This article is adapted from the Books Business Abundance podcast :3 Steps to Becoming a Superstar in Your Niche.

One of the three steps to being a superstar in your niche is to love what you do, according to two superstars, Bill Belichick (most Super Bowl wins) and Bob Baffert (most Kentucky Derby wins) . They recently gave a joint interview before the Kentucky Derby and that was just one of their critieria for success and based on my experience, I believe it’s a big one!

When you love what you do, you don’t have to force yourself to get of bed, to be consistent, or to follow through on projects. There’s a lot less resistance and you naturally do it because you enjoy it! But without passion, it can be a struggle. (This is true with bookwriting as well. The majority of the time when students in my bootcamp have trouble writing their book, it’s because they pick a topic that does not inspire them.)

So, how do you discover your passion?

Here are 5 ways:

1. Remember what you loved to do as a child because kids don’t judge their passions, they just indulged them, but at some point, their dreams may be squashed by a parent or by the pressures in life. But now you have the freedom to revisit yours. So, take a deep breath and think back to that time. What did you love? What did you want to be? Write the answer or answers down. As kids we weren’t confined to one dream. You may have several. Now is the time to examine them all!

2. Think about what you would do if money were no object. Be honest. This one has been a big one for me, because I find it difficult to separate money and passion. And the truth is that many of us don’t allow ourselves to get in touch with what our true passions because of the money.

If we think that our passion is not going to be a moneymaker, the brain can short circuit and eliminate that possibility before we even give ourselves the chance to acknowledge that it’s a passion. And this can be a big mistake because people are making money in all kinds of things that you would not think of ever.

For instance, I’ve been through Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Program, and he shares a lot of the case studies of people who have gone through his program, and they have made multiple six figures from things like creating fabric patterns, making historical costumes, teaching people how to make it in the music business, there was one artist who paints hearts and from creating yarn. And that’s just to name a few. So, don’t think what you want to do can’t make money.

3. Ask friends who know you, “When do I seem happiest?” What do I sound really enthusiastic about when I’m talking?” They might surprise you. That has happened to me when I’m talking to a friend and suddenly they say, “Oh wow, when you talk about such and such, you get really excited.” And so, you may not even be as aware of something that excites you, that others can clearly see!

4. Look at who has a career that you would kill to have? Who are you envious of that you might be able to model? Can you reach out to them and ask them questions about how they got there? Or if not, could you read everything available about their careers?

5. Think about what you enjoy that comes easily to you where you can excel. This is important because you may have a passion for something that you have no affinity for and you’ll never be successful if you don’t both, or at least the aptitude to learn what you don’t know so you can live your passion. Plus, it may show you a path you hadn’t thought about by looking at your skill first.

So, if you aren’t loving what you’re doing, if you aren’t hopping out of bed in the morning excited about your day, and you truly want to be a superstar, it’s time to do some soul-searching and find out what would rock your business and your world and start doing that!

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