I remember getting so excited when I found (ebooks), because I love the idea that you could self-publish and nobody could tell you, “No, you can’t.” And I remember running through the house, ecstatic. At that moment, I knew I wanted to write an ebook, but then the question was, “What am I going to write?” That issue comes up for a lot of authors. They just don’t know what to write. Even when I’ve worked with coaches who have a business, they still don’t know what to write, even though they have a process and the information is in their head. They don’t always make the connection between what they’re teaching and how to put it into a book.

So, I needed a topic and we’d been buying, fixing, and selling properties and living in them. We were moving every six months or so and I got really good at packing and keeping everything organized.  One of the movers remarked at how good I’d gotten at moving, so, when I decided that I was going to write my first book, I thought about what problems could solve for people that I’m good and I decided moving was what I was going to write about.

So got started but it wasn’t going well;  I felt like I needed help. So, I looked around, I found one book and one e-course. I bought the book and went to work, and I was really gung ho at first, but as time went on for weeks, and then months, I  started losing momentum and interest; it was tedious, boring, and really frustrating.

Around that time, we went to the Big Seminar; that was the big conference back then. And I was so sure I would find a coach there, but there weren’t any, which really surprised me. But, that’s, when it clicked for me, I thought, “There has to be a better way and there has to be somebody doing this.” But there wasn’t and that was mind-boggling to me. But, I instinctively knew that I could create a system that would remove the stress, overwhelm, and guesswork that I was experiencing writing this book, and that changed everything for me. Suddenly, I had real motivation. Once I realized that I could make a real difference by creating a writing system,  I knew I had to finish it, because how could I teach other people if I couldn’t even write my own book?  Plus, I had put in so much time and effort and money into it.

I have now written several  #1 bestsellers, plus Sell More eBooks with Jim Edwards, and one collaboration book that I put together.

That system is now the “Write your Bestseller in 7 Days” Bootcamp. It’s a program I’ve been teaching authors all over the world with PROVEN results since 2004. It’s a step-by-step system that works!  Marianne Kelly was in her early seventies when she took it. She’d given up on her dream of ever writing a book, but I convinced her to give it a shot. And she has since written a three-book series called The Molly Chronicles and created a cottage industry with tote bags and other items;  it’s changed her life.  It also worked for Jackie Ruka, an expert happyologist. Jackie wrote her book, Get Happy and Create a Kick-butt Life, A Creative Toolbox to Rapidly Activate the Life you Desire in my bootcamp, and was so happy with her results that she eventually gifted it to her mom as well.

And after Jackie wrote her book, she was offered a magazine cover and has gotten many other great opportunities since. It also worked for Jeff Herring. Jeff was known as The Article Guy at that time, and he had several books, but they were all collections of articles, and he was having trouble writing one from scratch. So, he decided to take my bootcamp. Jeff explained,

“My production rate, essentially doubled based on the whole notion of having a system, saving yourself, time, energy, and money. And one of the other things you did, you kind of had everyone settled down a bit. You have a nice way of laying the groundwork and you said, ‘You can do this.’And it anchored people. And what it did for me was my latest ebook just flowed.”

“So, what I want to highlight, having done it before, piecing it together with articles and then struggling with the flow of it. And now it just flows having taken your course. It absolutely gave me the confidence to know I could pre-sell my latest ebook from the work I did with you. I knew I could finish it. And in a few hours, it was already bringing in income! It’s just following your system.”

And that’s just a taste of some of the amazing feedback and testimonials that I get from my bootcamp. I haven’t given it for five years, but with COVID raging and people hurting, I decided it was time to bring it back, which I’m doing later this month. So many people want to write a book, but they just don’t know how to get started, or they think it’s going to take so much time that they convince themselves that they’re just too busy, but Books Open Doors; books give you instant credibility and expert status; books help you make a bigger impact and more money!

And I want that for you, so I’m going to be doing my first ever FREE challenge. It’s the 5-Day Bestseller Breakthrough Challenge. And I hope you’ll join me because in this challenge, I’m going to help you take your book from idea to outline. We’re going to cover:

-how to pick the best topic for your book

-how to find your best target market

-how to position your book,  so it stands out from the competition and make sure your clients are begging you to buy it

-and how to write your book outline in just minutes.

Not only that, but I’m going to share some of my secret hacks to getting quick results in the free challenge as well. And then, after our five days together, you’ll be ready to fill in the chapters and be a 100% confident that you’re on the right path to making your book a bestseller and attracting your dream clients.

And then for those people who want more, there will be an opportunity to work with me later. So, if that sounds good, go to https://bestsellerbreakthrough.com  and opt in there. We’ll be live Monday, January 11-Friday January 15 at noon Pacific and 3 p,m. Eastern. And once you opt-in, you’ll get all the details.

Ellen Violette is the creator of the Write Your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp. She helps speakers and thought leaders write their book, launch it to #1 bestseller, and use it to make a bigger impact in the world, make more money, and leave a lasting legacy.