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Bestseller Homestudy Course 1

Rapid Book
Creation Secrets

10-Video + Transcripts Course Discover the basics of book writing from conception to publishing on Amazon

What Is Rapid Book Creation Secrets?


Too many “experts” complicate the process of book writing. My system is easy to follow and straight forward so anyone can do it because that’s what I needed when I was getting started and I couldn’t find it so I created it! And I have a creative background. Tech made me want to go to sleep, so I found the easiest, non-tech way to get it done and I’ve taught it to hundreds of authors since 2004; it works!

FAST Results!

Writing and publishing a book can be overwhelming and take a long time to create when you don’t know how. But, information changes quickly in todays’ world, so you have to get them out fast. Plus, the sooner you publish, the sooner you get the credibility, expert status, opportunities, and income you deserve!

Fill in the Blank Templates

These templates take the guesswork out of what to write. You’ll get templates for writing a bestselling title, your book outline, sentence structure and grammar points for editing, how to ask Amazon reviewers to review your book and more!
Bestseller Homestudy Course 2

Book-Title Secrets

Discover how to write titles that hook your audience and sell your books for you.  Rapid Book Creation Secrets 3 Video + Transcripts Course

What Is Bestseller Book-Title Secrets?


Working with hundreds of students and clients over the years, I have developed an easy-to-follow system for writing titles that take the mystery out of the process and give you the tools you need to start writing titles that sell as quickly as possible. It is based on my own experience documenting the processes I use to write bestseller titles for my clients and my own books with 100% success rate for making them #1 bestsellers! I can’t guarantee that you will sell a ton of books because there are several factors that will determine your success, but I can tell you that this course will make it more likely. I have clients who have sold hundreds and thousands of books using this system!

FAST Results!

It’s not uncommon to authors to spend weeks and months trying to come up with the best title for a book, but when you have a system that you can follow, it shortcuts the process so you can write great titles quickly! Plus, in this course, I share all the pitfalls of title writing and how to avoid them, so you can avoid them right out of the gate and write your titles with confidence!

Fill in the Blanks Templates! (Model already existing bestselling titles!)

Not only will you discover how to write bestselling titles from scratch, but you’ll also get twelve title structures that you can model that can jumpstart the title-writing process for you, or if you’re feeling stuck, you can model!
Bestseller Homestudy Course 3

Bestseller eBook
Launch Secrets Program

In this step-by-step program you’ll learn everything you need to know to launch your book to #1 bestseller.
Includes: templates for emails, social media,
website and more!

What Is Bestseller
eBook Launch Secrets Program?

How I got to #1 ranking in THREE categories on Kindle and how you can too!

How to pick title, keywords, and categories to catapult you to #1 during your launch!

How I picked a bonus and upsell inside my book

12 Ways to get 4 and 5 star book reviews (assuming your content is good)

How to increase your reach and sales with joint venture partners

How to set up your bonus landing page to get people to go to Kindle and download or buy your book.

What to offer for a bonus call with an immediate upsell offer

How you make money in just 3 days automatically!

and a lot more!

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