Excerpted from the Books Business Abundance Podcast: Publishing on Amazon for Passive Income with Jeanette Cates or Tech Tamers.

Before I ever start writing, I already know what categories it’s going to go into, I know the keywords I’m going to use, I already have the book description written because I find that if I begin to stray off of the book idea, I think, “Oh wait a minute, what did I put in the book description?” Essentially, you’re writing the sales letter for the book ahead of time. I’ve already titled the book and subtitled the book, I already know which of my series it’s going to go into. All of that preliminary stuff is done.

Two things that that does: One is that it creates a guide for you essentially. And number two, when you’re finished writing the book, what has happened, and I used to do this with sales letters and products, I found that if I created the product that was great, but then I had to stop and create the sales letter.

It was like, “Bummer, I don’t want to stop and do that.” And the same thing with books is if I don’t write the description ahead of time, it’s like, “Oh darn, I finished the book, I’m ready to publish, but oh, now I have to do the description.” That’s never an author’s favorite part. I’ve found that if I get that out of the way first, then it lets me write really quickly, and I can get the book all finished and published a lot faster….(and) if you already have all that finished, then you’re excited because you just finished writing the book and boom, you can publish by the next day…

Then of course, after I have the book ready, I have my list that I’m going to send an email to. I’m going to do social media marketing.

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In the podcast, Jeanette shares how she sells $100 products with $3 books and a lot more!

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