You’ve finished writing your book but now you don’t have a clue how to market it. So, you start looking for book-marketing ideas.

But you could have already made a $10,000 marketing mistake.

How is that possible?

Many authors spend that much or more to produce a book, in fact, I had one woman come to me who had spent $20,000 getting her book to market and hadn’t made a dime. She was lamenting that she wished she had found me first because now she had no more money to spend to sell her book. My heart broke for her.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.

Whether your goal is to sell a lot of books or to use your book as a lead magnet to attract clients, the set up will play a huge role in getting you the results you want.

Whether you go with a traditional publishing house, a hybrid, or you self-publish, the foundation has to be laid for success, and most publishers and authors don’t do it. The way you lay the foundation is by doing the marketing research before you write your book to determine what book to write and how to approach your topic.

Without it, you might as well take that $10,000 and burn it, unless you happen to luck out. And who wants to leave their book marketing to chance?

So, why don’t most publishers and authors do it? One of three reasons. Either they are ignorant, lazy, or, they don’t care enough about your book to make the effort. They take your money, do the minimum of work and run.

However, since it’s your book, you owe it to yourself, to get this information and use it every time you write a book because without it, you will never make that $10,000 back or whatever you spend creating your book, let alone make a profit!

To prosper, you must connect with your ideal clients and solve the problem they want and need solved.

But, that is not all, your book must also:

1. be positioned in the marketplace so your audience knows that it is exactly what they need and why it’s better or different than the other books on your topic

2. have a great title to capture the imagination/interest of your audience so they remember it, and also because women buy most of the books and they look at the title first

3, have a great cover that looks professional as visuals are important for sales

4. have a well-written kindle description that sells your potential buyers on taking the next step with you

5. and be visible.

So, how do you do it?

I’ll share exactly how in Part 2.

Ellen Violette helps busy creative visionaries, leaders, speakers, and authors, write, publish, launch to #1 bestseller, and market their book to get more clients, make more money, make a bigger impact, and leave a legacy. She is an award-winning book and business coach, podcast host, CEO of Create a Splash Marketing & Grammy-nominated songwriter.