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Influencer Spotlight


Are you a busy thought leader, speaker, heart-centered entrepreneur, coach or author who would like a professional package of marketing pieces that you can use over and over to grow your list and your business with just 30 minutes of your time?

Or, do you have marketing materials, but you'd like a professional package of marketing materials to upgrade your marketing?

Or, are you a thought leader, speaker, heart-centered entrepreneur, coach or author who is helping people and wants to more visibility without spending hours marketing yourself and wants to reach a much bigger audience?

Having a branded podcast that is marketed to your exact audience can open doors to more opportunities and help you grow your  credibility and you business quickly!

Who is this for?

  • Busy Thought Leaders, Heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches & Authors who love done-for-you marketing
  • Thought Leaders, Heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches & Authors looking to upgrade their marketing
  • Thought Leaders, Heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches & Authors who are new to marketing their businesses
    • Thought leaders, heart-centered entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches & authors who want a quick way to get more visibility and expert stat
    • Thought leaders, heart-centered entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches & authors who want to reach a much bigger audience instantly

    Why Choose Us?

    • All. you have to do is show up for the interview, spend just 30 minutes with me,  and we'll turn it into 5-10 awesome marketing pieces for you!
    • Your interview will not only give value, but with high-quality polished marketing materials will stand out from the noise in a crowded marketplace.
    • These high-quality marketing materials are pieces you can use over and over to market your business FOREVER!
    • People will share your content more because it will stand out!
    • We ask the questions people want to know, nothing canned or salesy, just great conversation.
    • I've been interviewing top experts since 2005
    • When I create titles for the podcast shows, I make sure that I use the best keywords in the titles, that the titles reflect accurately the content in the interview, and that they are analyzed to drive as much traffic, as many shares, and search results as possible, so you get as much out of your marketing as possible!
    • If you'd like to reach thought leaders, heart-centered entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and/or authors, this is for you! My podcast caters to success-oriented creatives and movers and shakers who want to make a bigger impact and change the world. If that's who you want to reach then join us!

    Exactly What You're Getting

    Gold Influencer

    • We will professionally edit and brand your interview with your name and your offer to drive traffic to your offer as well as to increase your credibility and expert status.
    • You'll be able to leverage the credibility of the podcast to get more people hearing your content. And the truth is that most successful people don't have time to watch webinars and long videos, but they do listen to podcasts more often and more often all the way through, so more people will hear your offer!
    • You'll receive a PDF of the content of the interview that you can use as a lead magnet. You can also take snippets of the text and post them as articles, use a quotes, or repurpose any way you like.
    • We will take a juicy quote or tip from you interview and turn it into a short audiogram that you can use to promote the interview. (You can see a sample below.)
    • Your interview will be promoted to my community of 30,000+ thought leaders, heart-centered entrepreneurs, speakers and authors. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)
    • Your interview will be boosted for two days on my Facebook Business Page.
    • We'll give you 3 tweet templates and one post that you can use on Facebook and LinkedIn to advertise your interview. So, you don't have to come up with them on your own!

    PLATINUM INFLUENCER-Get these additional upgrades! 

    • Upgrade and you'll get all these additional benefits to market your interview to an even wider audience!
    • We will provide a graphic cover for your interview. Graphics can be used to promote the interview and can attract more leads to your list.
    • We will take a portion of your interview and post it our blog your call-to-action
    • We will post an excerpt from your interview as a LinkedIn article with a copyrighted graphic that will go out to over 8,500 thought leaders, creatives, speakers, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and authors.
    • You'll receive 7 tweets for Twitter and 3 posts to market your interview on Facebook.
    • Imagine how many people. you could impact if your interview were boosted for 10 days! With this upgraded package you'll get an ADDITIONAL 8 days of advertising for your interview to reach a much larger audience!
    • Graphics get your audience's attention. We'll take three of your best quotes and create an eye-popping graphic for each one to create more audience awareness!

    What Our Listeners Have to Say About The Podcast

    Theresa Hamilton, Author of The Gratitude Journal, 31 Daily Prompts to Encourage a Positive Attitude in Stressful Times

    This is a GREAT Podcast!

    Ellen is so knowledgeable in her field, and she’s an expert interviewer—every episode is a must listen (sometimes more than once). Listening to Ellen and her guests talk is like having a cup of coffee with friends—smart friends who know what they’re doing and want you to succeed. I can’t wait for the next episode!


    An Excellent Podcast 

    I stumbled on this podcast recently and decided to listen to one or two episodes. Well, I'm on episode 12 and I'll continue until I get caught up. Ellen does a great job of covering all things writing and book publishing but my favorite part is the fact that her guests aren't trying to sell anything. The guests are raw and honest about their mistakes and their successes. On top of learning from the podcast I walk away feeling inspired!

    5 Great Reasons to Grab Your Influencer Package NOW!

    • Marketing done for you
    • Increase your credibility and expert status
    • Do it once and it works for you 24/7
    • Reach a larger audience
    • Make a bigger impact

    Choose The Option's That is Right for You:

    Option 1: 
    Gold Influencer 

    • Branded video
    • Audio in Multiple Podcast Sites
    • PDF of Your Interview (Bonus/Lead Magnet)
    • Audiogram
    • Promotion to my 30,000 + community
    • Facebook Boosted Post
    • 3 Tweets and 1 Post Done for you!

    Introductory Price
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    Option 2: 
    Platinum Influencer 

    • Everything you get in Gold, Plus:
    • PDF Professional Cover
    • Blog Post (excerpt from your interview)
    • LinkedIn article
    • 7 Tweets & 3 Posts
    • 3 Quote Graphics
    • Facebook Boosted Post for 8 Additional Days

    Introductory Price
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