Episode 89: The Best Publicity Moves You Can Make Right Away! With Meredith Liepelt

May 26, 2021

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3 Key Points

Start your marketing as soon as you know that you are writing a book.

Accept that you are ready for publicity and you deserve it!

Be thinking about the end goal to get you through the hard times and to stop negative thinking.


In this episode, publicity expert, Meredith Liepelt, shares insider strategies and tips for getting media attention that are easy to do including: how to position your hook, how to piggy-back on celebrity news, how to find upcoming topics editors are looking for, how to make facts and statistics fun, and more!  This episode is chock-full of practical information every expert needs to get the publicity they deserve. Don’t miss it!

[00:51] Ellen: Hi, and welcome to Episode 89. Today, my guest is Meredith Liepelt. Meredith is the CEO of Rising Star Publicity, which she founded in 2007. Since then, she’s guided hundreds of experts to become recognized authorities in the media. When clients master the strategy she teaches, they earn their own publicity on TV, podcasts, print, and online and advance their thought leadership and attract new clients without paying an expensive agency. And today that’s what we’re going to talk about, how to book yourself on lifestyle TV as a guest expert and have them ask you back. So, welcome to the call Meredith.

Meredith: Thank you. I’m so happy to be here

Ellen: Well, we’ve been having just a rollicking time getting started here because obviously when you move things are kind of a mess and I want to thank you for just being patient and fun and rolling with the punches.

Meredith: It is my pleasure. That is just what happens. You know, we as entrepreneurs are either literally moving or figuratively moving and there’s just the stuff of life going on and that’s just the reality. So, we’re just going to embrace it all and accept it and move on and have a great conversation today.

Ellen: Absolutely. So, tell us how you got into this.

Meredith:  Yeah, well, okay. So, I learned the power of publicity years ago when I had a different business. So that’s a story for another day, Ellen, that we can go into, but I had a different business and I was on television,  I was in newspapers. I was at magazines. I was doing teleseminars remember teleseminars back in the day?

Ellen:  That’s how I started.

Meredith: Right, exactly. So, all these different things and it was a product-based business. And so, I used publicity to get the message out and to sell products, and it worked really well. And what happened was I was receiving phone calls from women across the country who saw me and my product out there. And they said, how did you do this?  How did you get your product in the magazine? How did you do all this?

So, I just kind of thought, well, it takes a lot of courage to call somebody who you don’t know and ask for advice. So, I thought, well, if they’re going to be courageous and call me, I’m going to step up and help them cause that’s what I do; I’d like to help people. So, I was just helping people who also had products and things like that and I realized I actually love doing this. And it really played off of my strengths. I have a degree in communications and all this kind of stuff done, a lot of, marketing and writing and things like that. So, I sold that business, which sounds a lot better than it was, but it is true. I did sell that business, and then I started helping people with their marketing.

[03:36]: I had worked with a lot of service-based industries because I really understand that industry. And so, as I’m helping people come up with their branding and how are they unique and different,? and how are they going to stand out in the market? What are the words they’re going to use on their website? All that, all that stuff. I kind of through publicity and on the side, kind of like, “Ooh, wouldn’t it be fun if you were also in the media?” And so, we did that on the side and then I saw what it did for people because once what you’re doing, and you’re saying, putting yourself out there then comes the visibility piece. And with visibility usually comes media, and people want to be seen in the media because of the credibility that it brings to you. And it’s great to have that logo soup on your website as seen in here, and here, and all that kind of stuff. And media begets media, and then it builds that buzz.

So, I got to see what that did for people’s confidence. I got to see what that did for people’s businesses. And I really, then, decided to step further into the publicity piece and help people get seen and noticed in the media, and at the same time, helping them to uncover and unleash possibilities for impact and profit in their business. So, it’s all this like kind of like getting bigger. I get to be a witness to people, but just becoming more and more of who they are and helping them guiding them along that journey.

 Ellen: That’s really great. Cause that’s what I do too, in the sense that, books open doors to bigger opportunities.

Meredith: Exactly.

Ellen: Yeah. So, it’s like when you put together the book and the publicity, you’ve got something very powerful, and that’s why I wanted to have you on.

Meredith: Yes, absolutely. Because once you have the book, let’s get it out there and get it noticed celebrated.

Ellen: Right. But what about if people feel like, “Well, I’m not big enough to do that.” Or,  “My topic doesn’t seem like it would be right for media.”

Meredith: Yeah. Well, I’ll tell you that’s very common. So, if you’re feeling that you’re in good company. Okay?  But if you are writing a book, it is newsworthy. Like you’ve got something important to say;  you’re sharing a message. So, I would challenge you on that to say that, I would believe that you probably are worthy of media because you’re out there saying something important. And there’s different media outlets, there’s television, there’s newspapers, there’s business magazines, there’s lifestyle magazines, there’s sports, there’s all these different things. There’s podcasting. There’s a place for you out there. It’s just a matter of figuring out what would be the best step for you, and then start to move in those directions.

Ellen: So, how do you think people should get started?

[06:27] Meredith: Well, part of getting started is accepting the fact that you are ready for publicity and that you do deserve publicity. So, it’s kind of just the awareness of kind of like acting as if like, “Well, yes, of course my book is going to be in the media,” because you put your heart and soul into writing this book. Right? So, I guess just believing that it does deserve publicity is really number one.

Number two is then figuring out where do you want to show up? Like who is your audience? Like who’s going to be reading this book? This is what I call the “Publicity Success Formula.” It’s who, you start with who? Right?  So, it’s who’s the audience? What are they reading? What are they listening to? What are they watching. And then you take a look at those media outlets and you
consume them. What are they talking about? How are they covering? Are they doing book reviews? Are they doing how-to kinds of things. Is it sharing tips? Is it sharing inspiration? Is it sharing your personal story

And then you can start to angle your message to them. So, it’s who, who’s your audience, and who is the media outlet, plus you. Okay? And that means you’ve probably heard the saying “You are who Google says you are.”

Ellen: No, I haven’t heard that.

Meredith: Oh, okay, it’s one of those things. So, it’s like, where do you show up online? What is your own earned media? Like, are you doing podcasts? Like Ellen, are you doing lives?  Are you writing your own blog? Like where are you showing up online so that people can see like the people in the media, when you reach out to them, they can see that they get that you’re relevant, that you do have something important to say. And you also look the part, your branding is the same on your website, as it is on your Facebook, as it is on your LinkedIn.

Like you’ve got some consistency, so it’s who, plus you, plus value. And what I mean by that is what’s the value that you’re bringing to the audience? Like you have to bring value. It’s not enough to just say, “Oh, I have a book,” which is great. But what you need to do is have some way of positioning that through a story, or it’s called a “hook”, like what’s the angle. So, would you have news? Do you have tips that you could share? Can you tie it to holiday? Trends? Timelines? Things like that. So, who plus you plus value equals more publicity for you. That’s as simple as the formula gets.

[09:01] Ellen: Well, for one thing, I know, like I have a stack of magazines to go through, to do exactly what you just said, to see what they’re doing, but I also follow, Kimanzi Constable, are you familiar with him?

Meredith: I’m not.

Ellen:  Oh, you have to be. Yeah.

Meredith: Okay.

Ellen: He’s big with magazines. Well, with big publications, that’s his thing. And he’s really good at it. But I was actually just reading an email from him yesterday. And they were saying, they don’t want you to pitch. like, they don’t really care about your story per se, that they’re much more into the, how to’s, like giving how you, how to do certain things. And he’s talking about big publications that he is in, like Entrepreneur and Forbes, those kinds of magazines, you know? So, I’m sure there’s lots of other ways with other, I know like on TV, sometimes they like those personal stories.

Meredith: They do, they do. So, that’s why you always have to look at the different outlets, like real, real, simple magazines. They’re all about how can you simplify? So, like for you, Ellen, if you wanted to pitch to them on like “Here’s a simple five steps to write your book.” It’s like, you just have to pitch to what they’re used to, the kind of content that they provide to their clients. So, yes. So, it’s just different depending on who you’re going for. So, it’s great that you’ve got some magazines to go through because you’ll start to see like, “Oh, they do this feature or they do this fun thing I could do that.”  well, I’ll tell

Ellen: I’ll tell you what’s funny too. All of a sudden, I started getting Good Housekeeping. I swear to God, I did not sign up for that, but I’m looking at it and one of the things that I teach and that a lot of people, talk about is like looking at how stories are pitched on magazine covers. Like when you go to the market, right?. Because they’ve done millions of dollars in research. So, you don’t have to because you can plug in right to what they say.

Meredith: Right. You can use those as your templates. It’s great. You just go there, you can purchase a couple magazines or take a picture of a couple of magazines and you’ll notice, they’ll say like, “How to such and such in so many days”, okay? That’s a template that anyone, any expert, can use. Right?

Ellen: Right. I also saw in the Good Housekeeping one, it looks like every single one of them has something on decluttering, which I found fascinating because as we just moved, we have got lots of clutter and the universe seemed to know that I needed that because all of a sudden, I have a subscription to it.

[11:34] Meredith: What’s interesting about that is it probably has to do with, this is springtime right now,

Ellen: Right, yes.

Meredith:  it’s spring cleaning.

Ellen: That’s true.

Meredith: And that brings me to an interesting point, Ellen, because what you can do is when you identify one of your, who’s is like, what magazine you want to be in, here’s what you can do: go to the website and scroll to the, it’s usually at the very, very bottom, in the footer. And there’s a link there that says like “advertise” or something like that, click on that and then you’ll get to, what’s called like their “media kit” or an editorial calendar. And in there it will say,

Ellen: (Sneeze) sorry, yeah.

Meredith: So, in that…

Ellen: Lots of dust-up here, yeah.

Meredith: I get it. So, in that editorial calendar, it’s going to say, “Oh, in March, we’re going to do stories on decluttering.” So, if you know this several months in advance, you start pitching several months in advance.

Ellen:  If you’re an organizer and a declutter or go for it.

Meredith: Absolutely, which is why sometimes with, like, they’ll say in the magazine industry, “You know it’s July when they start looking for Christmas stories.”

Ellen: Christmas, yeah, yeah. Well also, that makes me think that you should save the magazine so that you can look at the dates and see what they’re pitching. I mean, what they actually have the magazine in each month and then you’ll know for the next time that comes around to that month.

Meredith: Well, exactly because it’s the same, it’s basically the same topics. They’re just always looking for. What’s a fresh way to cover it.

Ellen: Right,  a new angle, a new angle.

Meredith: And that’s what we have to provide. These are the hooks that we can provide, whether it’s our, how to use, or we’re talking about tying it in with a celebrity or a holiday or, something like that makes it interesting. Makes our topic very interesting and topical

Ellen: So, how hard is it for people to get onto television when they’re not celebrities? Or, how easy is it whatever the case may be?

[13:38] Meredith: Yeah. So, the case is actually, it is easier than people think because especially for your local TV, because your local TV, your local TV outlets are looking for the local talent because they want to fill it with you. And the great thing about right now in this time of, the pandemic is we get to be on TV, but just from the comfort of our own homes.

Ellen: Right, right. You don’t have tp go to the studio and deal with it that whole other level.

Meredith: Exactly. So, the way that you do that is you come up with… I have a couple of different hooks that I wanted to share with you that make you pretty much an obvious choice for a TV producer. Okay?  So again, if you can tie your message in with like a celebrity that is a great way to get on television because like it, or not, people like to talk about celebrities, right?

Ellen: Can you give us an example? Like how would you tie something to a celebrity?

Meredith: So, for example, one of my clients years ago, she’s a counselor, and she would go out and she’d do public speaking about one of her topics that she talked about a lot was imposter syndrome. So, let’s say for example, she had a book about imposter syndrome. Well, at that time, it was the time of the Oscars and Viola Davis had just won an Oscar for her role in the movie Fences. And the next day she was quoted as saying that she didn’t feel that she was worthy because she had imposter syndrome.

Ellen: Oh my God.

Meredith: Right? So, it’s just amazing how the timing worked out. So yeah,

Ellen: Well, yeah, she’s a fantastic actor.

Meredith: Right? So, the hook was “If Viola Davis can feel that way, guess what we’re in really good company. And we’ve got a local counselor here to tell you about imposter syndrome and how to, how to get out of that.”

Ellen: Yeah. I mean, sometimes it’s luck and that sense it’s synchronicity and you really, you just have to be watching. And one of the things that’s unfortunate is that, especially on Twitter, I don’t know how many people here use Twitter, but I see a lot on there. I don’t watch television. Well, if you don’t watch television, how are you going to know?

[15:49] Meredith: Well, well, exactly, exactly. And a really great tool for people is to go visit a website called popculture.com

Ellen: Okay. ..

Meredith: You can see like, in lifestyle in sports, in celebrities and like, health and wellness, like all that kind of stuff. It’s popculture.com. So, I actually just visited that website today, Ellen,  because I wanted to see like what are the topics? So, I do remember hearing about this, but it never like clicked, but I understand that Joe Biden’s dog, Major Biden, has been into some trouble and like he maybe bit somebody or something, I don’t know. There’s something

Ellen: It’s dog training.

[16:34] Meredith:  He needs dog training!  So, if your book is about dog training, guess what? Piggyback on this pop-culture moment and say, , “Major Biden, isn’t the only one that can benefit from this. Here’s how to do it.” You know? So, if you’re in dog training or anywhere in the pet industry, you can probably find an angle to go out there and go on TV and give your tips.

Ellen: I love that.

Meredith: So again, visit this website and just think creatively, like, “How can I tie either to a celebrity? How can I tie to pop culture?” Because these are very timely things. It’s going to make that …

Ellen: You’ve got to do it right away. You got to do it right away.

Meredith: Well, exactly. You’re exactly right. Because it’s going to make that TV producer say, “Well, this is hot right now. Can you come in later this week?”

Ellen: Yeah.

Meredith: Yeah. So those are, those are two ways. Celebrity pop culture. Also, this is a great one, literally practical advice. So, if you have written a book, the way that Ellen teaches you to, to write a book, you have some practical advice. I have booked people on TV to do some things as simple as “How to wash your face.” Okay? This is very, very simple.

My husband, who’s a realtor. He went on TV. And one of the things that he did was this was spring cleaning again, and he showed people how to take out your screen on a window that might be broken, how to take that out and redo it all by yourself.-like simple, practical things. Like how can you take your book and take these practical pieces and can you demonstrate them? Like, TV’s a visual medium. They want to be entertained. Like they want some things like that. So, if there’s something that you can do and demonstrate even better. So, practical advice is another one. I mentioned holidays, of course there’s the traditional holidays that we know, but there’s literally thousands of holidays. these wacky holidays, Ellen.

[18:29] Ellen: There are. As a matter of fact, that’s what I do in my newsletter is every week I have a different one and sometimes, they’re major holidays and sometimes there are some of the wacky ones.

Meredith: Exactly!

Ellen:  Which I think makes it fun. And then every week I have a graphic, which you can get, which I get at123rf.com and yeah, and so, it makes it fun. And then it’s always kind of my lead-in, and then I go wherever I’m going to go from there. So, yeah. So anyway, since you just brought that up, if you want to write your book faster and easier, be sure to pick up the Book Planner Secrets, A 4-Step Guide to Writing a Bestseller on the podcast page at https://booksopendoors.com/podcast and you will get a subscription to the weekly newsletter.

[19:16] Meredith: Fabulous. So, you can see how Ellen puts this into action. And you can too, and the way that you can find these holidays, I don’t know how you find them, Ellen, there’s a bunch of different ways, but there’s like …

Ellen: There’s a site that I love. I’ll find it right now cause I have it bookmarked and it’s called holidayinsights.com, holidayinsights.com. That’s it.

[19:43] Meredith: And that’s by month, you can go on there…

Ellen: By month, yeah.

Meredith: . And you can see

Ellen: And each month there by day.

Meredith:  Exactly. Because there are monthly holidays or daily holidays, all this kind of stuff. You can find even more if you go to the governing body for this as Chase’s Calendar of Events. So, if you go to Chases. com, you can get even more. So, yes. So, there’s just a lot of different… and you can just look up like national holidays for April, just look it up and see what kind of creative things you can come up with. Because again, that makes the TV producer say, “Oh, well, that’s a great pitch. It’s a new way to cover, something this month.” And then they’ll be more likely to book you.

[20:30] The last hook that I want to talk about is we talked about celebrities.

We talked about pop culture. We talked about practical advice. We talked about holidays. The last one is facts and statistics, which that can sound super boring, right? Like, “Oh my God, do we really want to go on and talk about stats? But here’s how you do it and you make it interesting. So, every industry has like a national governing body, right? So, it’s like what’s your association?

Well, odds are likely that there’s probably an annual report that they put out that gives like statistics, like “How many people are becoming authors?  How many people are, doing whatever in your industry? Go and find that report. And then you can pitch to go on television doing like a true false kind of thing, where you interview the anchors. And you say, “Guess how come over 2000 people a month became authors in 2020? True or false? And then they hold up a little sign that could say, “True” or “False” Ellen Degenerates does this with her guests, true, false. And then you give the answer. You can say, “Actually, it’s more than that or

[21:38] Ellen: That’s funny, because I’m in a networking group. It used to be local. but with COVID, it’s online, it’s called Exceptional Entrepreneurs. And every week the guy who started this meetup does this thing from some books that he has, and it’s exactly that- true or false. And then he’ll say thumbs up or thumbs down, thumbs down. And he goes through this every single week.

Meredith: That’s fantastic.

Ellen:  It’s usually about how to network, how to  do things related to business. But yeah, yeah. The things that people think are true and that are false or they think they are false and they’re true. So yeah, it works really well, actually.

Meredith: Really well. And I’m glad you brought that up too, because these ideas are things that are not only good for television, but like you’re saying, Ellen, you just naturally brought up, “Oh, well in the networking meeting, we do this, oh, in my newsletter, I do this.” Like, you can do this in all these different places on your own Facebook lives, let’s say you send in a great pitch for one of these things. And for whatever reason, it’s not picked up. Guess what? We’re our own media channels anymore. You go do it yourself because it’s still great content; it’s entertaining and it gets your message out there. It will promote you. It will promote your book.

[22:46] Ellen: That’s awesome. Absolutely. Awesome. I love all of this. Yeah. I mean, I think that, like, for me personally, I think of what I do as being too niche to be on television really

Meredith: Well.

Ellen: Because the one that I could see working would be like, if people want to write their life story, like for their family or that kind of thing, anybody could do. And that’s not what I teach, but maybe I’m just like, see I’m in a box when it comes to this that I can’t see outside of that.

Meredith: Yeah. I think pretty much anyone who wants to, to be known as an expert, not necessarily even like an entrepreneur, but it’s like an executive or someone who’s a manager who wants to be a director or move up to a C-suite level or something like that. Getting your own original thoughts out there is really important  in branding yourself. So, you could go on and give tips about, , it’s a personal branding tip, here’s how to write a book to be seen as an expert and maybe help you with, self-promotion, like there’s probably holidays around self-promotion or women in business.

Ellen  Yeah, That kind of thing.

[24:05] Meredith: Confidence building. Talk about like, there’s probably something out there about confidence building, because when you, again, you have your original ideas, you put them in a book…

Ellen: So, what you’re saying then is that you talk about more about your personal branding than about the thing that you teach.

Meredith: No, you would definitely give tips about like, if it’s, for example, let’s just say it’s a personal branding week or something like that. You could say, “Hey, so it’s personal branding week coming up. I am  an X-number-of-year veteran of helping people to write their own books and writing your own book is a great way to brand yourself and climb that corporate ladder or start your own business. I’ve got five tips for your audience to learn how to write their own book in a simple and quick way. Can I come on? I can bring my own books. Like you have to think visually, I’ve got my own books. I can bring in. I have photos of my clients who have written books, just like different ways to like have visuals.

[25:10] Ellen: Right and I have pictures of my clients with Marianne Williamson after writing their book. I have a picture with Kevin Harrington for Dennis Shaver after writing his book. I have a picture of Christopher Lockheed with President Obama after writing his book.

Meredith: See this is all great. So,you’re actually starting to layer all these hooks because you’ve got celebrity in there too, because then you can say, “Not only can I give tips, but I’ve got pictures of my clients with Barack Obama, with Kevin Harrington, like all these different people, they’re going to be like, “Wow, let’s get her on”

[25:43] Ellen: Yeah. I need you.

Meredith: (Laugh)

Ellen: I need you. And the reason I’m letting myself kind of be the guinea pig and sharing this stuff is because I want people to see that we all kind of do that to ourselves. Right? Like I do it too. You know? Like, I think nothing of going on podcasts, I do that all the time. But it’s like, when I thought about bigger media, somehow, I couldn’t see it. But for you who does this all the time, it’s no big deal.

[26:10] Meredith: Well, I can see the possibilities in people. That’s one of the things that I see, like when I see something that’s already like really, really good, I love to maximize that

Ellen: yeah right.

Meredith: Because you know what I mean? You do the same.

Ellen: Yeah.  It’s like when someone comes to me and they have a story and it’s such a good story, you’re like, “Oh my God, how can I help you?” You want to help them because it’s such a good story. And you want to help them get it out. Yeah.

[26:35] Meredith: Absolutely. Yeah.

Ellen: Definitely. That’s how it works.

Meredith: That is exactly how it works. It’s why we do what we do. We  just see the greatness in people and want to like that on fire.

Ellen: Well, this is awesome. So, I know that we were talking before we got on the call and I was telling you that I’m going to have another Write your Bestseller in 7 Day Bootcamp coming up and you had offered a bonus for that. So, why don’t you tell us about that?

[27:08] Meredith: Absolutely. So, when you sign up and you work with Ellen and go through her system to have this bestseller, one of the bonuses that you’re going to get is from me, and it is a press-release template that is copy and paste. It will help you to announce your book in a press release. And you fill in the blank. I couldn’t have made it any easier you fill in the blanks. And then on top of that, I walk you through how to take that from your computer and distribute it out there through a PR distribution service for minimal money.

Like I’ve worked with a lot of different, press release distribution services; you’re talking $50 and I even have a coupon code that makes it less expensive in there, but it walks you through how to upload this out there, so that then you can have a professional press release out there because when people hear you’ve written a book, they’re going to Google it. They’re going to Google you. And when a press release pops up, you look like the legit author that you are. And that’s what we want for you. We want you to get started with at least a press release out there. And then you could follow that up with some pitching to some media outlets.

[28:17] Ellen: Yeah. And most people don’t do press releases. Ironically for me, I mean, that was one of the first things I learned how to do that. One of the very first courses I ever took, it was with doctor. (He doesn’t like to be called doctor anymore,) but Richard Krawcyzk. And it was of course on publicity. And that’s what we did. He taught us how to write press releases.

Meredith: Well, exactly. And, a press release isn’t going to get you a ton of publicity. A press release is good for SEO. It’s good to put out there. It’s good for when people look you up; it really does help in those ways. When you use that in conjunction with pitching, like in using some of these hooks that I’ve talked about, it is very helpful to go out there and get that. So, you’re going to get that for free as one of the bonuses and Ellen’s program.

[29:00] Ellen: All right. And so, if you want to learn more about the program, you can go to Writeyourbestsellerbootcamp.com. Do you have any final tips?

Meredith: I do. Well, I would just say, so the name of my company again is Rising Star Publicity. And what I like to say is that rising stars rise to the occasion. And so, when you are feeling like you are ready to write your book, and you are ready to get out there and be this bigger version of yourself, just think about what it’s going to be like when you get past all the negative thinking when you have your book. And when you can say, “Yes, I’m an author.” So, just be thinking about the end goal, because that’s going to help you go through some of these harder times. So,
a lot of this stuff is mindset that we really have to work on, right, Ellen?

[29:51] Ellen: It is. I actually, ah, we get in so many media, I can’t remember what I put where, but I did something where I was talking about being afraid to move because we had gotten so comfortable where we were, and there were certain things about it that we really liked, and we didn’t have a lease, we didn’t have to worry about any of that kind of stuff. And we’d had some bad experiences with it early on. And so, I just kept putting off moving and getting into that whole thing again.

And it went on actually for, it ended up actually for years, and you don’t realize how much time has gone by, but I was so scared about committing, really. And what I decided was I could be really scared and focus on that, or I could be really excited and focus on the fact that we were finally going to have a washer and dryer again…

Meredith: There you go.

Ellen: And much better Internet, so that I could do more. And in that moment, I really saw the choice. That that was a choice. I could really focus on either one of those things and our mind wants us to focus on the negatives and because it thinks it’s keeping us safe. And I’ve talked about this before on other podcasts. But it’s there for a reason, but it doesn’t always serve you.

[31:08]  Meredith: Well, exactly. And when you take these steps, it moves you from your comfort zone into your courage zone. Right? And that courage zone is where the magic happens. And you are being the bigger person. It’s like, what do you need to do, be, have, believe, say, to have the impact that you want, right? So, it’s just taking those, those next steps.

Ellen: Yeah, absolutely. So, how can people reach you?

Meredith: So, a great way to reach me. I have a Facebook group. I’d love for your audience too. I’d love to welcome them in it’s called The Visibility Collaborative. So, you can go to Facebook and look up The Visibility, Collaborative and join us there. And then I also have a free offer today for people who want to build their own online media kit, which is a great way to become ready for media coverage. And you can start thinking about this as you start thinking about like your book and things like that. Go to risingstarpublicity.com/mediakitchecklist. It’s risingstarpublicity.com/mediakitchecklist. And yeah.

And you can go there and you can download it for free. And it’s a great checklist. It will get you going and get you thinking about what you need to just collect and put up on your website, so that when the media starts to reach out to you can just send them one link and you can say, “Oh, you want my bio? Here’s a link. Oh, you want my headshot? Oh, here’s the same link” It’s just makes it very, very easy for you.

[32:37] Ellen: Yeah. Let me say a word about that. I’ve had a media page for years, and it was on my old website. Now we have a new website and I have to create a new one, because guess what? You change. You change, you grow. You want to, hopefully you’re continuing to work on your pitch and your bio and all that. So, I mean, my bio has changed over the years many times as I’ve gotten clearer and clearer and more and more focused, and then also changed who my ideal clients were because my price has changed and what I offered changed and so, things change. Yeah,

Meredith: They do. And that’s a good sign. That’s a sign of growth. Right?

Ellen: Right. Exactly. But you’ve got to make sure that you remember that and don’t leave a media page up there that’s ten years old.

Meredith: Amen. To that. You don’t want that ten-year-old picture of you on the cover of a magazine somewhere.

Ellen:. Some people do that, you know?

Meredith: Yeah. It’s true.

Ellen: Yeah. Okay. So, well, thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it.

Meredith: Thank you so much for having me, Ellen. I really appreciate it.

[33:41] Ellen: My pleasure. So that’s it for today to get the transcript go to https://booksopendoors.com/podcast. You’re also welcome to join our Facebook group of visionary speakers, coaches, and heart-centered entrepreneurs and authors who want to self-publish and use their book to make a bigger impact, make more money and leave a lasting legacy.

Also, the next, write your bestseller in seven days, bootcamp is coming up to lie 12th through 20th, and Ken Krell made an amazing offer to give you his Pride event, how to produce ridiculously irresistible digital events that goes for $1,997 for free when you register for the bootcamp. And I have to tell you, I went to the last Pride and I have been to several three-day virtual events over the past year and this was by far the best, outrageous, amazing, really off-the-charts amazing.

So, Ken is so genuine, so loving a great teacher, he does it with such joy. His team is amazing. The love in the room was absolutely addictive. And I not only learned about digital events and how to work less and make more in the same amount of time, but it taught me how to be a better coach by modeling what he was doing.

[35:02]: I have to say it’s absolutely crazy not to get in on those deal. And I want to do a deep dive for my bootcamp attendees. I originally wasn’t going to do this. I was just going to do it for anyone who went through it with me, but I see there’s a lot of value, extra value that I can bring to this. So, I will continue to do it for the next group. And so, that is a mastermind and we’ll go into using the principles of the event to do book launches, and also to go into more of what he talked about. That’s the $297 value.

Now Ken mentioned that you’re going to get a swag bag and it’s $49 in the continental United States, but I will be refunding that after the bootcamp. So, it really is free for you to attend. And if you’re out of the country, I will still refund the $49, but you will have to cover anything over that.

[36:00]: So, if you want to write your life-changing book, but you think you’re too busy or you don’t know how to get started, or if you’ve been writing books, but you want to write them faster and easier and you’re looking for a proven step-by-step solution that works you’ll want to take advantage of the early bird for the Write your Bestseller in 7 Days bootcamp,  you’ll save $500 plus attend Ken’s event and get the extra mastermind with me after the event.

Plus, two additional fast-action bonuses, a guaranteed spot on my podcast, where I’ll interview you about your book. That’s a $750 value. And this professional interview will not only get you in front of my 30,000-plus community of speakers, coaches, authors, and heart-centered entrepreneurs, but it can also be used to get you on other podcasts and speaking gigs, which makes it way more valuable.

[36:50]: You’ll also get a one-on-one coaching call with me personally. That’s a $300 value. And, as Ken said on that call, it is a great combination because once you’ve got your book, you need to be getting out there and talking about it and selling your book and your higher-end programs. So, this will help you to do that. Also, as Meredith mentioned, you’ll get her press release and all the other great bonuses.

So, if you’re in, register now for the Write your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp, July 12th through 20th. And I would get in sooner rather than later because you’re going to want the complete publishing package and there are only a limited number of spots for that. And with that you get the  editing, formatting, the book cover,  the marketing research, and all of the publishing, so everything you need to get your book done and up.

[37:47] And I’ll tell you, I have so many authors who come to me, they’ve gotten people working on all the different pieces and it’s a mess. And some of the people aren’t that good. And then it has to be redone. So really, you’re saving money and saving a lot of time getting the publishing deal, because you’re going to have to publish your book and you’re going to need editing, formatting, and a book cover
(plus marketing research so it is SEO optimized).

And I can tell you that this training will not be offered again at this price. So, if you want to get in, get in now at www.writeyourbestsellerbootcamp.com, That’s writeyourbestsellerbootcamp.com, and you can go there for details and to register.  It is going to be awesome as always. I’ve been doing it since 2004, people love it. I have amazing testimonials that you’ll see, and if you feel that you’re not sure if this is for you or you need something answered that you’re not seeing there you can always reach out to me, Ellen@booksopendoors.com, or you can schedule a quick call with me at www.bookwithellen.com. That’s www.bookwithellen.com and to go to the registration page. It’s writeyourbestsellerbootcamp.com one last time, right? writeyourbestsellerbootcamp.com. So, till next time, bye-bye,


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