Episode 85: How to Increase Your Business Success with Numerology with Joanne Angel Barry Colon

March 30, 2021

In this episode, Joanne Angel Barry Colon shares how using numerology and spirit, as well as energy work, can guide you in ways that influence your business decisions in a positive way, give you more clarity, and promote business success.

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3 Key Points

When we learn to work with the spiritual side of the brain and balance it out with the ego side of the brain, we become unstoppable and numerology can help us do that.

It’s not just about intention, you have to put in the work.

When spirit is knocking the idea of saying yes, have courage, recognize that that opportunity is going to lead to some sort of change, and that change is going to bring freedom into your life.


Ellen: Hi, and welcome to Episode 85. Today, my guest is Joanne Angel, Barry Colon. Joanne is the owner of Holistic Fitness since 1999, located in Queens. She’s been in the health, fitness and wellness industry for thirty-plus years. She’s a certified holistic personal trainer, intuitive healer, and a creator of chakra balanced numerology, cosmic energy forecast deck. So, welcome to the call, Joanne.

[01:20] Joanne: Thank you. And I’m excited to be here.

Ellen: Well, I love your bio. I love getting into all this kind of stuff. So, I was a little concerned that maybe it wasn’t right for my podcast, but then we had a little talk, and I asked you how this could work for a business and that’s how we ended up here. So, why don’t you tell people how you got into, I mean, I see that you’re, we’re in the health and fitness for all those years, but how did you get into all this other stuff?

[01:45] Joanne: Yeah. How long do we have on our show today? Yeah, well, starting off with being in the health and fitness industry for thirty-plus years, about maybe back in 2007-ish, I had a twelve-year-old relationship that sort of ended unexpectedly in my mind and took me in a path of discovering who I was because I was so heartbroken by the relationship that I was like, “Oh my God, what’s going on?” And that, by doing that self-discovery, so to speak, helped me open up some other I’ll use the word gifts that I had that I didn’t know I had.

And in 2011, once my mom had crossed over, those gifts, that started surfacing in 2007 became really, really pronounced once mom crossed over. And I started hearing her talk to me about different things. And one of the first, very first thing that I heard her say to me as a personal trainer was I needed to stop working with my clients and sharing with them, the words, weight loss and sought to use the term release weight.

Ellen: Oh, interesting.

[03:03] Joanne: And that actually led to a one of my first, well, actually my second book, which is called Power to Release Weight. And because she brought that to my attention, I was kind of curious why, and that why reason was when we think about weight loss, obesity, fat being overweight actually means it’s a psychological ball that one creates physically around them to protect themselves from something or someone.

Ellen: Right.

Joanne: So, when one is looking on their journey of wanting to lose the weight, so to speak the process again, like anything else, if you lost your favorite pocketbook, or your favorite lipstick, or a guy lost their favorite tie psychologically, you’re going to go and look for it because it’s your favorite. Same concept when someone actually calls in that physical weight psychologically, because they’ve lost it, they will go and look for it and will put the weight back on.

[04:03] Ellen: So, you think that’s true with everything in terms of releasing whatever you need to release in your mindset, or that’s holding you back in your business, it’s releasing whatever you need to release, right?

[04:15] Joanne: Oh yes, definitely, definitely. Because again, if there’s anything that someone just suddenly chooses to do without evaluating where it comes from, why they did it that way to begin with, then they’re just basically just letting something go without evaluating it. And once someone can actually connect where it stems from, and then cut the cord of it that helps them to transition and make better choices with their business, as opposed to going back to their old pattern of however they did their business.

So, fast forward to my mom giving me all these suggestions, and my ability of, of hearing and speaking to spirit, had activated all these amazing gifts for me, specifically, numerology. Now for those who may not know what numerology is, it’s the science of numbers. And every number carries a vibration, a frequency and a meaning. And there’s this term called the “personal energy year number “that we all have. And it changes every year based on our birthday information. And that number is the theme that each and every one of us carries for every year.

[5:31] So, for example, for me, my personal energy number is three, which means this is my year to create, communicate, teach, and learn. And because I know that, that helps me to better understand what it is I’m supposed to be doing with my business, and how I’m supposed to be creating this expansion with my business, getting in front of the camera like I am today and sharing knowledge, learning different ways of doing my business.

So, with this piece of information, when one knows what the theme number is, they can then take that information and apply it to their business and reference to like if they’re looking to shift something in their business or they’re looking to expand it, or they want to bring something brand new into their business, this has a lot to do with a theme.

[06:22]: So, for example, if you wouldn’t mind me asking, without giving me the year that you’re born, what is your month and day that you’re born.

Ellen: 5/21.

Joanne: Okay. So, 5/21. So, the 5 + 21. So, what I’m going to do for easy math in my head is I’m going to take that twenty-one and make it a three, because two and one is three, five, and three is eight. And then you got that eight and five, which works out to be a thirteen, which works out to be a four in numerology. Because when we think about numerology, every number is taken down to a single digit. So, for you, based on your business, you’re in a four personal energy year. And what that really means for you is building a new foundation, finding more balance. And what’s the ability with the new foundation.

[07:11]: So, you might be in this space right now where you’re creating something new with the business that you have that’s going to allow you to have one more freedom, so to speak.

Ellen:  Oh my God, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Joanne: Yes, yes.

Ellen: That’s amazing.

Joanne: Yes. And that freedom gives you the balance to be able to, let’s say, spend four hours of your day working and the rest of your day playing. And that’s the energy you’re in this year. And it’s so much more to it than just that basic, because it’s also related to you, your business, but it’s also related to your personal life as well. So,…

[07:51] Ellen: Well, how does that work? Every year my birthday is the same, the same numbers.

Joanne: Good question. How it changes every year is based on the current year that we are in, bas I said…

Ellen: Oh, I see.

Joanne:  Because as I say, your May 21st, and then this year is 2021. So, that makes it a thirteen, which is a four where next year you’ll be a five-energy year,

Ellen: Oh, I see.

Joanne: 2022, and you’ll be surprised and what’s coming for you for next year. You’re preparing yourself for the energy for next year. So yeah, so that’s a lot of fun. So, because of this amazing insight and all these gifts that were downloaded, or should I say unwrapped, so to speak, has enhanced the way I do my business and has helped me create different ways for other people to do their business, as opposed to the everyday normal, logical way of doing business. Because again, I like to think, even though, yes, we’re all human, but we are all actually spiritual. And when we can really learn to work with the spiritual side of the brain and balance it out with the ego side of the brain, we become unstoppable.

[09:06] Ellen: I agree. That’s why I wanted to have you on.

Joanne: Yeah.

Ellen:  Well, I have a question. Can people do this themselves or do they need your help? Or, how does that work with the number, with the numbers?

Joanne: Oh, anybody could do this on their own as long as they know what the meanings are for each number. And so, in today’s world, all you have to do is Google. You have to Google it, just go ahead and Google the word “numerology”, add up your month and day and the current year and get an explanation. Now where I actually really come into place with this is once someone knows a theme of theirs, of their year, what tends to happen for many of us is our chakra system. Now what a chakra system is for those who may not know, it’s the word “chakra” or means wheel. And the wheel is like the energy of life.

And the chakra system literally runs up our spine and there are seven primary chakras that most practitioners work with and if one or more of those chakras are out of alignment or stuck or stagnant our external life is stuck or stagnant, and that may prevent the person from manifesting what their theme number actually is for them. So, it’s very important for them to be able to connect with their chakras and clear the energies from the chakras, so they can manifest whatever the number it is for them.

[10:38] Ellen: And how do people do that?

Joanne: Well, they can work with me through energy work. Now what I do when I work with my clients is I actually give them the tools. So, I do not want them to be dependent on me. thank God, because if they all were, I never have any free time.

Ellen: Right?

Joanne: So, I teach them how to do the work that I do and I do with that. And then I encouraged them to come see me, whether it’s once a month or every other week, depending on what’s going on. Like for example, if someone has a theme energy of either five, seven or nine, those energies are the most intensive energies and require a transition in their life. Therefore, they may very much need a lot of checking in and retuning and tuning the chakra system. So, they may need to see an energy healer a little more frequently because of that.

[11:37] Ellen: Well, what do you say to people to say, this is nonsense?

Joanne: What do I say to people who says it’s nonsense? I love that question because I actually have people like that in my life.

Ellen: I’m sure you do.

Joanne: Yes, yes, yes. What I usually say to people who say it’s nonsense. I say “You know what? If you can give this a try for ninety days and pay attention to what goes on in your life externally as you practice this new philosophy cause that’s what it is, it’s the philosophy. And come back to me and let me know what has changed in your life. Or if nothing’s changed.”

There has yet to be a person that has come to me ninety days later and say to me, “I didn’t notice anything.” Most of the time they notice something, they noticed something. In fact, I’ll share a really, really quick story regarding my dad. I share this story all the time because he is my biggest skeptic.

[12:36]: He’s like, “How do I know this is working? How do I know if I can’t see you to feel it,” or whatever.

Ellen: Right. I had said to him one day, Oh, I gave him something,  it was a crystal , and it was based on his theme number. And I had said to him, “Anytime you find yourself in a negative thinking, I want you to pull that crystal out of your pocket, focus on the color and focus on something positive while you’re doing so.” And he said, “And this is what’s going to bring money into my life?” I said, “Yes.” So, he did it. And I suggested for him to do this for, I think, fourteen days. And then the 14-day period, he would share with me different things that were going on such as a friend of his called him up and asked him if he can drive him to the city. And he got paid to do it.

[13:30] He played a lot on one day and he won like $10. So, at the end of the fourteen days, the dollar amount that I had suggested him to write on a check at the end of the fourteen days, I had asked him, I said, “So dad, over the last fourteen days, how’s that manifesting money coming along?” And he says to me, “Well, that doesn’t work.” I say, “How come?“ He says, “I haven’t manifested any money.” I say, “Well, it says, if I remember correctly, over the last fourteen days, you’ve shared with me that you did this with your friend and you play lotto,” and this and that.

He says, “Yeah, but I had to work for it.” I said, “Yes,” but you didn’t do what you were doing based on his process. It probably would not have shown up. So, his philosophy was, he thought he didn’t have to work to receive it. And sometimes, yeah, sometimes you get very lucky and things just will show up,

Ellen:  …fall in your lap.

Joanne: Yeah. And sometimes, you do have to put a little energy behind it for the energy to open up.

[14:31] Ellen: Well, you know, that reminds me of a story. There’s a book that I love called The Wealthy Spirit.  Chellie Campbell. You’re familiar with that book?

Joanne: Yes, I am.

Ellen:  Okay. She’s a friend of mine and there’s a story in there where she says over, there’s probably more than one story in there, but basically her philosophy is where she’ll say, “People are doing the affirmations, but they aren’t sending out the ships.” And her thing is sending out the ships is making the offers, doing the work, which is what you’re talking about.

Joanne: Exactly.

Ellen: You can’t just sit there and ask the universe and expect that it’s just going to come. It’s like, there’s two parts to it. One is you’re doing the positive to bring it in, but you’re also putting out the energy so that people have to know about it, right? It doesn’t just magically appear.

[15:20] Joanne: Exactly. That’s almost the same concept as people who set intentions, but they don’t take the action for the intentions to manifest.

Ellen: Right.

Joanne: So, it’s just an intention without action. And it’s the same concept. I actually heard this from somebody and I’ve been stealing it since it’s like setting up a goal, writing your goal down, but having no vision for that goal; it’s just the goal.

Ellen: Right. Well, that’s what I say. “A goal without a plan is a dream.”

[15:47] Joanne: Exactly, exactly. So, unless one is willing to, again, we’re going to come back into the numbers and the theme, unless one is really looking to make sure check in on their chakra system to make sure there’s nothing clogging that energy, so they can manifest whatever their theme number is, then they’re not going to manifest. So, they do have to do the work. It’s a daily process. And sometimes, it is more than once a day. Like I know for myself, I check in on my chakras at least three times a day. And that’s a minimum.

[16:19] Sometimes, I’ll check in a lot more, depending on how many people have been around a close to my day because people are energy. And as people are walking around with low energy or out and about with lots of other people, we do need to check our energy to say, “Okay, how am I feeling right now? “ And “How was I feeling before I came in contact with this person? My energy might be a little low, so let me realign it. So, I could be in alignment to the things I’m looking to manifest.”

[16:47] Ellen: I’m glad you brought that up. I was just saying that to my husband the other day, I had been on the phone with somebody. And I got off the phone. I said, “Sometimes, I talk to people and afterwards I’m exhausted.”

Joanne: Yes, they’re called energy vampires are what are they’re called. They literally suck your energy from you because their energy is so low that by the time you’re done with them. It’s like, “Oh my God, why do I feel tired after this conversation?”

[17:15] Ellen: Or, what about if their energy is really high? And then I feel it like they’re just going a mile a minute. And then I’m like, it’s like too much.

Joanne:  Well, yeah. You can have that too where the energy is so strong. It’s like, “Oh my God.” Like I know for myself, I’ve had experiences where someone’s energy was very high and it created such…it almost would be to like a vortex where my energy spun really high, like my third eye and crown, and took me out from my root. And when we are not grounded that causes us to get very dizzy and tired. So, like for me, I really need to be rooted, so, when I do find myself sort of flying so to speak, I have to bring myself back down. So, that can happen too.

[18:02] Ellen: Do you have any tips for how people can do that? Like just in their daily lives, in their business? Like when things like this happen, cause we’re talking to people all the time.

Joanne: Sure. Number one, tip off the right off the bat is working, f people are into crystals, I recommend working with crystals, whether it be getting a piece of a clear quartz crystal and either wearing it as a bracelet or even as a necklace, so that can actually amplify the energy. And also, maybe even a tiger-eye crystal as well.

[18:34] Ellen: Oh, a tiger. I have a tiger-eye necklace. It’s not a crystal though.

[18:40] Joanne: Yeah. Oh yeah, that would be beautiful. You can wear that while you’re doing all your shows, while you’re on the phone.

Ellen: Oh my God. Oh, okay. And remember that when you are going to where at the end of the day, you want to make sure you cleanse the crystal and in case you don’t know how to do that there are a couple of easy ways to cleanse the crystal. If the crystal, and I’m going to use this term, if it’s a gem, meaning that it’s flat like a matte feeling, you can want it right under water, sort of clean it just with water.

Or, you could just put it out in the sunlight during the daytime for like an hour, just to get the energy. Or, go outside and stick a right in a dote for now five or ten minutes, just to clear the energy of it. Bring it back in. Let it sit for a little while before you put it back on. And then when you’re ready to wear it, take it, put it in your hand, sort of like give a little best blessing to it, say to it, what you want it to do for you, such as protect your energy and, and block blackout any negative energy you may come across then putting it on and wear it as you would.

[19:47] Ellen: That’s fabulous. I love it.

Joanne: Yes.

Ellen: Okay. So, I wanted to ask you something else. And you said you started hearing your mom. Was there anything different that you did or it just, it just came through you and you just had to pay attention.

Joanne: When you say, is there anything different? What do you mean?

Ellen: Well, like after she had passed over, you were saying how she was talking to you.

Joanne: Yeah, it was a very profound experience. My very first experience of her speaking to me, which I was actually able to see her as well, was on a night where I was completing a college assignment. And it was about close to one in the morning. And usually, by two in the morning, I need to go to bed because my eyes just like, Oh God. And I was sitting there struggling, trying to figure out my answer. And all of a sudden, and  I was home alone. All of a sudden, I felt the energy of someone else there with me. And I knew I was home alone. So, I’m like “Okay, so why is it that I’m feeling like there’s someone here with me? “And as I was like working on my laptop, all of a sudden, this feeling of stronger and stronger. And then I looked up and there she was, straight ahead in the chair in front of me, on the opposite side of the table.

[21:07]: And my eyes were big, big, big, bold, wide eyes. And I’m just staring at her. And all I can say is “Mom?” And she said to me, she goes, “Get up, go wash your face with cold water, come back. And your answer will be there.” And my eyes were just really big, because this is actually shortly after she had passed. So, I was just like in this all, like, “Oh my God, my mom’s here.” And I just sat there and she goes, “Go wash your face.“ And I just look at her shaking my head. “No.” And I’m like, “No, because if I leave, you’re not going to be here when I come back.” And she goes, “Go wash your face.” So, I got up and washed my face, came back, and surely enough,  I knew she was not going to be there.

[21:54]: And within seconds, the answer I needed for that one question came upon, I finished up my homework and went to bed. And from that point on, I’d say almost every day she, she visits, and she actually helped me write my very first book, which was all about meditation. And she gave me all this insight that I had no idea what the heck I was writing. I didn’t even know I was writing a book. But every day for thirty days,  I was driving and literally I had to start pulling over because it was just so much dialogue coming in that I literally had to pull over and write it all down.

[22:35] And it wasn’t until I spoke to my astrologer, when I was sharing something with him, is when he had said to me, “That’s the book I was telling you about a while back.” I’m like, “What book?” He says, “The one you’re supposed to be writing.” I’m like, “Oh,” I said, “How is this a book?” He says, “Yeah, it’s a book.” He’s like, “You have a whole bunch.” Like I had a whole pile of paper. He goes, “That’s a book.” And I was like, “Wow.” So yeah, so, she’s helped me write my very first book. She gave me insight on my second book and every book since then.

[23:09] Ellen: Wow. That is just fascinating to me. You know, when my mom passed over, shortly thereafter, I think the next night I saw her walking through our house. And then my husband said to me, “I saw your mom.” And I said, “I saw her too.” We both saw her, but that was it. We never saw her again. That’s why I’m so, I’m so fascinated. I wish I  continued but she was just kind of like walking around and just letting us know she was there, but she wasn’t saying anything.

Joanne: Well, she’s definitely still around you. You just may not be able to see it, but she’s definitely still around. And she definitely listens to  you. So, all you have to do is really call on her and have conversations with her like you and I are doing right now. And she’s there. She’ll give you guidance. And, maybe the reality of it all is you don’t really need to see her. Like I’m a visible person, like a visual person.

Ellen: You’re going to make me cry.

[24:05] Joanne: Sorry. I tend to do that to people. My apologies. Yeah.

Ellen: Yeah. Well, no, because the thing is, I was saying this to my husband last night. People say, “Don’t think about the past because you’re not going that way,” or, whatever. But, you know, I lost my parents over twenty-five years ago now. And I try not to think about it because we had a really great life with them, and I do miss them. So, whenever we start talking about it, it just ugg.

[24:34] Joanne: Yes. But you can always sit down with both of them at any given time, whether you want to sit with both of them, or you want to pull one of them at a time, and have conversations with them as though they’re right there with you and they’ll enjoy it just as much as you will.

[24:47] Ellen: We’ve kind of gotten a little bit off the subject here, but like I said, I I’m so fascinated by all the energy and the healing and all that. People don’t know this. I actually, I don’t think I’ve ever said this in any of the podcasts, but I actually went to school to become a natural healer before I decided that that wasn’t for me. And I ended up getting on the Internet and writing books and doing what I do now, but I actually went to the Clayton School of Naturopathy.

Joanne: Oh nice. Yeah.

Ellen: And I was a licensed massage therapist at one time.

Joanne: Oh wow. Which probably means you also have the ability to do what we call Reiki healing as well.

[25:26] Ellen: Yeah. Actually, in my husband studied Reiki healing and he taught me to that. Yeah. So, I’ve always had kind of an interest in all this, all this stuff. And I really believe in the energies of both sides. It’s like, why not use everything that’s available to us rather than just being rooted in things and saying, ‘Well, if I can’t see it, or if I haven’t seen the results then I don’t believe it,” just too many things have happened in my life to know that a lot of times it’s the energy first before it happens.

Joanne: Exactly. Exactly. And so, we can bring it back to our subject for the day in regards to  when we talk about energy work, in regards to like the business blueprint plan that you and I spoke about to the show in regards to when I work with people with numerology, and creating a business blue plan, using energy. And just getting more and more people to understand that again, as I said earlier, we are spiritual beings having many human experiences, but we spend a lot of time in our human brain, the logical, thinking that everything is logical, right? But if I can encourage at least one person on the show today to shift their logical brain a little bit into the spiritual realm and allow themselves to connect with their energy, their own energy intuitively based on their personal energy year and ask themselves with their personal energy year, the theme of it, how can that help them create and change?

[27:04]: Because the one thing without, without having to go through the whole list of what every energy number is, cause that might be a little challenging, but the collective energy, what we call the “collective” is the year energy, which is 2021, and that’s a five-energy year. So, every one of us in the world, there’s no one extent from this is going through some change in their business and also in their personal life. But because this is all relating to business, we’re going to keep it there.

Ellen: Okay.

Joanne: So, everyone is going through some sort of change in their business. And we can actually sit here and say, is it a coincidence? And I, myself don’t even use that word, but I’m going to use it for now. Is it a coincidence that back in 2020, we experienced a pandemic that transformed many people’s businesses? From my point of view, there’s no coincidence here.

[28:00]: And last year, his energy was a four-energy year, which as I said about your personal energy building a new foundation. So last year’s energy was the gateway for many people’s business to transition into a new process, whether it means expanding their business, where they’re opening up multiple locations as we move into 2021, 2022 and 2023, where many people might be sitting back and saying, “How is that possible so many businesses closed?” But a lot of businesses close with the soul’s purpose, soul’s purpose of that business reopening in a whole different way. And when we take that energy from last year and we take this year’s energy of the five, the changes that every one of us, and again, whether someone is sleeping under a rock or they’re very well aware, there’s changes coming in industry for businesses, every business. And I truly believe because every one of us in business has had a chance to explore the internet remotely.

[29:06]: I’d say five years ago, I was thinking about like, “How can I expand my clientele to reach the world?” And here it is. The universe answered my question by providing me the opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Like, where are you? Where are you living right now? I’m in San Diego, California USA. And I’m in Queens, New York. So here we are, zoom connecting the two of us where possibly if we did not have the help of the pandemic last year, perhaps we might not have chosen to do this because our ego would have gotten in the way where the universe will literally help every one of us slow down, isolate, so we can move into this new way of doing things, the change that’s coming in for all businesses. So, there’s going to be a lot of expansion going on over the next few years.

[30:06] Ellen: Yeah. And also, what was really interesting about that is that because of the pandemic, people are much less concerned about how they look, like whether their hair’s done or not, whether their makeup’s on or whatever.

Joanne: All the individual stuff.

Ellen: Yeah. It’s made it a lot more easy to just be and just show up.

Joanne: Exactly, exactly. Which again, coming out of the ego, so to speak, and moving into the spiritual realm of we all are who we are, and beauty is not really an outside thing, beauty is within and hey, why not show up the way you are.

[30:45] Ellen: Okay. Yeah. So, with that having been said do you have any final tips for people?

Joanne: Final tips, as I said, the collective energy is a five, which is all about the changes. The freedom that this change is going to bring all of us, the courage to step into the changes and recognize that there will be unpredictability that takes place because many of us as humans do not do well with change. But this is a year of opportunity. This is a year to say yes to every opportunity that shows up. And again, I heard this the other day, when it comes to you our desires, dreams, and wishes, those are actually aligned with spirit.

And when opportunities knock that spirit, letting you know that there’s no need to make a decision from the ego. The answer is, yes, “Don’t worry about, well, am I going to be able to do this? Can I afford to do it? How will this work come out of the ego?” When the spirit is knocking and an opportunity knocks at your door, the idea of saying yes, have courage, recognize that that opportunity is going to lead to some sort of change, and that change is going to bring freedom into your life. So that’s my wisdom for the day.

[32:12] Ellen: Okay. Well, thank you so much for sharing. This has been really interesting. I love it.

Joanne: Thank you.

Ellen: Love it, love it, love it. How can people contact you?

Joanne: I think the easiest way, because again, I’m in Queens, New York. The best way to reach me as my email, which is healing within76@gmail.com.

[32:31] Ellen: Okay. Healing within76@gmail.com.

Joanne: That’s correct. Okay.

Ellen: Well now it’s time for Books Open Doors Insights.

Today. I’m going to talk about the challenge for creatives who have several passions and are having trouble coming up with the book topic.

[32:53]: Creatives don’t know what to write about because their business doesn’t have one focus.

Since they’re highly creative, they keep creating as ideas come to them, without thinking about how each new idea is going to fit into their brand and their overall business strategy. And believe me, I get it because even in my business while I do have one overall focus, which, of course, is the book coaching and building an author’s platform. I’ve still created so many pieces over the years that did not serve my business very well in the long run. I kind of took me off onto tangents.

The other reason this can happen is because creatives are happy creating. And so, we may not be creating what’s going to move our business forward. But what we’re doing instead is we’re creating a bigger and bigger mess. And then it’s hard to get out of it because now you’ve created this like octopus with all these different arms going in all these different directions. And eventually that catches up with you.

[33:57] So, the way to create your business is to plan from the beginning, to look at the lifestyle that you want to create, and then figure out how you can build your business based on your passions, skills and what problems you solve for your market in a way that’s going to move you toward the lifestyle you want. But what most of us do is we see a problem, decide that we could create a better solution and just go for it.

And I’m not saying that that’s necessarily bad because it got us to get started. But the problem with that is that without help early on, you get lulled into thinking that you’re growing a business, but without the lifestyle goal and a strategy to get you where you really would like to go, you’re not going to get there.

[34:40]: And that is exactly what happened to me because when I started, what I learned were strategies, and when those strategies stopped working, I didn’t have anything to fall back on because I didn’t have the foundation and I didn’t have the life goal and the path set out for that. So, what you can do is, when you know where it is you’re trying to go, you can change tactics, but you’re still moving towards that goal.

But if you don’t have that goal, then you’re just sort of doing whatever comes, going with the flow and it doesn’t get you anywhere. So, one of the main things that keeps creatives in this cycle is not that they have too many interests and things they want to do, but that they don’t create one brand that incorporates all of them or many of them into one brand.

[35:27]: So, in other words, each time they create something, they created as a separate entity. And then they ended up with all these websites and all these different programs. And then it’s completely confusing as to who is your target market and how do I create a brand and how do I make money? That’s really, the main thing is people usually get to that point where it’s like not working and they’re just, aren’t making money and they’re going, why aren’t I making money? But the truth is that brands that succeed do so because they’re unique, which means that they’ve incorporated all the different elements of their personality, and of their passions, and of their desires, along with what their market wants into a fresh new, but cohesive whole solution to the problems that their market has.

So, a really good example of this is my friend, Sean D. Stewart, who I’ve interviewed on this podcast before. But he was originally a rapper and then he became a coach, but it just wasn’t gelling for him.

[36:26]: It just, he just wasn’t feeling like he had the business that he really wanted until he realized that he could take the two gifts wrapping and coaching and create one brand for them. And that was called Rock your Gift. And what Sean does is he combines music and coaching into one brand and he’s never been happier. Now, it doesn’t work all the time for everybody that they can take two disparate things that they do and create a brand out of them.

I’m a songwriter and I’m a coach and those two are separate for me, but there are many things within my coaching that I really love. And what I’ve learned to do is to move towards those and do more of what I love and more of what I’m good at within my expertise, as opposed to “What’s everybody else doing? What’s the way most people are getting this done? How are other people making money?” And yes, it’s good to model people when you see something they’re doing that you think would work for you and that looks exciting to you, but just to model people to model that if it’s going to make you unhappy and is not going to work in the long run.

[37:31]: So, when we don’t bring our gifts and talents into our business when we try to hide parts of ourselves or deny parts of ourselves, it just causes discomfort. It’s the feeling like “My business isn’t satisfying” or “Something’s missing,” or, “Why am I doing this way?” Or sometimes, we just create something and then we go, “Crap. I didn’t know, that’s what I was going to create.” That’s what happened to Russell Brunson. He created this business and he had like, I think it was sixty people that were working for him. He was making millions of dollars and he didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. He was hating his business. And so, he eventually blew it up and started over. And now, he loves his business and he created the software Click Funnels and it’s a hundred-million-dollar business.

[38:12]: So, every business is different, but you have to do, what’s going to work for you. And you’ve got to listen to your inner guys. So, what you want to do is get clear on first. What makes you, you? And then second is accepting who you are. And the reason I say this is I know a lot of creatives and myself included, there was a time where I didn’t accept who I was. I thought, “What’s wrong with me because I’m I can get scattered and I can get disorganized and I can get messy?” And what I finally realized is, yeah, those are characteristics of a really creative person. So, then it was like, “Yay, I’m a really creative person.” And so, I accepted who I was rather than trying to say, “Why aren’t I different? Why can’t I be like other people?” Because I can’t, I’m me.

[39:01]: And so, once you come to that realization and you know what makes you you, and you know what your zone of genius is, then you can create your unique brand based on that, taking into consideration what it is that your ideal clients want that you can do that you can serve them with. So, you’ve got to find a way then to integrate that into an ideal business, and then you can grow the business that excites you and that’s going to make sense for the life that you want to live.

So, once you know that, then you can think about what book to write. So, if they’re going to be business books, then you want to write the ones that solve problems your clients have and move your business towards the lifestyle goals that you have and the day-to=day actions that are going to make you happy living your daily life.

[39:53]: Because we really only have one day at a time. And we want to be enjoying that as we go through the journey. So, no matter where you are in the process, I can tell you that I completely understand the journey, if you’re a creative who is in business. And so, if you need help, I’m here. I’m happy to help you. I know what this journey is like. I’ve been on it myself. I know what it’s like to be frustrated. I know what it’s like when the pieces aren’t fitting together, when you just don’t have clarity and I’ve done the work, and I’ve done the work to figure out what worked for me, and I can help you do the same for you. So, if that makes sense to you and you would like to have a Bestseller Breakthrough consultation with me, the first step is to fill out my questionnaire.

[40:39]: It’s very short, simple, and you go to www.Booksopendoors.com/questionnaire. And then once you’ve done that, then we can set up a time to talk. And that will just make it go faster because I’ll have more clarity and how I can help you.

Well, that’s it for today to get the transcripts go to https://booksopendoors.com/podcast. You’re also welcome to join our Facebook group of visionary speakers and coaches, heart-centered entrepreneurs and authors who want to self-publish, use their book to make a bigger impact, make more money and leave a lasting legacy.

If you’re ready to write your book, the fast and easy way, you’re welcome to join our waitlist for the next five-day Bestseller Breakthrough Challenge. This one’s coming to the end of April. And depending on when you’re hearing this, it could be any time, but always go to bestsellerbreakthrough.com. And if you are ready to just start it and get your feet wet and don’t want to wait until the next one, go to get the free guide (on the podcast page). It’s the Book Planner Secrets, A Simple 4-Step Guide to Writing a Bestseller. So, that’s it for now for anything else, you can contact me. Ellen@Booksopendoors.com

See you next time. Bye-bye


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