Many years ago my husband, Christen,  and I went a music conference in Las Vegas. Narada Micheal Walden was there and he mentored me a bit. He produced the first two Whitney Houston albums.

Fast forward to today and I started hearing this duet of Higher Love with Whitney Houston and Kygo on the Music channel.

Knowing that Whitney could not have recorded it recently, I was curious how they did it.

First of all, an aside-it was originally released only in Japan as a bonus track.

So, it turns out Narada had recorded it for her third album but they decided to go more urban on that record so they shelved it.

Then Kygo had a hit with a remix of Sexual Healing and Whitney’s estate thought it was the right time for more Whitney to continue building her legacy and introduce her to a whole new audience.

So, Narada went back in the studio, updated the production, and then Kygo took over and it hit #1 on the dance chart 2019.

Legacy and repurposing- two powerful concepts that are true for book writers as well.

Ellen Violette (Vee-o-let) is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and award winning book coach. She helps high-achieving trainers, coaches, speakers and founders write a professional, nonfiction book, make it a #1 bestseller and use it to make a bigger impact, more money and leave a lasting legacy. Her company, Books Open Doors® also offers ghostwriting and publishing services to make getting a book out as easy as possible for her clients.  Ellen has more than 17 years’ experience and is the author of 9 books, including one she wrote with Jim Edwards and is a contributor to 4 more bestsellers. She’s also a former regular contributor to Publishing! Magazine. To grab a free copy of the Rockstar Author’s Toolkit for writing and marketing checklists and a Kindle planner for fast and easy results, go to