In Episode 3 of the Books, Business, Abundance Podcast, , I spoke with David Hancock, Morgan James Publishing Founder, where he shared his experience as a publisher and author as well as many of his publishing secrets including the power of collaboration, publishing options, books vs. ebooks, book promotion and more! This is adapted from our interview:

Instead of hiring a PR firm in today’s environment, the best way to promote your book is by not promoting your book. …We have learned that If you create value, you create conversation, and you engage with your audience and you’re educating, encouraging, inspiring and maybe even entertaining your audience, they are going to start to know, LOVE and trust you. And then, they’ll buy anything you’re selling. They’ll seek out your book. They’ll seek out for your workshops. They’ll look for your next speaking gig. They’ll go to your book signings. But if you tell them to or ask them to, they typically won’t. It’s all about that social connection. You really need to be current, consistent, relevant and everywhere, and you can do all that through social media.

If you decided that you wanted to do some television, radio or print, you could go down that path cautiously, but don’t go down that path unless you have an active engaged current, consistent, social-media presence because we have seen authors do wonderful radio tours and print advertising and not sell a single book, but similar authors, similar topics, similar opportunities, sold thousands of books when they have a social-media presence to be engaged with.

But the funny part was… this is where the real “aha’ moment came in, we’ve seen other authors do the exact same social campaign without having the traditional media and still sell lots of books…because it’s just the way that we are responding now days.

Now there are other reasons to do traditional media for brand recognition, to get your face out there, so don’t think that you might spend money on a publicist or a PR firm to do things for you and you’ll get it back in books, think that you’ll get it back in exposure or future speaking gigs.

I promote all my books through social media.

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