To recap from Part 1 of this article, I shared that to prosper, you must connect with your ideal clients and solve the problem they want and need solved, but that is not all, your book must also:

1. be positioned in the marketplace so your audience knows that it is exactly what they need and why it’s better or different than the other books on your topic

2. have a great title to capture the imagination/interest of your audience so they remember it, and also because women buy most of the books and they look at the title first

3, have a great cover that looks professional as visuals are important for sales

4. have a well-written kindle description that sells your potential buyers on taking the next step with you

5. and be visible.

So, how do you do it?

Start by talking to your ideal clients. Find out what they want and need, don’t assume that you know. Look at other books in your niche on Amazon to see what your potential buyers want that they didn’t get in other books.

If you already have a course on the topic, get feedback about you’re your students liked and didn’t like and what they wanted that they didn’t get and put it in your book. Or, if you already have a book, create a bonus for it around the topic. Sometimes, people will buy a book, just to get the bonus or bonuses!

Do the research to find the best keywords, and then create your title using at least one of them. Make sure your title is catchy, thought-provoking, or memorable in some way and always avoid boring titles; they can kill sales.

In addition to using the best keywords in your title, sprinkle them in your description as well for better search-engine optimization and connection with your audience. Using keywords is critical; it’s how your potential buyers will find your book when they are looking for your topic. But never stuff your title or description with keywords. They should always sound natural.

Another way your potential buyers find your book is through category placement. While some people put the keywords in the search bar, others search by category. And getting in the best categories is also essential to making your book a #1 bestseller, which again gives you more visibility and increases sales. It’s a positive spiral!

Also, make sure that you create a professional cover. If you are not a designer, hire someone to create one for you. You could write the best book in the world, but if you cover screams “amateur” it will never get the attention it deserved.

So, don’t expect a publisher to “take care of you” and don’t wait to think about marketing until after your book is written. Educate yourself so you can write books people want to buy. Your readers will be happy and so will you when the money comes into your bank account!

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Ellen Violette helps busy creative visionaries, leaders, speakers, and authors, write, publish, launch to #1 bestseller, and market their book to get more clients, make more money, make a bigger impact, and leave a legacy.

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