Many authors don’t understand the power of making their books #1 bestsellers because too often they are told by so-called “experts” (who also don’t understand the power of Amazon bestsellers), that Amazon bestsellers are not important, and authors believe them.

There are two reasons for this:

1. Some authors and publishers game the system, so it is easy to get to number one, but completely ineffectual when done improperly

2. Some authors and publishers don’t understand all the benefits of becoming a bestseller, so they talk it down.

Gaming the system

It is true that if you pick a category that has very few books in it, it is easy to get your book to the top of the bestseller list. And, some unscrupulous publishers and authors do this. Sometimes, they put a book in a category that has little to do with what their book is about to avoid competition, but potential buyers truly interested in their topic may not see it if it is in the wrong category, and the book won’t make many sales in such a category.

Plus, if someone did find your book, they could easily see that there was little or no competition there, and that the category had little to do with your topic. In addition, if you were to take a snapshot of your “number one” book, it would also show little to no competition, so it would not give “proof” of your great achievement.

Another way to game the system is to get someone to buy a lot of copies of the book all at once. Amazon keeps track of IP addresses so if they know it’s coming from you, someone close to you, or a business associate this won’t fly. In fact, you could get banned for good and yet some still try it.

Benefits of becoming a #1 Amazon bestseller.

First, there is a cottage industry that has grown up around book launches on Amazon. There are a myriad of announcement sites that will announce your book launch for free when you do a KDP Select launch. This gets your book a lot of exposure-the kind of exposure that most authors could not get on their own without spending a small fortune on advertising-assuming they can write and promote a good ad.

In addition, getting a lot of exposure gets your book a lot of downloads very quickly, which will help propel it to #1 in the ranking. And getting to number one is better than only making it a top ten or top one-hundred bestsellers. It could also get it on the hot-release list, which also gets it more exposure.

Plus, many authors think that all they have to do is publish their book and Amazon will promote it for them, but the truth is that once Amazon sees that your book is getting a lot of exposure, THEN they will promote for you. So, you must do the work to launch first! And, the closer you get to #1 in a legitimate category the better.

Another advantage of launching your book to bestseller status* is that it jump-starts your sales both organically and if you use AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), which is a pay-per-click advertising service for Amazon.

And, since the goal is to get as much exposure and make as many sales as possible, it’s important to make each of your books a #1 bestseller.

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