Episode 118: Coach Plans to Help Veterans Buy a Successful Business by Writing a Book (Part 1)

April 19, 2022

In this episode, award-winning book coach, Ellen Violette, helps veteran, Mike Demo, understand his why for writing his book and figure out the best way for him to structure it and how to create an outline. These are steps anyone can use to start writing their own book.

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Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at a coaching session? Here’s your opportunity. This episode of Books Open Doorsfeatures a real-time interaction between Host Ellen Violette and Mike Demo, who aspires to write a book promoting his consulting methodology for veterans interested in buying local businesses. You’ll learn about the framework for assessing a non-fiction work’s viability as well as see in action the clever ways in which Ellen teases out information that aspiring authors don’t even know they possess!

Key Quotes:

 I’m very familiar with the fact that I don’t know everything – and am pretty upfront about it. So, I like to have other people give me a look and check me.” (Mike)

“If I can break out the process for somebody to acquire a small business, which has a much higher success rate than a startup, why not codify that in a way that people can take that information and run with it?” (Mike)

“If you’re an entrepreneur, if the local market demands a certain thing, you have the flexibility to make that happen for somebody.” (Mike)

“You know more than you think that you know and what I do is help people see what they know.” (Ellen)

“If you want people to actually buy (your) book then you have to understand No. 1 what the keywords and categories are and, No.2, how do they think about finding their book.” (Ellen)

Key Takeaways

  • This episode of Books Open Doors features a live coaching call in which Ellen helps her guest, veteran and entrepreneur Mike Demo, identify the “why” behind his desire to write a book.
  • Coaching Question #1: What does Mike hope to achieve by publishing a book?
    • A marketing tool to share with potential collaborators.
    • More consistency in story and messaging.
    • A means of parity – and differentiator from – other consultants doing similar work.
  • Which is the preferred format for a book? It’s best to publish in all of them!
  • Mike’s overarching goal is to help communities that have been devastated by pandemic fall-out by showing vets how to acquire independent businesses to stage a comeback.
  • Coaching Question #2: What is Mike’s book going to be about?
    • There’s nothing new under the sun, so Mike wants to explore the particular experience of veterans, like himself, who come back from deployment without a degree or certificate.
    • Mike has a step-by-step process (a three-legged stool model) that addresses:
      • In what field do prospective business owners want to set up shop?
      • What are the revenue forecasts and market data?
      • A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.
      • A look at viability within the context of local economic trends.
      • Coaching Question #3: Do you have an outline in mind?
        • A look at personal suitability and readiness to take on the venture.
        • The Straight Process:
          • Identifying the target.
          • Doing due diligence.
          • Securing a source of funding.
          • Closing the deal.
          • Optimizing the business going forward.
        • Coaching Question #4: Is this one book or two?
          • Sometimes the answer to this question is in the writing of the book itself.
          • Start with a title and do a marketing visibility study to determine your target audience’s appetite as well as existing resources.
        • Coaching Question #5: What keywords would a reader use to look up your book?
          • Understanding and identifying precisely the right keywords and categories is critical to finding your audience.
          • Veterans are a target audience, so that’s the most valuable perspective and focus that Mike can offer.
          • Recommended Reading: “Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide,” by Brandon Webb and John David Mann, is one of Ellen’s favorite examples in this genre.
          • Mike offers a unique perspective that could be a niche for enlisted veterans who aren’t fully aware of the leadership skills their experience has yielded.
        • This session drilled down on the personal narrative that Mike has to offer his particular audience, sharing with vets their qualifications for running a small business and how to go about acquiring one, step by step. Tune in for Part 2 of this episode, which will look at how to select a compelling title, calls to action, and more!If you’d like to hear more about Mike’s mission to help veterans acquire local small business, click here to listen to episodes of his Intentional Disruption.

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About Ellen:

Ellen is a multiple #1 bestselling author, award-winning book and business coach, host of the Books Open Doors Podcast, CEO of Books Open Doors Author Services & Grammy-nominated songwriter. She works with creative professional trainers, coaches, founders, and speakers, who want to write a bestseller and 100% of her private clients are #1 bestselling authors. And once they have their book they will be able to use them to make a bigger impact in the world, open doors to unlimited opportunities, make more money and leave a lasting legacy.

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