I wrote this in conjunction with this week’s podcast training: Be Unique, How to Find a Lucrative Niche and Target Market Where You Can Shine!

Once you’ve written a book, you have to market it, and that means you are going to be writing, talking about it or both for a long time, so you better have passion for your topic. But, you also want to make sure that it’s on a topic that can make you money. It breaks my heart when I see authors write on topics that are a losing proposition, like saving money. People who are trying to save money are not going to spend a lot of money with you. It’s just common sense!

The most profitable niches tend to be related to wealth, health, and relationships. So, no matter what your topic is, if you can relate it back to one of those three, you’re already 50% there. Now, sometimes it’s not as obvious if your topic is going work- that’s why you have to do your due diligence to make sure what you want to write about will be profitable. But you have to go one step farther and figure out how you can differentiate yourself within a niche. (I go into this in this week’s podcast.)

And, you also want it to be enjoyable, something you love talking or writing about because, as I said, you are going to spend a lot of time writing and/or talking about it.

But, it’s not just finding what you’re passionate about and enjoy that will sell, you have to find the right target market for you. And that’s different for each person. One person may love working with creative people and another person may love working with tech types. One may love working with women and another loves working with men. So, you have to find a lucrative niche and a target market that can afford you, wants what you have, and loves to spend money on the topic, who you would enjoy working with. And that’s what this training is about. It’s called Be Unique, How to Find a Lucrative Niche and Target Market Where You Can Shine.

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