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eBook Launch Secrets (How to Launch Your Book to #1 Bestseller) DIY Program


  • A-Z Launch Set-up Instructions on how to make your book a #1 bestseller!
  • Bonus Strategy & Creation
  • Email & Social Media Templates
  • Upsell Strategies for Additional Profits
  • And a lot more!

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Crushing Kindle Marketing & Visibility Study

Want to sell more books?

My Crushing Kindle Marketing & Visibility Study Session will set you up for success! It's absolutely critical to book sales and bestseller ranking!

It's a 90-minute one-on-one session with me personally.



    • finding the top keywords
    • finding the best category placement
    • positioning your book so it stands out from the competition
    • writing or tweaking your title and subtitle for maximum effect
    • and recording of the session so you can refer back to it and use it every time you write a book!


    Cat Williford Cat Williford

    I want to give a shout out to Ellen Violette. I booked a session with her to hone in on things like category, keywords and such for the subtitle of my book and she is BRILLIANT!

    Thank you for teaching me how to think about such things Ellen...

    If you are about to write a book, or are in the process do yourself a favor and speak with Ellen"

    Paul Sterling Paul Sterling

    "Thanks Ellen-I have had this ebook for years and always felt like the title just didn’t work. In one call, you helped me get a new title, a matching domain and discover a category for the kindle version.  

    Thanks so much for you insights! "

    Individual VIP Coaching Session

    Are you feeling stuck?


    Need a little guidance?

    Let me help. I've been working with authors since 2004 and I know how to get you unstuck!

    In one session, we'll bust through whatever is holding you back!

    Limited to one session per customer. Must be used within sixty days of purchase.



      Kim Thornton #1 Bestselling Author Kim Thornton #1 Bestselling Author

      “I always love working with Ellen because she get's me.  We spent only 30 minuets together, and she was able to show me more quick and easy options to make money fast and easy during the Holiday season.  Being a entrepreneur, there are many things we miss due to out work load but she made the guess work easy.

      Thank you Ellen once again to the rescue."

      Vivian Baxter Vivian Baxter

      “Thank you Thank you! Thank you, Ellen.

      I had pages and pages of information for my book, but it was all floating around in my head. Within 30 minutes, Ellen had me with clarity and title of my book. I am still amazed at the experience….It is perfect for my story and it feels so good. In so much gratitude and appreciation.”

      Real Easy eBooks, 8 Ways to Write or Repurpose Content into a Bestseller

      Do you want have content that you know could be leveraged to make you more money without a lot more work?

      Or, are you looking for ways to write books quickly without having to sit down and write a book?

      Then, this book is for you!

      In it, you'll discover eight ways to turn content into a book! Or, create it quickly. It's a must-have for every author!




        Write Your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp

        If you are interested in writing your book in seven days with three days of writing time, my next bootcamp will be taking place in late January.

        There are 18 spots available at this time.

        If you are interested, please send an email to

        Subject line: 7 Day Bootcamp with your name, time zone and best time to reach you and someone will reach out to you.

        I will be opening it up again in the next week to ten days.




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