“Kindle used to be great, but now there is just too much competition, and it’s so saturated that it’s lost its luster.” That is the argument. And while it’s true that there is a lot of competition,
that’s not the whole story.

I remember when I first started sharing how to find the best keywords and phrases and the importance of comparing different versions of a word, like “how to be happy” and “happiness”.
and the importance they can play in your title- to help you come up with the most  optimized one that also stands out and is unique. And I shared that “How to Be Happy” which had less competition actually had more clicks that “Happiness” at the time.

When I first started sharing this there were about 500 titles under “How to be happy” and 1500 under “Happiness”. That was around 2012.  Now there are over 10,000 books using the phrase “How to be Happy”, while “Happiness” has over 200,000! So, you can see how explosive the competition has become!

But, that’s not the whole story. Eighty five per cent of ebooks are sold on Kindle and Amazon has 197 million book buyers, so if you want to sell books, you’ll still want to be on Amazon.

However, there is no question that the competition has exploded and it is difficult, if not impossible, to sell books on Amazon if you do not optimize your book for maximum visibility.  Your book must stand out on whatever page it appears on and grab the attention of your potential buyers.

Unfortunately, most authors are only focused on finishing their manuscript and getting it up on Kindle where it sits collecting “virtual dust”!

So, if you want to sell books on Amazon, you MUST make sure that you write a catchy title and sales description, create a professional-looking and eye-catching book cover, and position your book in the right categories using the best keywords for maximum exposure.

If you want help with the process, I want to invite you to schedule a complimentary 10-Minute Quick Discovery Call with me to get started. We’ll discuss where you are in the process and your next step. (It’s best to do this before you write your book, but if you’ve already written it, it’s not too late. Do it NOW!)

Ellen Violette is a literary strategist, coach and CEO of Create a Splash Marketing. She helps people get their message into a book and create an authority-marketing strategy to grow a thriving, sane business that they are passionate about! To get her free report, 11 Steps to Bestseller Ranking on Kindle, go to www.booksbusinessabundance.com.