Episode 82: How to Create Recurring Income In Less Than 10 Hours a Week with Drew Berman

March 3, 2021

In this episode, network-marketing expert, Drew Berman, shares how anyone can add additional monthly income to their portfolio and make recurring income or create a business without a large investment, or a brick and mortar location.

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3 Key Points

How much you make from network marketing depends on how much time you put into it.

Social media has made it a lot easier to succeed with network marketing

Tried and true marketing principles are also important in network marketing.


[00:51] Ellen: Hi, and welcome to Episode 81. Today my guest is Drew Berman. Drew is a coach, mentor, trainer and trusted friend, but most importantly, he’s a husband and a dad, when he’s not at running a leadership event training for a triathlon or on an adventure somewhere. He and his family live in beautiful Southwestern Connecticut. So, welcome to the call Drew.

Drew: I am so happy to be here. Thanks for having me.

Ellen: [01:18]: Well, I’m excited because we recently actually met at an event where we were just getting into some breakout rooms and just talking and getting to know each other. And what I discovered is that you are really excited about network marketing and that’s something we haven’t talked about on this podcast. And I thought that could be an interesting conversation and also just additional streams of income that every entrepreneur needs, just in general, the whole idea of how you use that for additional income stream. So, you want to tell us how you got started.

[01:58] Drew: Absolutely. I appreciate you asking me that because I think with everything that’s going on in the world today people are losing their jobs. People are uncertain about the future. I think our profession is now in a new, it’s in a new era. I think more people are looking for additional streams of income. We are, some are calling this, “the gig economy”. People have a side hustle, and I think I’m one of the rare ones. Ellen. It’s actually been my full-time income for over fifteen years. I think I’ve learned the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve seen what works. I’ve seen, what doesn’t work. And I was born in ‘72.

So if you’re over thirty, you probably know people who have some stories about the profession of network marketing to dispel.

Ellen: Yeah.

Drew: I want to dispel some of those myths, share some of the lies, share some things that are wrong with the profession for sure. I want to highlight why some people are scared of it, but I also want to show the other side, what’s beautiful about it, what works about it, how it’s impacting people’s lives, and how it’s raising, I believe, the vibration and consciousness in professionals. And  I wrote in my book, Ellen, that it could be a very expensive hobby and it could be very lucrative business. So, we show people how to make it a lucrative business.

[03:21] Ellen: That’s awesome because I’m one of those people who never made it work. So, when you said you’ve been doing it fifteen years, that was interesting to me because I want to know why it didn’t work for me, and how it can work. And also, what you said about the economy. There’s so many people who lost everything. If they had a brick and mortar kind of a business or a service business that was completely offline, they were screwed unless they figured out how to get online very quickly.

And I feel so blessed that I’ve been online for sixteen years because it took me quite a while to know what the hell I was doing. So, it would be very scary to just have to do that practically overnight. And I actually do have a client who did that. She just, like in a week, took her complete business from offline to online and made it work, but not every business can do that.

[04:15] Drew: Yeah, exactly. And, network marketing is a way that someone in today’s economy, part-time on the side, can create an extra stream of income. Now that could grow to big income, for sure. I’d say one of the reasons that I created success is because I stopped with the huge promises. So, that was one fallacy and myth and challenge I saw in the profession. There were a lot of big, big numbers, big promises. Yes, people can make millions. However, I teach people what’s probable and what’s possible. What’s probable with some effort as a part-time business if you treat it seriously, we can create a car payment for sure. We can create a rent or mortgage payment, absolutely. And what most people, instead of talking money, we can talk percentages; most professionals who treat this like a business, can add probably 10-20% to their income over time. So, if you’re a sixty thousand…

[05:25] Ellen: How much time, you think?

Drew: Yeah so, what the rule is from the 1950’s across the board on all network-marketing platforms to the general song is part-time business tend to twenty hours a week, focus like a business, and there’s going to be a learning curve two to five years. Now, can people have fast success? Absolutely.

Have I seen people hit six figures in less than a year? A hundred percent, yes. However, part-time on the side, kids on the lap, in between ballet and soccer, but treating it like a job and a business, let’s call it two to five years, adding 20% to your income. If you’re a hundred-thousand-dollar income earner, we can generate an extra $20,000 a year. Can we do that in the first year? Absolutely. Does it take two years, a hundred percent, three years? Are there people that make no money? Absolutely.

But between two and five years, if you get this full effort, some people can not only add 20% of their income, people can match their income.

Ellen: Right.

Drew: People can double their income in that time. And now, all the rules have thrown out the gate because now some people are actually taking this on as a full-time business as if they invested a $100.000-$200,000 into a franchise business model and treat it seriously. So we tell people, “Treat this like a business and it’ll pay them like a business, treat it like a hobby and it’ll cost you like a hobby.”

[7:23] Ellen: Right, right. Well, when we first did network marketing, it was a company called Body Wise and they had really great product; they were vitamins and holistic health. And our experience was that you needed to have a network of people to sell it to that that we didn’t have that; I had been in the recording studio for twenty years with like three people and a couple of singers that we’d bring in now and then. And then, I had such a small circle. So, what do you say about that?

[08:02] Drew: Social media has changed the whole game

Yeah, this was way before social media. Yeah.

Yeah. Now with all the different channels I’m on LinkedIn for the first time right now;  I’m getting a lot of leads and connections and calendar appointments. I have my calendar, my phone number on LinkedIn. We’re actively connecting with professionals. I used to be more active on Facebook. I never really dabbled on the other ones.

So, social media groups, and then attraction marketing, and it’s now become less of a curse word and more of a hip business. I found it in 2001.  Someone laid the magic bomb on me. They said, “You seem like a sharp guy. Are you the type of guy that keeps options open for additional streams of income?” I said, “Yeah, I’m open.”

See, I had tasted freedom at a young age Ellen, in 2000, I was twenty-eight years old. I had the opportunity to do a world-class bicycle trip around the world. I did the thirty-five country, year-long bicycle trip around the world. So,  I got a chance at twenty-eight years old to taste freedom.  I have freedom for a year. And then I come back in my mid-thirties and I was trying to recreate that life lifestyle. And I found myself working. I was living in New York City. I was paying $2,700 a month rent for 700-square foot apartment in Manhattan. And I was running full speed at a treadmill.

And I met a guy at a BNI, a business networker international, and he said to me, I was doing real estate at the time, he says, “You seem like a sharp guy. Are you the type of guy that keeps options open for additional streams of income? I said, “Yes.” Then I got into a company called Amway.

[09:47] Ellen: Ah, yes, Amway.

Drew: I didn’t know Amway was a curse word.  But I don’t have any problem with the company

Ellen: No, I’m just laughing because that was in those days, it’s kind of like, that was the one, Amway was it.

Drew: And we all laugh, we all have a chuckle. But now, millennials and Amway, they don’t know what it is.

Ellen: Yeah.

Drew: So, Amway did billions..

Ellen: Did they go under?

Drew: No, they’re huge.

Ellen: Oh, they’re huge, oh okay.

[10:16] Drew: They’re huge Internationally. They own the arena where the Orlando Magic play; it’s called Amway Center in Florida and they’re a huge company in Michigan and they do billions, BILLIONS,  annually.  So, I just met a guy in Amway diamond and he’s getting his two kids in their twenties in 2021, he’s starting them into an Amway business.

And that’s phenomenal to me because people who are getting involved now, who stick it out for 10, 20, 30 years, can make a fortune. But I didn’t have any luck in my Amway journey. The timing wasn’t right for me, my personal development wasn’t on, and I was chasing more prospects than attracting. So, I quit. I got back into advertising sales and I was chasing my tail. I was running in mud, and my second company landed on my desk.

[11:17]: And this one, we had fast success. I was lucky I had done one training. I had taken a deep dive in personal development, attraction marketing. I spent a lot of money on courses and mindset, and success and motivation. So, I ended up putting in a lot of people. I ended up getting put on a field advisory board. I got the opportunity to see what it’s like to go from 250 million to a billion. And I got to see very good success over fifteen years.

And like you, I found myself going down the book path and created a book called You Can Have it All, the Ultimate Guide to How do you Find Making Money and Living the Good Life. And I put all the stuff that I knew from marketing and networking into network marketing. I feel that’s like one of my secret sauce. Yeah. I feel like that’s one of my secret sauces. I learned marketing in college. I studied marketing. You and I met through networking.

Ellen: Right.

[12:23] Drew: So, I learned that skill. And then, I combined the two networking and marketing and put it into the network-marketing profession and found some success.

Ellen: Yeah. And I want to say something about that. I was really impressed with how fast you took action. Like we met on this networking group and you reached out to me immediately afterward, and we were on a call within minutes. A lot of people don’t do that.

[12:55] Drew: I so appreciate you saying that because sometimes, that takes effort. Sometimes, you meet a stranger on social media and it’s just like a common go. And sometimes you connect with someone and there’s a connection. And I like to engage every human connection as if it’s going to be a twenty-year friendship. And I have no agenda, and I don’t sell on my first call unless I have a couple of businesses ideas, and I worked in some marketing environments, but usually, I have some tools in my tool chest that I can add value.

My current networking company, right now, I have a network marketing coaching company, right? So I coach, I coach people from multiple network-marketing companies and show them how to do things right. I also have some tools in my toolbox that help networkers. So, I can share some of them with you if you like. But I think the network-marketing profession is changing and maturing and attracting more professionals now than ever before.

[14:13] Ellen: Ah, interesting. Well, I have a question about LinkedIn. So, you said you’re active on LinkedIn now. So, when you reach out to people, how do you do that? What do you say? How do you get the conversation started?

Drew: So, I actually invested in myself and I hired a network marketer.. (I can’t) cancel those pings. I don’t know how to do that, but they might keep coming in. Sorry. So, anyway, I hired a branding coach for networking for LinkedIn. I created a brand new banner, and it just says “Achieving Peak Performance and Prosperity for Network Marketers.”

I wrote a professional bio. In my professional bio, I have my calendar and my phone number. And I have a kind of a set paragraph that I have my assistant reaching out to. And it’s just very simply:

Thank you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, LinkedIn is terrific, but I really like to network together and create mutually beneficial relationships. This way I know how to refer to connect you with the right people in my network. Are you open to a call so I can learn more about you and what you do? Looking forward to hearing your story.

To your success, Drew, with my phone number. And I have another one.

Ellen: I love that.

[15:35] Drew:  It’s actually pretty simple. And then, I have another one. So, I have like three set ones that my assistant is working out with. Hey Steve, I know networking is the name of the game. My network has certainly grown significantly and I’d love to share. I’d really like to get on a call to see what you’re up to. More importantly, to see how I can serve you with the great people that are connected to me. Are you open to a call to network and see how we can serve each other? And I have one more. And that’s working. I’m getting a lot of…

Ellen: That’s great.

Drew: great connections.

16;13 Ellen: And how many calls do you do a week?

Drew: I can take more, but right now I’m taking several a day from just that one strategy. And I have some tools that I can give away some to your audience so we can do today that all businesses can use. So, I’m finding that that’s helpful as I’m talking to not only networkers, but I’m talking to network marketers, but I’m also talking to professionals, realtors, and insurance agents and mortgage brokers and stuff like that. And I’m finding a lot of people are looking for extra streams of income right now.

Ellen: Right. So, let’s talk about you said, “the bad, the good and the ugly.” So, I want to start with the bad

[17:01] Drew: Sure. It’s a profession that anyone can get involved in for less than a thousand dollars. So, when you’re talking about a business, a business, something that you would discuss with your accountant, your lawyer, a business partner, a business strategist. If you’re talking about a business, most people understand that you have to invest in a business.

So, if you do invest in a business, let’s call it a flower shop or a bakery, cause everyone can understand that you’re in a quarter million, you have to build out and then you have to do advertising and marketing like things make sense. But in network marketing, you don’t have to invest a hundred grand or fifty grand or twenty grand. Usually, at the highest package, you’re in at less than a thousand dollars. So, anyone who’s got a business sense can come up with the money. Not everyone has a thousand dollars, but if you were going to go into business,

Ellen: Right.

[17:59] Drew: You can come up with the money. So with less than a thousand dollars investment, the good news is anyone can get in. The bad news is anyone can get it. So, because anyone can get in, I don’t know what your skillset is. So, we provide systems, structure, customer service, shipping, accounting, billing, back-office, infrastructure, no gender barriers, no race barriers, huge tax advantages. That’s what we provide.

What you need to bring to the table is a little bit of grit, a big why that gets you out of bed, a work ethic; you might have to work on some time management issues. Maybe we have to see how coachable you are and how willing you are to follow a system. Maybe you’re going to have to learn some social-media techniques. Maybe you’re going to have to learn a little bit of marketing. Maybe you’ve had a job your whole life, and you don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you’ll see other people having success and you’ll get a little jealous. Maybe you have some self-sabotage going on.

Ellen: Mindset.

Drew:  So the things you bring you to the equation and we help you. We have open arms, we’re patient. So I opened up a training program to really assist networkers on how to have faster success, how to shorten the learning.

[19:28] Ellen: Okay. So are there some tips you could give us right now…

Drew: Sure.

Ellen:… about how to be a good network marketer?

[19:36] Drew: Yes. So, my four questions, that I’ve run my whole life in business on, can work in any business. So, there are four questions about the law of attraction. Now, obviously, I can teach this in a ninety-minute webinar. I can teach this in a three-day workshop, but it really comes down to the essence of four things. Who are your ideal clients? Question #1.

Ellen: Yep.

Drew: Where are they?

Ellen: Yep.

Drew: Question 2.What makes them tick? Meaning what do they think about, want, what are their challenges desires? What are their pain points? And then, the fourth one, it really comes down to, what do I have to change or improve to attract more of them? And that philosophy over compounded over a long period of time, you start to become the ideal leader that serves your ideal client, so that they find you and they want to work with you. So, that’s why my brand is, and you can tell kind of by the color theme, but my brand is toes in sand, phone in hand, that’s my brand. And I teach people how to have fun.

[20:59] Ellen: How fun. That’s great. That took me by surprise when you said that, but it made me laugh because as a songwriter, we’re always rhyming and trying to come up with rhymes and all that kind of thing, so that’s very funny. What I was going to say though, is it’s the same thing with the book. It’s like, who’s your target market, right? What’s their pain point? How do you reach them? All marketing is the same in that sense. It’s like, you have to have that foundation no matter what you’re doing.

Drew: Exactly.

[21:34] Ellen: Yeah, That’s the deal. Okay. So, what kind of network marketing companies do you like the best? Do you have a preference?

Drew: Yeah, I do have a preference for fifteen years, I built in health and wellness. That was a great journey for me, helping people. I come up with marketing jingles in my head.

Ellen: Yeah, that’s great.

[21:55] Drew: I came up for my health and wellness company, we help you look better in a business suit, a bathing suit, and a birthday suit. So, everyone was able to get that messaging and that was fun. And then, I got involved in technology. And now as a coach, I kind of have a concierge network-marketing approach. So, I have my hand in a couple of things. I kind of monitor them all. I coach at a high level. I have clients in multiple companies. So, I found a company that I’m working with that I think went from an anybody, a some-people business to an all people business. So, I have a really cool thing that can maybe be of value to all of your listeners. Can I share more?

Ellen: Yeah, absolutely.

[22:49] Drew: So know a lot of your listeners are authors. I know a lot of entrepreneurs are listening to you. Some networkers, this is a marketing tool that you can use to build your business, and you can also use it to make some money part-time on the side. I know the CEO. I think it’s kind of fun. It’s called the Bump card, and it’s actually a physical card. It looks like this Bump card. You get your name on the back and you get a private QR code.

Now, this is cool because there’s two types of people that we’re looking to attract: someone who’s already in business, and they want help with their marketing. So, you take the Bump card, you tap it to the phone, and instantly, the website comes up and you click it and that is a digital business card that is catered to you, your business; the QR code goes directly to your website. If you don’t have a website, this is an automatic, digital website that serves you and your business.

It’s branded. You can brand this to your book. You can brand this to your message. You could brand this to your logo. You could do it via QR code. You could do it via tap. It has a ring. When you touch your ring to a phone, the website pops up. It’s super-duper, duper cool. And I think this is a fun little tool for all businesses. Oh, and by the way, yeah, there could be a network-marketing side to it. You can make some money with this. You can make a couple hundred bucks a month. You can make a couple of thousand bucks a month. Absolutely. But if you’re a business, you need to have a Bump card anyway.

[24:47] Ellen: Wall, let me ask you a question about that. So, everybody’s card looks the same, and then it’s your logo. are you designing the card? How does it match?

It has your logo on it,  so it would look like that.

Ellen: Oh, uh-huh

Drew: Yeah. And then, you’d have a private QR code, which you can either scan, tap or get the ring. So, it’s a wearable technology.

Ellen, Oh, so they give you that ring.

Drew:  You get the ring, you get the card and even though we aren’t in person right now, one day we will be, but you can just tap it like that, or you can tell digital, you can send it, so it’s a fun, cool marketing toy.

[25:29] Ellen: Yeah. Also, it can also be like, instead of something that you do separately like I was talking to a woman not that long ago that I had on the show that does planners, and she was talking about how she incorporates the planners into programs that she’s doing, so that it becomes part of it makes it more personalized. So, I’m thinking maybe people, when they’re looking for companies, should think about, what are the things that will enhance the experience of their clients if they want something that goes with something they’re already doing, what are your thoughts on that?

[26:08] Drew: A hundred percent. That’s why I like this as a model. I can talk to anyone in business and offer it to them. And as a side, it can make money with it. So, I can add value to their business. Oh, and by the way, yes, you could turn this into income as well.

[26:30] Ellen: Yeah. Okay. Oh, and I forgot to say the link to that is  http://ellenlikes.com/bumpcard. So, I did that to keep it easy. http://Ellenlikes.com/bumpcard. Okay. So, any other tips you’d like to share before we start to wrap up?

[26:52] Drew: Focus on impact, focus on inspiration, and the income will follow.

Ellen: Amen. And how can people contact you?

[27:06] Drew: I live at Drewberman.com. That’s very, very easy. If someone wants to bypass all the gook and just get right to me, they can go to callwithdrew.com,  it goes right to my calendar. I’ll do a free consultation for any one of your listeners and help them anywhere in their journey. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. And as a gift to your listeners go to call winter.com. It goes right to my calendar and we’ll have a chat, and we’ll see what kind of connection we have and how we can get them from where they are to where they want to go.

Ellen: Well, that’s awesome. So, if you’re looking for more income or income streams, more ways to help your clients, then think about network marketing, and I would take you up on his offer because he’s a great person to network with. I’ll tell you, and I love your energy. And it’s just great to see somebody who just takes action. And you’re not thinking about it. You’re not worrying about it. You’re just doing it.

[28:06] Drew: No, just do it is kind of that’s, that’s a deal.

[28:11] Ellen: Just do it. Yeah. Okay.

Now it’s time for Books Open Doors Insights.

[28:17] If you’re really busy and think you don’t have time to write a book, but you understand that you need a book to open doors to more opportunities, to make a bigger impact and more money, and create a lasting legacy, then you have two choices. You can make the time or hire a ghostwriter. Writing your book takes time and you’re going to have to schedule it and you’re probably going to have to say no to something that is in your schedule right now, while hiring a ghostwriter takes money. So, if you don’t have the money, you’ll have to make the time and you can get started by downloading Book Planning Secrets, A 4-Step Simple Guide to Writing a Bestseller; that’s on the podcast page. And you can also get on the waitlist for the next 5 Day Bestseller Breakthrough Challenge, Taking Your Book from Idea to Outline where I’ll walk you through how to set your book quickly and easily to become a bestseller and that’s at .www.bestsellerbreakthrough.com.

If you’re going to hire a ghostwriter, thenI suggest hiring one who works with you, who interviews you, and then writes the bookor a team, not a ghostwriter who is going to research the topic you are already an expert in; that just doesn’t make any sense to me,  and then tries to get it into your voice when it’s done as an interview it’s going to be much more adapted to your voice anyway. I also suggest working with one who knows how to do the marketing research first, so you get the book you need to benefit your business, because ghostwriting is not cheap and you don’t want to spend all that money and not get the product that you need. And it’s definitely not one size fits all. You also want someone who knows how to help you create your outline so it’s easy to follow and includes exactly what you need to connect with your ideal clients and get them to take the next step, whatever it is you want them to do next, join a FB group or get on your email list  or whatever.

[30:17] Next,let’s talk about paying for a ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter costs tens of thousands of dollars.  If you have the money great, but if you need help, there are a few ways to go about getting the money.

So for financing, Paypal has a 6-month financing plan with no interest.  You may also be able to get business credit depending on your situation.  One of my clients, Andrew Rey can help you get started if you want to go that route. You can also get his book at http://ellenlikes.com/entrepreneurialsecrets  Or, you can just Facebook him at Andrew Rey. R-E-Y.

And if you have a lot of credit, you could finance it on credit cards, or with a payment plan, just make the first payment and then work on getting the money for additional payments. The bottom line is it’s way more about mindset than about money. Usually, people have a way to make the money; they just have to get their mindset in the right place and want it badly enough. You can pre-sell the book. One of my followers in our Facebook Group actually raised $20,000 from the presale of her book. So, I know it can be done. I also helped Terri Levine crowdfund her book and she made quite a bit of money on that.

You can also speak and sell books from the back of the room before you have to make additional payments. In other words, let’s say you make the first payment and then you have to get the rest of the money. When I spoke at Mega Book University, Jack Victor Hansen set out a pre-order sheet at each seat and people bought the book before it was published.  You can speak on podcasts and set it up online doing the same thing. I recommend signing up with Speakertunity

It’s run by Jackie Lapin and her company compiles opportunities that are available. http://ellenlikes.com/podcasts-radio-speak

Also, many vendors are giving generous payment plans because of covid and all of the economic issues because of it.

If you’re interested in having a book written, we have a couple of openings right now. We specialize in working with inspiration speakers,  coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs. Please, send an email to me at ellen@booksopendoors.com and we can set up a time to chat so I can learn more about your business and see if we’re a fit.

So, that’s it for today to get the transcript, go to http:// booksbusinessabundance.com/podcast. You’ll also find our Facebook group link there, and I hope you’ll join us because it’s a great group. And while you’re there, if you want, you can grab a copy of the Book Planning Secrets, A Simple 4-Step Guide to Writing a Bestseller. If you want to write your own books or if you’re already writing, but you want to do them faster and easier with more ease.

‘Til next time. Bye-Bye,


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