Episode 21: Three Powerful Ways to Position Yourselves a Recognized Expert to Grow your Business

September 16, 2019

In this episode, Rich Perry, shared three ways that anyone can position themselves as a recognized expert, how to use your book in your business to accelerate your business growth, and the power of authenticity.

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10-minute Mentor with Rich Perry

Rock Star Influencer 25-Point Checklist

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3 Key Points

Author a book

Engage in social media

Be Consistent and passionate about what you do.

Show Notes

[0:51] Rich Perry is a mindset and strategy coach to influencers and an international number-one, best-selling author of Bankroll Your Mind, Create Clarity, Focus and Mastery for a Lifetime of Unlimited Success.

Ellen said Rich was the only person on Twitter with that she met and engaged with and that’s how they met and it was really cool.

[1:02] This interview will be about three ways to position yourselves a recognized expert to grow your business as well as about being a best-selling author.

First Rich shared that what he does is show people how to position themselves as Rockstar influencers, recognized experts in whatever you do.

[1:29] There are thousands of coaches, speakers, and authors out there, but what is it exactly that defines you and how are you positioning yourself? You have to connect with your audience and give them a reason to hang on with you as you build your tribe i.e. coming back to watch your videos or your podcasts or read your blog for instance to grow your business.

What about the book?

Bankroll, your mind is Rich’s sexy way of saying reprogram your mind for success. It took a while to get a catchy title that was going to resonate with people.

[3:00] Ellen shared that when she works with clients she usually comes up with it right away but she had one that took a really long time.

[3:30] Sometimes, it just isn’t quite right.

What was your experience with writing your book?

Rich wrote it with his co-author Lawrence Pipkin and business partner and his partner came up with it and then decided he didn’t like it; eventually, he came around.

It was a really great experience; the book ended up being longer than they had anticipated. They wanted it to be a shorter read but then got more information and started telling more stories. One thing led to another and it’s ten more pages and fifty more pages, but it was a really enjoyable experience.

[4:49] It was also a very enlightening experience. Rich learned a lot about himself because all of the books he was involved in were collaboration books where he only wrote a chapter. But actually sitting down to write a full book was a different experience.

[5:14] Ellen added that a lot of people start in those collaborative books; she started that way too.

Rich said that it’s a fantastic way of getting your feet wet because whether you’re a coach, a speaker or a trainer- a service-based entrepreneur- we all have a message.

[5:36] Right sitting down to write that book could be very daunting for some people.

[6:02] Ellen agreed. She put together a collaborative book called How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing your Spirit, How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression and Find Success and she found that while some did great, others rambled no matter how hard she tried to rein them in.

[6:48] So, find the way that’s easiest for you and position yourself as an expert. It’s all about creating your message and being clear with what it is that you want to say for the intended audience.

[7:18] That would be the first step in positioning yourself as a rockstar influencers-conveying that message.

[7:42] Rich chose to do that by writing his book. He enjoyed it because it allowed him to get all the ideas out of his head and out into the real world.

[8:06]Ellen said, that was great because it helps people to understand where you’re coming from and it’s a low-entry investment and it’s a way of building credibility,

And Rich added that there are so many coaches; how do you decide who you want to work with if you’re looking to work with somebody?

[8:20] He was looking on Instagram and Facebook and saw an ad to be a life coach for 25 bucks. How many thousands of people do you think jumped on that? Probably a whole lot. But how do you differentiate yourself?

Writing a book is one great way, it shows you’re committed and dedicated. You’re someone who really believes in what it is that they have to say and someone who believes in himself because it’s work!

[9:34] Ellen agreed and also reminded people that when she started ebooks and books were different, but now it’s all the same. Her team just puts one manuscript into both formats.

[9:58] What are the other ways to be a rockstar?
Any other way is to build that relationship with your audience because everybody’s on social media sharing their message, but how many people out there are actually building a relationship and engaging?

[10:22] The social media universe is everybody talking and nobody listening and very few people are actually engaging and if everyone’s talking then who’s really listening?

[11:00] The second key point is really take the time to get to know people instead of throwing out a thousand messages in one day and hoping something sticks against the wall, maybe start off with ten messages and build that one-to-one connection with that person and show them that you’re actually interested in who they are and what it is that they do and see if there’s real synergy.

[11:31] Ellen added sometimes she feels like people are just asking questions to get engagement where they don’t really care what the answer is and she doesn’t engage with those. She doesn’t really like small talk.

[12:12] She thinks Rich engages really well on Twitter.

[12:31] Rich said he’s a social person. So if you met him in the real world or online, you’re going to meet the same person; that’s what he tries to convey in social media. A lot of people are wearing masks or they’re trying to be someone else.[00:13:42] Ellen said she’s the same way. When people talk to her on the phone they are sometimes surprised to find she’s exactly the same as in her videos on in social media. When they comment, she’ll say, “Who else would I be?”

[14:02] But there are people that like, they’re totally different online. Or, they’ve created a character like for their podcast

[14:48] Also, Ellen was concerned that some of the young hotshots on Twitter, especially, mislead people with their instant success. And they think they know everything and she’ll think, “Oh my God, you don’t have a clue. One day something will happen and they will come face to face with reality. But, in the meantime, people are listening too much to that. Instead of what the real entrepreneurial journey actually is.

Rich added that everyone has seen those webinars where you can start today and become a gazillionaire in six weeks, but that’s probably not what’s going to happen.

[15:50] How do you use your book in your business?

Rich started by talking about his book cover.

This is the original cover: Then they went back to the drawing board; they wanted to go old school with just text.

[16:12] He thinks that the original cover served them when they were doing their media tour and as their first release, but now he uses it as a prop and likes the cover without their pictures.

[16:32] His videos, whether it’s the Facebook lives in his Facebook group or whether it’s in the YouTube videos, he keeps it handy especially if he’s discussing a topic in the book or using it to get speaking engagements, it’s a really cool tool, you know,

[16:53] And it’s great to be able to say, “I’m an author or I’m a best-selling author, ” and he says it all the time because it gives you credibility and recognition. It’s a platform to stand on because not everybody has that deep commitment to write that book, and when you win awards or you get best-selling status then it’s even a higher platform and you can use that.

[17:21] Because that’s something that no one can ever take away and it’s verified because you can say, “Oh, I’m a top expert.” but who says that? But if it’s a best-selling book, it’s there-it really happened.
Ellen agreed. She shared that last year she did a best-seller launch on a client’s book and when they hit number one, the author called her and he said it was so amazing, like becoming the #1 Heavy-weight champion of the world, no one could ever take it away from him! He said those exact words!

[18:05] And he has a huge podcast.

Rich said, ‘Think about it like entertainers or world-class athletes. If someone’s an Olympian, they say it all the time. This person is an Olympian or this person is Olympic. Gold medalist or silver medalist or this person is a Grammy-award winner or a Grammy nominee.

Like any time that celebrity is mentioned, that athletes mentioned, any time that movie star’s mentioned, that artists musicians mentioned, they will say. Boom “Grammy Award winner or a Grammy nominee or Oscar?”’ You can’t take it away. They’ll say all the time.

How do you feel when you say, “I’m a number one best-selling author.” and people react to that?

Rich said he likes it and he was proud to say it in the beginning. Then, after a while it was okay. But he wondered if he was saying it too much then he remembered if someone is an Olympian, every time that person speaks or is on TV or whatever, they always give their award in their introduction for the rest of their life.

[00:19:38] So he figured, “Why can’t I?” It reminded him that he earned it and he thinks everyone who earns it should continue to say this all the time because you deserved it

Ellen then shared that she has no problem sharing that she’s a multiple number-one bestselling author, but she does have a problem saying Grammy-nominated songwriter-even after all these years because of how people react; they’re like so awed by it that she gets embarrassed. So she still has to work on owning it.

[20:26] Rich added that we’re in our bubble. One of his dear friends said, “Rich, you were the first author I’ve ever met” , which reminded him NOT everyone in the word is an author!

[21:12]That reminded Ellen about her brother who is a rock star in his niche. He’s a jockey agent and he’s oftentimes on TV shows being an analyst. He’s been doing this for 40 years and he’s got an incredibly fabulous niche following and he has no clue.

[21:36] Ellen told him that he should do a podcast and a membership and get sponsors. His immediate reaction was, “ Who’s going to sponsor me.?” Ellen said, to him, “Are you kidding? Anyone related to that sport would want to sponsor him, but he’s outside the bubble so he doesn’t get it.

[22:35] What is the third way?

Rich said it was consistency. You can join a 30-day challenge and ramp up your social media and you do it 30 days and on day 31, you’re like “I’m done.”

Ellen agreed and admitted that she did that with a video challenge once. But, it just wasn’t for her. She said the secret is that you need passion or you’re not going to stick with it.

[23:13] She continues to write books and continues to do her podcast because she really enjoys those things, but not video. She loves getting to talk to people and learn from them. It’s much more enriching than just blabbing on video and what do you say every day?
[23:29] So there is book writing, social media, and consistency. Ellen would add passion to the list.

[23:49] She also added that people should ignore those who say if you aren’t scared every day you aren’t growing. She was in the music business for 20 years and every time she’d write a new song she had to face a blank piece of paper but she loved it.

[24:29] She doesn’t feel that you have to be scared out of your mind every day to be having a successful business. It doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be challenges at times.

[24:50] It can be a little stressful but you deal with it because you love what you’re doing because you’re committed to what you’re doing. And those are just the little bumps in the road that you have to deal with it.

[25:08] Closing thoughts

Find what it is that you are passionate about. What is that thing that you love? How do you want to make a difference in the world and make an impact on those that you serve?

And then put it out there, whether you’re going to do videos, blogging, writing books, podcasting. How are you going to connect with your audience? And how are you going to enjoy what it is that you’re doing every single day? Figure that out, make it happen.

[25:57] And then, enjoy the ride great advice.

[26:00] How can people reach you?
Check out my podcast: 10-Minute Mentor with Rich Perry.
And on all the cool social media channels. So Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn, of course, YouTube and that’s about it.

[26:24] What about getting this rockstar influencer? 25 Point checklist? Yes. So all you do is just go to the website www.thepathofme.com. You’ll see a little pop-up, and all you need to do is put in your email address.


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