exactly what benefits you’ll derive from having your own book and the pros and cons of writing your own vs. working with a ghostwriter. She also shares when it is far more practical to engage a ghostwriter than writing a book yourself as well as four ways you can work with a ghostwriter to save you time and energy and make a lot more money in your business.

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Why write a book? Well, that one is open and shut. The metrics are clear: It boosts credibility, heightens exposure and, well, – per the title of this podcast – Books Open Door®! On this special Insights episode, Host Ellen Violette breaks down exactly what benefits you’ll derive from publishing as well as various approaches available to authors.. Some are attached to doing 100% of the writing, but for many busy entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, speakers, and founders it’s just not realistic. It’s often far more practical to engage a ghostwriter, as distinct from a co-author who receives credit on the cover and title page.

You’ll learn not only the difference between types of collaboration but various criteria on which to base your decisions. For instance, if you’re consumed with your day job or tend to get analysis paralysis with creative projects, hiring a ghostwriter is the way to go. The book’s contents can be approached through all kinds of avenues. There are many positives associated with using a ghostwriter, but it’s important to be discerning and take an approach that is ethical, professional and results-driven. If you’d like to increase your speaking fees, broaden your exposure and generate an evergreen lead magnet, then it might be time to publish a book you can tout. And if you’re super-busy or just prefer to let someone with writers’ chops take on the task, then it may be time to consult with

Key Quotes:

“It doesn’t matter if you write it yourself or not, you get credibility and authority from having a book. You also get paid more money because people who have a book will get paid more than others.”

“If you have a community that’s saying you need to write a book, then you need to write a book!”

“We only do books that we feel are completely ethical. So personally, I work with people who want to be involved in the process, are going to work with me to make sure that it’s their book, so that I directly capture their ideas and that the voice is still theirs – not just some hack job. We don’t do that.”

“If you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to (write a book) themselves, who is too busy, who feels like it’ll take too long, who feels like they can’t focus or have other things going on right now … I want to invite you to set up a time to chat with me!”

 Key Takeaways

  • Why writing a book (whether on your own or through a ghostwriter) makes sense:
    • To secure increased fees for speaking, coaching and consulting.
    • To build perceived credibility and authority.
    • To open to bigger opportunities.
  • Pay attention to what’s out there. If people are asking for a book, then don’t miss the opportunity. Write one!
  • Reasons that a ghostwriter may be the way to go:
    • You’re busy! You have a successful business that requires your attention.
    • You don’t want to write a book. For a lot of us, writing just isn’t an appealing pursuit.
    • It’s an investment that pays off by sparing you a time sink.
    • You simply don’t have the talent, and know it!
    • You’re a starter, not a finisher, thus likely to get bogged down and not complete.
  • The positives associated with hiring a ghostwriter:
    • Saves lots of time.
    • Doesn’t require you to learn how to write a book.
    • The book will be finished in a timely fashion.
  • Co-authors vs. Ghostwriters: What’s the difference?
    • Co-authors are actually doing the research and writing with you. It’s collaborative.
    • The process can be similar in either case, but co-authors are generally credited with an “as told by” or “with” where ghostwriters remain anonymous.
      • Co-authors are generally credited.
      • A ghostwriter is not named on the cover or title page.
      • A ghostwriter writes the book alone.
    • Fun Fact: Celebrity memoirs are almost 100% written by ghostwriters behind the scenes.
  • The ethics of it all: Whether or not you retain a ghostwriter really comes down to what feels right to you. If you’re the expert and providing all the information, a ghostwriter may well align with the project’s mission.
  • A murky area: Ellen stands firm on the issue of clarity. The ethical lines can become blurry when some of an expert’s book are self-written and others are not. The quality can be uneven and trust broken.
  • Some of the different ways a ghostwriter might approach your project:
    • Base the writing on published articles that capture the tone and topic.
    • Create an outline that integrates research and previously published materials.
    • Blog posts can serve as source material around which a book can be shaped.
    • Podcasts can be re-purposed into a book inspired by episodes or topics.
    • A series of interviews can form the basis of a manuscript, along with other components and add-ons.

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About Ellen:

Ellen is a multiple #1 bestselling author, award-winning book and business coach, host of the Books Open Doors Podcast, CEO of Books Open Doors Author Services & Grammy-nominated songwriter. She works with creative professional trainers, coaches, founders, and speakers, who want to write a bestseller and 100% of her private clients are #1 bestselling authors. And once they have their book they will be able to use them to make a bigger impact in the world, open doors to unlimited opportunities, make more money and leave a lasting legacy.

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