Episode 72: How to Live a Limitless Life (Just do this!) with Henry Gold

November 23, 2020

In this episode, Henry Gold shares the power of using your intuition and the pitfalls of ignoring it, the health issue that he refused to let derail his life, the truth about purpose, and the power of living in the now.

The uncut video version is also available here.

Resources mentioned

Books: The Limitless Life (Free PDF)

The Limitless Life (Kindle & Paperback editions)*

In the Presence of the Generous One: The Miracle Healing You Created**

3 Key Points

Listen to your intuition 1000% of the time.

If you don’t listen to your intuition, you could end up making disastrous business decisions, unhealthy personal decisions, and even lose your health and your life.

Live in the now and don’t worry about purpose, just ask yourself this one question,  “What should I do now?” to guide you through life.

[00:51] Ellen: Hi, and welcome to Episode 72.  Today, my guest is Henry Gold. Henry is a motivational international keynote speaker, and I’m so excited to have him. His knowledge as an expert, deemed him to be a highly sought-after leader. He’s a mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world. He’s the CEO of Limitless Life, LLC and international bestselling author, co-author of four books with top thought leaders, as well as the author of The Limitless Life. And I love that title.

He has a very inspirational story. After dealing with a significant life crisis, including being homeless, lousy relationship, lost his vision, diagnosed with a brain tumor, Gold decided to share the principles. He kept dearly for many years to live a limitless life. This allows others in a similar situation to avoid the challenges he faced in his life. He also has a foundation where he helps children from broken homes to discover their own inner wisdom to move forward.

I want to talk about living the limitless life. So, welcome to the call.

[01:57] Henry: Thank you so much for having me here. I really appreciate to be able to talk with your audience.

[02:01] Ellen: Yeah, well, I followed you for quite a while, and I was there when you were diagnosed with the brain tumor. We definitely did some prayers for you.

Henry: Thank you.

Ellen:  And yeah. And it was just great to see you, come out the other side. So that’s amazing. And I know having gone through my own health challenges that, mind, body spirit is an important thing. And so, what you think matters. But before we get into that, let’s start with, if there’s anything else you’d like to add to your story, but I really want to talk about self-limiting beliefs.

[02:32] Henry: Well, I want to mention something which is very critical and very important. The reason why I decided to come up with the early limitless life is because originally, I didn’t want to share about the secret itself because I have been living a fearless life for more than five, six years now. And the only reason I decided to say, “You know what? It is time,” because my youngest sister passed away a couple of years ago from the broken soul. I was raised in a narcissistic family where we were called “loser” (inaudible) any month, all the time for over three decades of our life. So, for me, the Limitless Life is not just some sort of company name, it is a mission that I’m going to use. Every part of my being to share my legacy in everybody’s heart. That is the reason why I come up with this.

[03:35]:The second reason I come up with the Limitless Life itself is because after the brain tumor surgery, and there was a lady in front of me. I was in the ICU at a time. And then, there was a lady in front of me like, which is like over there. I was under anesthesia at the time. So, I was kind of half-awake, but not awake at all. And I told myself, there was a lady, she just keep yelling and crying and all this stuff and everything. At a time, my brain just couldn’t take it. After I had the brain tumor, which was the size of a golf ball removed from my body itself,  I just couldn’t think straight at a time. That lady was just crying, crying all the time. I asked her, “Why are you crying?” I said, “I’m dying.” That’s what she told me.

[04:20]: I said, “Dying is part of living.” So, just be it. I was kind of rude at the time because I was under anesthesia, so that’s what happened. So, like she told me one profound sentence, which was very important to me. She said, “I wasn’t afraid of dying. I only regret on things that I didn’t do when I was still alive.

Ellen: Right.

Henry: At that moment, I struggled. I wanted to get up from bed. I just wanted to get up from the hospital. Even though I was in ICU, I said that “This is not my place. This ICU is completely stupid place ever for me. I’m not supposed to be in here. I supposed to be up there, and then sharing as much as possible on my legacy so that everybody can have my legacy. I can pass on my legacy through them.” This is exactly why I come up with the Limitless Life.

Ellen: Wow. Yeah, that’s what they say. They say that when people are dying, it’s the regret, you know? So, there are times when doors do close. It doesn’t mean sometimes other doors open, but it is a reality of life, at times. So, with that in mind, how do you remove the self-limiting beliefs? Look at Biden;  he’s seventy-seven and he just ran and won for president so…

[05:42] Henry: Well, the self-limiting belief is more, one thing or the other is more focused on being comfortable with where you are right now. Okay. So, when I first met my godfather,  every day, he would call me-every single day. He said that the first thing, you know I was helping with the no shuffling. He was like, “Come on, you’re young, man. You don’t even know how to shovel the snow and all this stuff and everything.” And then he’s like, “I’m like much, much older than you by at least more than thirty years, you don’t even know how to shovel the snow. I can be smart; I thought you make a lot of money; I felt like you had a genius. You couldn’t even start progress the snow.” That was the first thing that he said. He told me, “I felt insulted all the time.”

[06:31]: And then after that, every single day, he would try to pick something on me all the time. I got angry, angry, angry all the time, thinking that, yeah, he was right. I couldn’t even do snow shoveling. I couldn’t even carry the boxes. I was 238 pounds and I had liver problems. I had kidney problems. I had heart problems. I had all these kind of problems while he doesn’t have any problem. He looks healthier than ever. Now that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. So, I keep challenging myself. Like, “You know what? I’m just going to go to kickboxing. I’m just going to show you that I can do something. I can be better than you and all this stuff and everything.” What happened is after a few years, come back two years later, I realized that it was out of love that he picked on me all the time.

[07:23]: Not out of hatred, not out of disrespect, not out of like, he looked down on me. He wanted me to be better than him. He wanted me to become the best version of him. Six years later today, I just get the report about my cholesterol level and all the stats and everything and my cholesterol is normal. Everything is normal. It’s never happened before.

Ellen: That’s awesome.

Henry: I used to be 238 pounds now I’m down about 170-something and it’s never happened before. After the brain tumor surgery, I only had about two employees left, now after two and a half years later, I have 8 team members and also nine partners will be together like within two and half years. And a lot of people say things that “There’s not going to be possible for me.” The things that I want to mention to you is why are you not being tough with yourself?

[08:19]: Why do you allow the Mr. Demon to control your mindset, to control your thoughts? Because every single day, there’s a two type of energy going to be within you all the time. One is called a yin energy and the other one is called a yang energy. So, the yin energy is what I refer as Mr. Demon is always focused on darkness, focus on helping you to be one with the loneliness-has one mission. Let me rephrase that. It has one mission; that mission itself is to make sure that you’re going to be at the end of your life, you’re going to feel lonely. You’re going to feel despair. You’re going to be one with the darkness. The other one is what we refer to as the yang energy. The yang energy is what I refer as Mr. Intuition. The yang energy only has one goal and one mission, which is to help you to become one with the light, where is going to help you to focus on your mission, purpose, and mission in life, so that you can be one with the limitless.

[09:30]: So, you can be bold. So, you can be fearless the rest of your life. So, the question that we need to ask ourselves is, “What should we focus on? Should we focus on the miserable yin? Or, should we focus on Mr. Yang?” Now I wrote on my Facebook posts. I’m not sure if people are aware of it, or you probably aware of this at all. When I put on my Facebook posts, I wrote something like this. I said that in term of marketing, President Trump will win. But my intuition, my gut feeling keep telling me that Biden will win. What is your thought? I mentioned this at least couple of times. I said, “Should I trust my intuition? Or should I trust my logical mindset?”

[10:22] Ellen: Well, I’ll tell you. It’s fascinating because before the election, in 2016, my husband was lying in bed and he says to me, “Trump’s going to win” I said, “What???”…because everybody was saying, Hillary Clinton is going to win. He goes, “I got this feeling and Trump’s going to win.”

Henry: Yep, exactly.

Ellen: And he goes, “I don’t want to feel like this, but  it’s coming in loud and clear, Trump’s going to win.” And he won. This time, he was starting to get anxious. He’s 89 years old and he watches a lot of the political shows, and he cares very deeply about this country. He’s a veteran with a purple heart. And, he was in the Korean war and he watched kids get blown up in front of him that he couldn’t save. And it affects your life. But this time, he was starting to get anxious because they were all saying, well, I can’t remember exactly what was going on at the time, but it’s been a close election and people saying, well, it’s going to be close and all this kind of stuff.

[11:18]: And so, he said, “Okay, I need to like, get really calm. And I need to get in touch. What’s going on God?” And he says,” I went into meditation and I heard blue wave. That’s what I heard. I heard intuition, blue wave.” Anyway. Then the whole thing started with the counting and it wasn’t like coming along, and he’s got what happened to the blue wave. God told me, there’s going to be a blue wave. “Now, of course, we’re at the point where it looks like he may win, not just Pennsylvania. I think they just called Nevada. I’m not sure. And we’re still got Arizona to go and Georgia, whatever. But a friend of mine was panicking. And for any of our listeners who are Trump fans, I don’t know what to say. Other than the feeling on this side was that we were saving our country for democracy. That’s how we view it. But we’re all Americans. And I’m grateful that Joe Biden is saying we’re all Americans. So, that’s enough of the political side of it.

Henry: (Laugh) But, again, the intuition, he’s intuition said “Blue wave.” And so then, it didn’t jive with what was happening. So, what do you mean blue wave? but that was his intuition.

[12:25] Henry: Yeah. Yeah. Same thing with the, when Hillary Clinton ran in 2016, I had this like logical mindset. It just keeps telling me that Hillary going to win. But when I close my eyes, President Trump keeps showing up, kept showing up. I said, “This doesn’t make any sense. What is going on?” Same thing with this time, 2020. And at a time, I was just thinking like, wait a minute. I’m still like, “How come everybody’s President Trump’s going to win? But when I close my eyes Biden keep showing up, kept showing up” It didn’t make any sense to me. So, a lot of time get back to the Mr. Intuition.

[13:05] Ellen: So, intuition doesn’t always make sense. Is that the, is that the, the point we’re making?

[13:10] Henry: Exactly, exactly, exactly. I believe 100% with Mr. Intuition all the time. And it’s just a small voice that it didn’t make a lot of sense to you, but I always, always trust my intuition 100% in my friendships, in my partnerships, in the way I deal with people. And I have this one lady, one celebrity did over $2 billion, wanted work with me and all this stuff and everything. And I was just so excited to work with her, but my intuition kept, kept telling me that “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no backup, backup, backup, backup, backup.” And I said, “Why? If I were to work with her and then everything is over, everything is going to be good.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no backup, backup, backup,” every single time. And I had no clue why.

Ellen: Right.

Henry: And when I wanted to work with the other guy, the Mike Tyson life coach, which always hang out with the Virgin, Richard Branson. Right?

Ellen: Right.

Henry: All the time. He said like, “You got to work with him, you got to talk with him.” I said like, “ Okay, okay, fine. Just talk with him.” And then,  on Qatar, and then immediately flew all the way from Florida. I don’t know, he’s like all over the place because he always meet the ministers, princesses in different countries all the time and then flew all the way to New York in Manhattan to see me in person. And there was just kind of a lot of weird moments that my interview Mr. Intuition always, always show me things differently than I anticipated it to be every single time, including finding partnerships, including finding relationships.

[15:02] Ellen: So, wait a minute. So, what happened with that woman? So, you heard,  “No, no, no.” So, what happened?

[15:06] Henry: What happened is I just simply say, “You know what? Let’s just wait up for six months. Wait up for six months.” It turned out it was true, it was true. My intuition was wrong, was never wrong. And then, same thing. I got another offer to get into a partnership with another famous guy that sold fifty-million books already and all this stuff. And then he wanted to pan up with me because of my name and all this stuff and everything.

And so like, my intuition kept telling me “No, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. I said that, “But, but, but, but no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.” And then,  I said, “But if you want to do it, do it, don’t regret it. Basically, that’s what Mr. Intuition told me. I said, “Okay, fine. I’ll listen to you.”  And that was like, I was almost wanted to cry, losing that business deal, and then turn out I was right again, the Mr. Intuition was right again. And then, all of a sudden, during the COVID-19 I had this project that was like 10 feet of project. And then for some reason, Mr. Intuition told me, don’t do it.

[16:19] Ellen: So, how do you get yourself to listen to that? When you like, even as you’re talking, you’re very clear that it’s hard to say no to that part of yourself. It’s not an easy thing to say no.

[16:29] Henry: I always ask this one question,

Ellen: Yeah.

Henry: which I’m going to share with your audience today.

Ellen: Okay.

Henry: This is a real, real secret on how I communicate with Mr. Intuition.

Ellen: Okay.

Henry:  I asked this question, “What should I do now?” This is five words that I asked, “What should I do now?” And then, Mr. Intuition will always, always, I do not know how to say this is more like Mr. Intuition will always say in a simple, straightforward answer on what I should do. And will never repeat it again until I get it done. So, for example, “Write your book,” and then,  let’s just say, I’ve just written my book and then only about fifty pages. I want it to give up and all this stuff and everything. And then, all of a sudden, like, “Okay, I’m kind of tired.” And then, “What should I do now? “

“Write your book.”

So, he will not tell me the next step.

Ellen: You’re right, right. Stay the course. Stay the course.

[17:38] Henry: Exactly. “After I finish the book, what should I do next? “Okay. Edit a book, published a book.” And that was like, the more I follow Mr. Intuition, sometime during the hardest time in itself, it will show you the light. It will show you the way.

[17:55] Ellen: Well, how do you get in touch with it when you aren’t hearing it?

[18:00] Henry: You will hear it. It’s just like people ignore it.

Ellen: Ah okay.

Henry: People ignore it at all costs.

[18:05]: Because they don’t want to do what it’s telling them to do.

[18:08]: Yes. They don’t want to deal with it because it’s just too difficult for them to take it.

Ellen:  Yeah.

Henry: So, for example, I have this one friend that has been friend with me for nine years, and then he becomes one of my team members. And then on my Mr. Intuition kept having me to fire him, you have to let him go. But I said like, “No, but he’s my friend.”

“Fire him. You have to let him go.”

And then, I’m calling him on the phone, I said, “You know what? I like you, but I really think that I have to let you go. It’s as simple as that is. It hurt me big time, but a few months later I was right, because he has been creating a lot of (inaudible) situation in my company in which that he just funneled a lot of money to his bank account.

Ellen: Oh my God.

Henry: And then.

Ellen: Oy, yoy, yoy

Henry: And then, what happened next is while he’s vacationing all the time, and then he just doesn’t do the development work, and then it just a waste of my money. And then, what happened is Mr. Intuition said, “You see, I was right.” And they would just keep telling you like that kind of message. And then, then I will ask, “What should I do now?

[19:25] Ellen: Well, so is that the question? Is that the answer to everything? Like how do you overcome challenges in life? Is it always intuition,

[19:33] Henry: Mr. intuition. Mr. Intuition.

Ellen: So,  that’s the answer to everything.

[19:37] Henry: No, not only that you have to trust it 100%. You have to trust it. Not only 100%, 1000%, I’ll give you another example. I was with my ex for such a long time, such a long time, Mr. Intuition told me, “Cut her off. “ I said, “No, we have been together for such a long time. This is a bad idea.” And all this stuff and everything. “Cut her off, or you’re going to get the situation where it’s not going to be looking good anymore in the future. ” At a time, I just keep waiting, keep waiting, keep waiting. And then, I just postpone it, postpone because I don’t want to listen to Mr. Intuition.

Ellen: Right.

Henry” I’ve been listening to Mr. Intuition and It was wrong. And Mr. Demon was completely right. And then, one day bleek, something happened to me. Ninety percent of my eyesight have gone in here. Fifty percent of my eyesight were gone over there, and I had no clue what happened.

[20:40]: It was just all of a sudden, and I asked her, “Can you accompany me to see the doctor? I want to see what’s wrong in my eyes.” And then, in the middle over there, “Oh, there’s a DSW store”

Ellen: Oh my God.

Henry: And then, she went to the DSW store. And then, she just waited until [5:00] PM where the doctor office has already closed. And then, we went to the dr.’s office and it was closed; it’s already five o’clock, what are you talking about? And at that moment I realized that you know what? if I continue being together with her, she’s probably not going to be there one day I become paralyzed, I become blind; she’s probably going to leave me. So, I had to find a way to get out. I had to find a way to get out. So, and then what happened is when she looked at me, I was completely useless, she started to cheat on me. It was my cue. That it is time for me to find an excuse for her to be out of my life.

[21:37] Ellen: You know, it’s interesting. There’s a book called The Generous One ** by Tom Pauley, (The actual title is: In the Presence of the Generous One: The Miracle Healing You Created) and Tom Pauley died and came back twice, and he put it in, in this book. And one of the things that he talks about is and I don’t think in that section he talked about intuition as much as he talked about knowing your purpose, knowing your purpose in life. And that if you continue to not listen to your intuition and do the things that are not moving you towards what you’re here to do, that first, you will lose your money. And then, you will, there was something else you’ll lose. And then the last thing was, you’ll lose your life ultimately. And that’s kind of what you’re talking about. It’s like you start to shut down in different ways.

Henry: Yeah.

Ellen: When you’re not living your life. So, how do you find the purpose of your life?

Henry: You don’t.

Ellen:  It finds you, right?

Henry: The more you follow Mr. Intuition.

Ellen: Yeah.

Henry:  The more it will show you the way. I knew, as I mentioned early on in the conversation itself, I said that the only reason I decided to do it is because of my younger sister. I was selfish. I didn’t want people to know. I just, at a time, I just thought like, “Who cares about other people’s lives? As long as I’m good. I’m good. Who cares?” That was just my thought. And then, when I keep capitalism into Mr. Intuition all the time, I just realized that there was no reason to think about purpose. There was no reason to think about the mission. Your only purpose and mission is to do your best every single day as if that today is your last day on earth. That’s your only purpose in life. So, who cares about a future? Who cares about a past, if you do it…

[23:29] Ellen: It’s like The Power of Now with Eckhart Tolle, huh?

[23:32] Henry: Exactly.

Ellen: Yeah.

Henry: It’s just like the Mr. Intuition would just tell you. “Focus on today.” If right now, like maybe fifteen minutes from now, I need to spend time with my wife; invest in her. I have to be there for her. That was the only purpose. You know, that’s very important. So, the things that you have to do is you got to stay on listening to Mr. Intuition. Like for example, that I sometimes wake up at [6:00] AM, sometimes I wake up at 4:00 am. Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. I don’t have to put an alarm clock; [5:00] AM in the morning. I will wake up right away. And then I said, “I need to sleep at [11:00] PM at night.” And then, immediately [11:00] PM at night, as soon as I go to bed, I just sleep right away within thirty seconds.

Ellen: Wow.

Henry: And nobody has to wake me up. Nobody has to (inaudible).

Ellen: So, you think it’s just the power of the mind. The power that you just are…

[24:30] Henry: It is just about what Mr. Intuition asks you to do.

Ellen: Oh, okay.

Henry:  I became what I call “the slave of Mr. Intuition.”

Ellen: Yeah.

Henry:  That’s what it is. Some people say it’s boring. But the thing is that I had been working, listening to Mr. Demon for too long. I mean, why not for the next few decades, hopefully, for the few decades of my life,  listened to Mr. Intuition to guide me to the way that I’m supposed to live my life.  Right now, because of Mr. Mr. Intuition, I was able to cut off a lot of wrong partnerships. I was able to bring in nine partners that are working together with me and they are people that are the backbone for Dan Kennedy. They are the people that working also celebrities. One of them is, you know, I am good friends with Mike Tyson, life coach.

[25:35]: I’m also have some one person that my students keep trying to find out like, “Who is your other partners?” Because they’re trying to find out.  The other partner is the tiger of sub East-Asia marketers, which is the household name in Singapore and Malaysia. And then like, they realize that “Is this your partner? Is this your partner? Is this your partner?”

They trying to figure it out because I am very tight-lipped on who I’m working with because Mr. Intuition, just telling me that you talk too much.

Ellen: (Laugh)

Henry:  Just do your stuff. Just do it like you’re nothing special. When people think that you’re talking about an election that is just something that they think about that you’re thinking about election. I’m just putting my posts, but beyond the post itself, I’m doing something else, which is very, very important.

[26:28] Ellen: What? What are you doing behind the post?

[26:32] Henry:  Behind the post itself, I’m doing my stuff. I’m like you know working on the new project and all this stuff and everything else, the post itself, it just, just conversation. And then, when people post something, right? A lot of people said, “Why did you reply to that post?” There’s one guy called me like, “Oh, there’s no words about your stupidity.” That’s what one person said. And then, the way I responded to it is “Why do you call yourself stupid?” And then, the other person says that, “Oh, you know, you shouldn’t be controlled by demon,” and all this stuff and everything. And then, you know, you shouldn’t focus on the eternal darkness and all this stuff and everything. I said, “Why do you call yourself Satan?” And then, focus on the eternal darkness,  focus on being this and all these things that he said about me.

Ellen: Yeah, I saw that.

Henry: And kind of like the way I wrote it is more like dancing around with words. The reason why is because I’m practicing my Tao, my skills, practicing the yin and yang. I’m practicing the way I respond in a way that people have to come up with a realization that the inner demon within them is playing around with them.

So, when I respond to this guy, he said, “Oh, you know, I never say that you are Satan.” I said that, “I know you’re not saying that I’m Satan, but the way you wrote the Satan, which is an inner demon in you exist, that’s how he through you.”

And then, he just couldn’t answer anymore. You see the point in here?

Ellen: Yeah,  yeah, yeah.

Henry:  if you read my posts, if you see the way I respond to it, I have no anger. I have no hatred. I don’t just go ahead and like saying that. “Oh, you just have to choose whoever that candidate going to be.” I focus more on love, focus on making this person have to reflect into his own life, and also focus on looking at helping people to see there’s no reason to be afraid of anything. The reason people are like there’s a thing about human being. I’m not sure if I can share more about this. But I will say this, most people, they are kind to people who are unkind to them. And most people are unkind to people who are kind to them.

[29:09]: So, if someone is like attacking you, because of what happened, it’s just kind of afraid like this. This is what happened. So, when people attack me, guess what I do. I use the Tai Chi to show them, this is exactly what you said about yourself. So, there’s nothing to attack about. Basically, he’s attacking himself.  So, the more you start to attack, there’s nothing to attack about because his idea and his mindset has nothing to do with me.

[29:44] Ellen: Yeah. So, when you get that, it makes life a lot easier, a lot easier.

[29:51] Henry: There’s nothing to worry about.

[29:52] Ellen: Yeah. Yeah. Well, let me ask you one more question.

Henry: Sure.

Ellen: So, okay, you’re living in the intuition and it’s, that’s where you are in the now, but then how does that relate to a Limitless Life?

[30:05] Henry: A Limitless Life means that you got to stay engaged with your Mr. Intuition. And of course, I wrote this in the book and people can…Am I allowed to give them the access to the book for free? If they go to TheLimitlessLife.com and what happened is they can read the book in a PDF format for free.

Ellen: Okay.

Henry: Why do I do that? Because I just want to make sure a lot of people will be able to able to understand this. I show my journey itself, like what I do, and how I get there. Whenever I listen to my Mr. Intuition, what is going on, I know that my journey is getting closer and closer to being limitless. What does that have to do with a Limitless Life? This is your question, right?

Ellen: Yeah.

[31:02] Henry: When you listen to Mr. Intuition at first, you’re going to doubt Mr. Intuition. This is very, very normal. However, as you follow it all the time, you go from this position to go to this position, and other people who remain in this position itself, you can see it from 10,000-foot view. You can see it exactly how they did things wrong. So, for example, that when I talk with one of my clients, I said, “You know what? The way you do things, if you’re not careful, you probably going to because he’s a kickboxer here, right? This is what happened to you. If you go out there, and then you start hitting someone and this person is going to fall down, you’re going to claim the victory right away, and after that, this person going to jump back up and he’s just going to hit you until you actually knock out.

[32:00]:And then, he was shot in his face. I said, “What happened? How did you know?” I said, “Know, what?” Actually, it happened recently.

Ellen: Oh, un huh.

Henry:  Because you are able to see what happened to this person just like that. But when you do not follow Mr. Intuition all the time, and you cannot see it. Another client of mine, I said, “Listen, you got to have a poker face.” That’s what I told him. I said, “Why? You know, when you are not agreeing with something you say, (giggle) yeah, I think you need to do, like,” see you move like that, that shows that you not agreeing with something;  you are full of fear. He said, “How did you know?” You don’t have to say the second word, because when I follow my Mr. Intuition all the time, your level, he just going to keep going up. There’s no limit to go to where you want to  be.

[32:54] Ellen: Oh, I see. Uh huh.

[32:57] Henry: That’s very important. But when you don’t follow the Mister Intuition, you’re going to start to lead a Limited Life. In the book itself,  I also mentioned about the limitless level of each person. Everybody, when, when I talk with someone, I could sense that, “Oh this person is probably in the level number four, or level number five, or this person is beyond saving.”

[33:23] Ellen: You go through levels in the book.

[33:24] Henry: Yes. I go through the level on the book. I mentioned about the level itself. Like, I don’t remember the exact page. Let me see about E,  Chapter E, which is Limitless the word E E S S. So, the word “E” itself, I mentioned about the level of each person. Like if you can understand about the level of this person, the person that you deal with, you know, who this person is. You don’t even have to say anything, because at the time I was in the mastermind, and then I knew (inaudible) which is my cousin’s life coach asked me to do a role play with this guy. And then, after not even two minutes, about thirty seconds, it’s like, “Let’s stop this conversation. “That’s what I told him.

I said, “Why are you feeling that I’m not a worthy customer to you?” He said, “How did you know?  I said, “We don’t need to say further. The way you talk, the way you told me, you already told me everything about you. You could sense things. So, a lot of people say that, “Oh you don’t have to follow this. They don’t have to do this,” but the more you follow it, the more you understand it.

Ellen: Wow. That’s awesome. So, do you have any final tips you’d like to share before we go?

[34:38] Henry: One thing I want to share with each person that listened to this podcast: you always have to treat each day as if today is your last day on earth. The question that you need to ask yourself is, “What are you going to do differently starting today? What am I going to do differently starting today?” Because regardless of whether you like it or not, even though you can be limitless, you can choose to be limited.

There’s only one thing that’s going to limit us, which is our time when the clock is ticking and the clock is stopping, there’s no more time. There’s nothing, no more than life. You can say that I born in the year, 2000 dash, the ending itself, that dash is what matters the most because that dash is a journey. So, you don’t want to think about like, “Oh, what is the ending going to look like?” Who cares about the ending? You mentioned about like, you’ve been waiting for the female president, vice president since 1980.

[35:46] Ellen: I wasn’t waiting. I was just surprised that when I voted for her, that it was so many years until there was another,

[35:51] Henry: There’s always a surprise in the future when you keep being limitless when we keep being limitless forever.

Ellen: Yeah, yeah.

Henry: But the thing is that without that going, being limitless forever, there’s no opportunity going to happen. There was no saying that, “Oh, give me everything first and then I’ll prove it to you; there’s nothing like that.

Ellen: Right.

Henry:  You have to submit to this position itself in order for the opportunity to show up on your site.

[36:20] Ellen: Yeah. It’s so counterintuitive.

Henry: Yeah, exactly.

Ellen: Yeah. That’s a great point. Yeah. So, get the belief first.

[36:28]:  Just ask Mr. Intuition. “What should I do now?”

Ellen: Okay.

Henry: Follow it. Who cares? Once you’re done, sleep. Wake up in the morning.

Ellen: Do it again!

Henry: “What should I do now?” Okay. Do this. “Okay, fine.”  I’ll listen to it 100% because every single time I listened to it, my life is getting better each day.


Henry: Yeah. Every single time everything changed.

[36:49] Ellen: Okay. So that’s it for today to get the transcript go to https://booksopendoors.com/podcast. And you’re also welcome to join our Facebook group that is also on the podcast page and they were recently consolidated. So, we’ve got one group now, which is great cause there’s lots of engagement, networking support. You still get the first notices of all the podcasts, promotional opportunities and more.

And while you’re on the podcast page, be sure to grab a copy of Book Planning Secrets, A Simple 4-Step Guide to Writing a Bestseller. If you would like to write your own book or if you’re writing them and you just want to make it faster and easier. So, ‘til next time, Bye-bye.

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