Episode 54: How to Use Your Intuition to Make the Best Book Writing and Business Decisions and Profit with Amanda Kunkel

July 20, 2020

In this episode, Amanda Kunkel, shares how she helps heart-centered business owners double their income by connecting them to the universe wisdom through her psychic abilities and helps them connect to their super-power map, the fastest, most aligned way to expand their business, clients and cash.

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3 Key Points

if you’re in business, you have to balance that with the masculine energy, the taking actions to make things happen because while source provides everything, it manifests through us, and the money comes to us through other people, places and things.

To get in touch with your soul desires and intuition, connect to your passion outside of your business.

To get the answer to what you want to know ask macro (big-picture) questions, and then micro questions (details about the big picture).


:50 Ellen: Hi, and welcome to Episode 54. Today my guest is Amanda Kunkel. Amanda helps heart-centered business owners, double their income, and triple their net. She connects clients to the universe, angel spirit, God goddess, and all that wisdom through her psychic lens. And with her psychic superpower, she conveys to women their unique, super-power map, which is the fastest, most aligned core to expanding their business and clients in cash. As a lifetime psychic with fourteen years of professional experience, her skills are the superpower in your back pocket that you have been looking for.

So, welcome to the call, Amanda.

Amanda: Thank you for having me.

Ellen:  I’m excited to have you. I thought that was just so interesting what you do. So, I had to talk to you.

Amanda: Thank you. And that’s M I get that a lot. That’s very interesting. What does that mean you actually do right? Or the funnier one is, “Oh, that’s a neat angle.” And I’m like, “Not an angle, literally born this way.”

[01:59]: So, it’s for me, just part of who I am and how I help women. And over the last several years, the niche has been just businesswomen coming to me more and more businesswomen. And so, I evolved with what women were looking for from me that came so naturally and got to help them get what they needed quickly and easily.

Ellen: Well, you just said the operative words, which are what they needed instead of what you wanted to teach. So many people don’t do that.

Amanda: That is very, very, very true.

Ellen: Yeah. Yeah. So, tell us about your journey. How did you figure out that this was your superpower?

Amanda: Sure. So as a kid, I didn’t know I was different and that’s because when you’re a kid, you didn’t know your own little world and that’s how you think the rest of the world operates. I was lucky enough that my family was open to things like the other side and psychic abilities. But for the most part, they simply thought I had an active imagination and laughed it off, which was good because it didn’t shut me down, but it also didn’t help me necessarily thrive to dig deeper at the time. So, when I got into high school is when I really realized that I was “different”.

So, a lot of my information comes to me when I dream at night, and I just thought my very vivid dreams and the way things were happening was how everyone else got it. And there was ninth grade. I had free time before my first-period class. So, one of my friends and I would sit around and talk, and I, of course, would come in all half asleep, being a teenager and saying, “Oh man, I just had this really weird dream.”

[03:56]: And in one of these dreams. I, it was that she got hit by a car, and I was telling her about it, and the make, the model, the cut, like all of that, where she was, and about what time it was, and the time I didn’t think it was anything prophetic was just like, “Oh, this is so crazy.” And the next morning, she grabbed me and was like, “Oh my God, dude, you will never believe what happened to me yesterday. I almost got hit by this car. I was crossing the road at the library, I thought twice because of what you said. And Dan came screeching around the corner.” And my mouth sort of dropped, and her mouth sort of dropped, and we didn’t go too much into it at that point. It was just “Okay, I know I’m a bit different.”

[4:46] So, I didn’t look too far into my psychic abilities until I was in my early twenties, and I was doing it more so that I can help myself to have control over the information that I got, instead of it just randomly coming in a dream, or randomly downloading to me, or I could randomly hear a voice. I wanted to be able to control it. And as I did that, I realized not only could I help myself, but I could probably help other people.

At that time, I was studying at university for a BA in psychology. So, I was all about helping other people. And as I went through college, it so becomes that I became more interested and helping people psychically than I did in continuing with my Ph.D. in psychology, which had been the entire goal of going to university anyway. The very ironic thing about this is I worked full time through most of the university time, and I worked in business. And when I graduated university, I got a job in business, I think about a year or so out.

[06:02]: And I remember, at the time, I hated business, I wanted nothing to do with business. I just wanted to help people to have better lives, and to experience their own intuition, and to be able to have some insight to help direct them. So, it’s very ironic, fast forward fourteen years, that the women coming to me,and where my superpower specialty happened to lie, was in business. And of course, nothing happens by accident. And I never would have believed myself if like, if my current version had gone back and been like, “Hey, Amanda, pay more attention to the business thing you’re doing because it’s going to come in handy later.” I would have shut the door on my intuition at that point, I would have said, “No, thank you, you’re lying.” because it was such a trigger point for me. So, it’s sorry. Go ahead.

[06:59] Ellen: No, I was going to say, that’s so funny because I remember when I was in college, the same thing, like business just seemed so boring or I was like not the least bit interested in that now, of course, it’s everything. So, it’s funny. I think maybe we, some of us have to grow into it.

[07:15] Amanda: Yes. The way that it kind of came about for me was I had been working, helping women manifest money. And I realized that these women that were coming to me when we get to the core of what they were really looking for, it wasn’t money. They were in business, and they needed more clients and cash or customers, depending on what it was that their business was. And I started talking to them more about that and leaned more into that. And I said, “Okay, manifestation, yes, it’s this very important thing about manifesting money,” but there’s this whole other component to it. Manifestation is very feminine. It’s very woo woo, very out there.

But if you’re in business, you have to balance that with the masculine energy, the taking actions to make things happen because while source provides everything, it manifests through us, and the money comes to us through other people, places and things. So, from there, it’s very organically and very quickly turned into me helping businesswomen, and me going, “Okay. I should actually just directly speak to these businesswomen because they’re out there looking for me,”  but they hear “manifestation of money” and they’re like, “But I need business help.”  So, now I speak to both when I talk about how I work with clients and what it’s like to receive information from me, because it really is this balance of the woo woo and the human-action step side that allow women to double their income.

[09:03] Ellen: So, this is so interesting to me. You can’t really ask you how do you know these things? Cause you just know what you know. Right?  It just comes to you.

[09:14]: Amanda: So, it comes to me in various ways, obviously like dreams. That’s a pretty obvious one. It kind of plays in my head like watching a television show and I wake up and go, “Oh, okay, there we go.” I’m a very visual person. In fact, I’ve earned a living as an artist. And I know, right? So,  I went to school for psychology, worked in business because I was told that I couldn’t make a living as an artist and look at me now. Being psychic is very creative because you have to interpret things. So, ironically, here’s another ironic the arts and the psychicness go hand in hand. Because I’m visual, when I connect to a client’s angel spirits, they’re God goddess, their whole team, I am often played what would look like a television show in my head. And I’m shown very unique, specific things.

[10:13]: And sometimes, I can identify what it is right away. And other times, I can’t, but here’s the wonderful thing, then an image of a number word would pop in my head or a specific public figure. So, for instance, I was working with a client recently who is in the million-dollar frame. And she and I were talking about the steps, like the direct steps and who she needs to reach out to for her next income bracket, because it’s a whole other ball game up there; and it’s a little bit different. And I said, “Okay, I’m seeing X public figure” and “Y” public that are multimillion-dollar earners in her specialty. And we both know who they are because they’re such public figures. And I said, “But it’s not them. It’s like something that is with them. You’re not hiring them specifically.” And she started laughing and said, “Yes, they are part of this specific mastermind where they’re the clients and this other big-name woman runs it. And I’ve been thinking about it, thinking about making the investment.” And I was like, “There you go,” because I didn’t know who that third person was, but the universe gave me enough specifics through public figures and showing me a circle, and the three of them in it together that I could explain what I was seeing. And she knew exactly what it was.

[11:51] Ellen: That is fascinating because I think for most people, myself included, it would never occur to me to go to somebody who was psychic to tell me who I should build relationships with in my business. So, that’s really interesting. Yeah. No, and I was also going to say that when you talked about how creativity goes hand in hand with the artistry and with the psychic ability, I come from the music world and people may not know this, but every once in awhile, you’ll hear somebody, and they’ve got like this amazing song. One that comes to my mind is The Rose. I don’t know if you know that song, but I met the writer of that song once, and she said that it literally came through her;  she didn’t feel like she wrote it; it came through her.  And I’ve had songs do that as well. And so, there absolutely is a connection between that when you’re in that real creative space. Yeah. Yeah.

[12:56] Amanda: And I’m laughing because earlier today I met with a client and the song by Tom Petty, Don’t Back Down, kept coming through, and I was so moved to sing it. And I was like, “All right, I know this might sound a little crazy.” And of course, she laughed. And so, I said, “This song,” and then, I started singing it, and she was like, “Oh, that is so right.” Because the phrase “don’t back down” was what she needed to hear.

[13:31] Ellen: So, let me ask you this, do you ever work with people where you help them increase their ability to be psychic?

[13:39]: Amanda: Absolutely. So, it’s not as popular people. Don’t book me as much for that because women at this high-achieving earning level, they don’t have time to learn it. It’s like they don’t have time to get a law degree or get an accounting degree, they just want to hire someone that can do it for them. But there are women that are already in a sort of spiritual business that want to amplify their psychic abilities and they’re being able to listen to their own intuition more. And I have run group programs that center around that.  I have worked on with women one-on-one so that you’re not constantly going and looking to somebody else.

Ellen: Right.

Amanda: It’s already part of who they are and what they be. And so, it helps amplify it for their own business and of course, personal uses as well.

[14:35] Ellen: Can you give people some tips on how they can improve their ability?

Amanda: Absolutely.

Ellen: Yeah, let’s do that.

[14:42] Ellen: Excellent. So, really knowing what you want, and I know people listening a party probably already going, “Oh yes, yes. I know I’m supposed to find my business “why” and write that down, and “my ideal client” and write that down.” But when you really get to your why, and it goes deeper than a why. It was to this core part of you, and that’s the desire for what you want to have in the world,  and it can come through your business. So,  maybe it’s freedom. Maybe it is an abundance of time. Maybe it is the ability to be the breadwinner and retire your spouse out of their nine to five.

These deep desires connect you with what your soul is really calling for. And of course, your soul is connected to that universe, the spirit angel, God goddess. And they have been with you since, before you were born and are literally screaming in a good way, like in a cheering way, your next steps to you, because they set that up with you before you came down to earth. And it’s like a parent at a ball game, wanting you to do your best, seeing how you can do your best, and going all out.

[16:10]: So, when you can tune into that soul part of yourself, that desire, you can tune into your intuition and psychic abilities. The best tip I can get for that is to connect to your passion outside of your business.

Ellen: OUTSIDE of your business.

Amanda: Yep.

Ellen: Interesting.

Amanda:  So yes. So once your business you’re dialed in, as in you’re in the niche that you are a zone of genius in, okay? You can’t just focus on that cause that’s spinning the wheel. So, these outside passions help drum up every passion in you and help you connect to your soul.

So, I horseback ride. If I’m not out on a horse or in a barn at least twice a week, I am not a person you want to be around. It allows me to dig deep down into my soul and to be directly connected to the universe. And because that is what I do for my clients. I want to show up fully that way. Now, if you’re, well, if you’re a singer songwriter connecting to a different creative passion can help fuel the songwriting. Like the women you spoke to said, it just came through her. Most likely. She, however, she did it, she was already really connected to her soul level, which allowed her that connection to the universe, AKA fancy way of saying psychic abilities.

[17:45]: So, go for your passions. And it doesn’t matter if you’re good at them or not. I’ve been on level two of piano for like, I don’t know, almost ten years, but I just enjoy sitting at the piano and even struggling with the notes that banging it out and feeling the vibration of the piano within my body. And so, go ahead.

[18:08] Ellen: That’s so funny cause I’m a songwriter and I do not like playing piano. I play well enough to write, but like when I was a kid, I tried to learn to play to really be a player, I can’t.

[18:18] Amanda: Yeah. And that’s the point is you don’t have to be perfect. I am not a perfect player. I am actually, it’s so funny, I am not a polished horseback rider. I’ve never been in a show. I’m sort of clunky. My instructor, so funny, cause I finally started taking lessons as an adult and she was like, “You can ride, you’ve been able to ride. We just got to make it look pretty now.”

Ellen: (Laughing) Who’s watching?

Amanda: Exactly. Right? The other horses.

Ellen: Oh, that’s funny. Yeah. I’m really intrigued by this idea of other passions.

I’m still not clear on how other passions help you in your business. Can you go into that a little bit more?

Amanda: Yep. So, when you connect to your passions, you connect to your soul level. When you connect to your soul level, that is that psychic connection to the universe where you can receive information about anything in life.

Ellen: Oh, I see. So just by being open in something, it allows you to then get in touch with the universe that then tells you what you need within a certain area of your life.

[19:34] Amanda: Yeah. And you can ask, you can ask questions, and it’s more about, cause they’re already answering the questions. Like I said, they’re around you, cheerleading, screaming for you all the time. It’s about being able to listen and recognize when the information is coming.

Ellen:  And how do you do that?

Amanda: Well, you could be like me and just have these dreams and go, “Okay.” But I know it’s doesn’t happen like that for everybody.

Ellen: Right.

Amanda: Example for you. I did a network teaching event, and I contacted the woman, and I didn’t know why I was contacting her during the middle of the day one day. I was sitting down, had my list out, going through the business, doodads that go along with business. And all of a sudden, I got “reach out to this woman on Facebook,” like go to your new Facebook friends and you’re going to find her.

[20:26]: And I was like “Okay.”  So, at this point I know just to go do and not question it. So, I went and I messaged her and just said, “Hey, I see we’re newly connected. Great to get to know you.” And a couple of minutes later, I get this, “Oh my God, I, how did you know? I know how you know, because I just went, looked into your profile, but I was sitting here literally thinking of who I could reach out to.” That would be like the perfect fit for this thing that I’m putting together.” And so, a short time later, we’re on a quick zoom call chatting, how did I know to stop looking at my list and to connect? Well, I got the inner knowing this inner, just go do, it’s sort of like…


Ellen:  Is psychic and intuition different?

[21:22] Amanda:  I use them interchangeably. People have a little bit different definition for them. For me, the intuition is a deep knowing. To me, psychic ability is a deep knowing. And I can receive information the same way, whether I’m talking about psychic or intuition. And I know it can get kind of confusing. So, I apologize for that one there when I interchange them like that.

But people sometimes, when you say intuition, understand it more than when you say “psychic”, because they’re like, “Well, yeah, I’ve had those gut feelings. I’ve had those feelings where I’ve walked in a room where two people are standing, and I don’t know what they just said, but I know they just had a fight. The hair on the back of my neck, stood up. I don’t know how I knew it, but I just knew it.” So, when you say “intuition”, it connects people to that Ahhh gut-feeling thing, right? Where, when you say “psychic”, they think of like every tarot reader at a fair with a crystal ball.

Ellen: Right.

Amanda: So, it’s more of what society has given each, then what the actual definition is.

[22:34] Ellen:  So, do you think there are other ways besides getting it in your passion? What about like meditation, or people who chant, or those kinds of things?

[22:44] Amanda: Those are all very helpful tools that will help you. It’s like tools in a toolbox. You have different-sized wrenches and that’s the only word I can think of for a toolbox,  things in a toolbox: hammers, drills, that sort of thing. So, meditation, chanting, clearing chakras, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping. All of those can help out. But I have found when I’m talking to somebody that literally is like, “Look, I just need the shortest fastest thing for me to be able to connect to my intuition,” pet your passion.

Ellen: Right.

Amanda: That’s easy. Go do something you love.

Ellen: Do you think there are any specific questions that are better to ask than other questions?

Amanda:  At the universe?

Ellen: Uh-huh.

Amanda: I would ask macro questions and then micro questions. So, macro questions are the big-picture questions like “Where am I going? Is this what I’m offering okay?”And if you get it, “Yes,” then you can ask questions like, “Well, where should I look to do my advertising?” Or, “Who should I connect to for a joint venture?” Those are more of the micro questions.

[23:56] Ellen: The specifics.

Amanda: Uh-huh. I say macro first because when you look at the women that are in the high-achieving, million-dollar-plus, that’s how they do it. They ask the macro first; their first vision is the big. And then, they’ll ask a couple specific questions.

[24:20] Ellen: Make sense. Cause you’re not going to know what the little questions are. If you don’t know what the big questions are.

[24:27] Amanda: Truth, truth. There’s a lot of women when they first get started in business will start asking the micro questions because they’re so new, makes sense. You’re learning. Right?

Ellen: Oh, uh-huh.

Amanda: So, I always say, it’s good to learn, but if you can take out a big piece of paper, write the big picture, and then do like a brainstorm session to get to your mini questions, don’t start with your mini questions cause it’s not going to connect to the big vision, go the other way around.

[24:57] Ellen: When you say brainstorm, like what?

[25:01] Amanda: Sure. So, at the top of big piece of paper, put your big vision. So that’s your macro question. And it could be, I” just started a scented pillow making company because I wanted to help people with migraines have a better option for sleep at night then taking a pill or going to a chiropractor, that sort of thing. Okay, so, put that as the top, then your mini-questions are going to come from there and there’s going to be specific ones like, “Well, where can I get the cheapest yet best quality fabric, essential oils, maybe there’s actual crushed-up dried herbs in there, that sort of thing.

But then as you go back from those questions, then it’s going to be things like, “Okay, well, how can I mass-produce these? Who should I look to help me mass produce these in the most efficient manner, that will be a good partnership and not one where we’re constantly yelling at each other because nothing’s being done on time?”And so, you keep pulling back and pulling back, and you get these littler or littler questions that really are just the doodads of the business, where the passion, that deep desire is the scented pillow for the migraines.

[26:25] Ellen: Nice. Well, this has been really interesting. Do you have any last tips you’d like to share before we wrap it up?

[26:32] Amanda: Don’t second guess yourself. That’s what gets people stuck. Go with what your gut is telling you.

[26:39] Ellen: Oh, that is so true. Or, how times have you had something in intuition and you just ignore it, right?

Amanda: Exactly.

Ellen: Yeah. Okay. Well, with that, before we go, how can people contact you?

Amanda: Excellent. Email is always the best. However, I also have a Facebook page and it’s all just Amanda Kunkel, Amandakunkel.com or Facebook.com/AmandaKunkle4444, my contact information.

Ellen: Awesome. Okay. So, that’s it for today to get the transcripts go to www. booksbusinessabundance.com/podcast. You’re also welcome to join our Facebook group. That link is also on the podcast page, and that’s where you can ask questions, we have a Marketing Monday where you can tell people what you are sharing, whether it’s free or paid. You can network with other people. Sometimes, we do book giveaways. So, we’d love to have you there. And if you’re ready to take the next step, please visit my website at www booksopendoors.com. There’s a questionnaire there you can fill out, there’s books and whatever you need there.

So, till next time, Bye-bye.


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