Let me start by sharing a true story with you: I once had a client who was very excited about doing a bestseller launch with me. She had hired a virtual-assistant team, and she bragged to them how she was going to make her book a #1 bestseller.

Their response was, “Sure you are” (sarcastically). She told them that I was for real, and she was really going to do it. Her virtual-assistant team was skeptical, and they had reason to be. You see, they had done many bestseller launches for their clients before and very few became #1 bestsellers.

So, when we got my client’s book to #1, in less than 24 hours no less, they were impressed, and they wanted to know how I did it.

The truth is, I stumbled onto the formula by working with clients and looking at which books were selling in Kindle as we were looking for ideas for titles! It’s a little more involved than that, but that is the gist of it. As it turns out, there is a system, and it’s based on the numbers. Once you understand that, the rest is easy.

So, what numbers am I talking about? Keywords and categories.But first, it assumes that you’ve written a good book that people want to read and you’ve hit all the basics, which include: writing a memorable and catchy title with a subtitle that explains the benefit offered in your book and getting an eye-catching book cover. Then, finding the best keywords and categories for your book in Kindle. Once your book is written-making sure it’s edited and formatted properly.

And then:

-publishing it following Kindle’s guidelines

-writing a compelling Kindle description

-getting 4 & 5 star reviews.

-and announcing your launch in the announcement sites

and in social media (at the very least).

The real secret is in knowing what’s selling and why BEFORE you write your book. (However, if you already have a book, you can go back and do the research now. But, moving forward, always do it first for best results.)

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should try to replicate other books. On the contrary, you always want to add your own twist and stand out, but stay within a popular topic.

You can tell whether or not a topic is popular by looking at the rankings of other books in your category, and then by comparing the category you were considering to other categories. You can do the same thing with keywords.

By setting your book up properly, and then looking at the numbers for different keywords and categories, you can make sure that your book is going to be a #1 bestseller every time you launch!

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Ellen Violette is a literary strategist, coach and CEO of Create a Splash Marketing. She helps people get their message into a book and create an authority-marketing strategy to grow a thriving, sane business that they are passionate about! To get her free report, 11 Steps to Bestseller Ranking on Kindle, go to www.booksbusinessabundance.com