Alex Branning is a click funnels and digital marketing expert who’s been working with authors and influencers for the past four years. But before that, he was working with corporations like Chrysler, Croc and Billabong, an apparel company with over 60 different brands.

On my latest podcast, Alex and I talked about free + shipping offers and
how Alex made about $20,000 with the one he shares on the podcast (and in this excerpt) and how authors can use the power of books and free +
shipping offers to grow their audience, increase their revenue and work
less while making more.

Ellen: There are a lot of free + shipping offers lately, what’s that about
and why does everyone seem to be doing them?

Alex: The free + shipping offer has really taken off because people are
looking for a way to use their book as a leverage point to grow their lists.
For the consumer, they feel like they are getting a little bit more value, ora better deal than what is on Amazon. But for the author, the free +
shipping actually puts buyers into their list and gives the author an
opportunity to upsell (to them). So now, they have more ways to sell more products to the same user, which is really exciting.

So, I’ll give you an example of what I did for my free + shipping offer. I
have a book all about Pinterest. And when people jumped in, they
grabbed the free + shipping offer, they got the book. And then, after they
got the book, I gave them the opportunity to add to their order some
worksheets that I created to help them implement all the stuff they’re
learning in the book.

After they got the book and the worksheets-that was on Page 1. On Page 2, I gave them an opportunity to join my “free” group coaching program.
Well it’s not free, but they got to try it out for a month-which is a
recurring offer. Then after that, I made another offer, where I said I put
all this stuff in a course where there are over-the-shoulder
demonstrations and how to implement this, there’s more tools, there’s
more coaching-call recordings, so I took what I had; I took the book and
turned it into a business. And that is really the power of a free + shipping offer.

Ellen: There are a lot of people who don’t like free + shipping offers because it’s not really free. What do you say to that?

Alex: If you look at my offer, I’m very clear about what you’re getting for free and what you’re not, so I say, “You are getting this book without
actually paying for it, because on Amazon, it sells for $14.97 for the same book, and you’re not paying that. You’re just paying for what it costs me
to ship it to you and the time that I spend… And I don’t think I’ve ever
gotten an email complaining about a free + shipping offer for my book,
because I’m very clear…. I’m just giving them the opportunity to get it without paying retail…

Ellen: One of the things that I heard Russell say is that “People LOVE
free,” which, of course, makes sense. But, just the idea that they’re getting it for free makes people take action so much more than if it weren’t
“free”. Even if they were really paying the same amount. It’s so amazing
how much bigger it is ….

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There are a lot more golden nuggets in the podcast that you won’t want to miss!

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