Episode 93: The Power of Saying Yes with Pam Heath

July 12, 2021

In this episode, “The Yes Coach”, Pam Heath shares how you can say yes to whatever it is that you want in life and make it happen, even if you think your dream is “unrealistic”. She also reveals the missing piece in the law of attraction that you need for success. And she shares how she used LinkedIn to launch her book and some tips for using LinkedIn to your advantage.

Resources mentioned

Book: Say Yes: Seven Steps to the Life of Your Dreams.

3 Key Points

The Universe is working for you not against you.

It’s not enough to want something and ask for it, you have to take action.

When you say yes, life says yes.


Ellen: Hi, and welcome to episode 93. Today my guest is Pamela Heath. Pamela, the YES coach, is a business consultant who works with spiritual and transformational practitioners, creative artists, and wellness coaches who have struggled to turn their passion into profitable businesses. She effectively teaches them how to run their business as a business and not a hobby, and takes her clients to abundance and success. Her book, Say Yes: Seven Steps to the Life of Your Dreams is a very inspiring message for every age. Written during the pandemic, she pours her life and soul into this book and shares real-life applications that encourage and provide hope for others during life challenges. So welcome to the call, Pam.

Pam: Well, thank you so much for having me, Ellen. It’s a pleasure to be here.

[01:40] Ellen: Well, I’m very happy to have you, because I saw you on a call and you were talking about how you did a book launch using LinkedIn. And that completely caught my attention. I want to know all about that. But first, why don’t you tell us how you became the YES coach?

Pam: So, I have a background in coaching. I led transformational seminars and workshops for a company called Landmark Worldwide, and I did that for 17 years. And so I became known in that community. I’m somebody who, I grew up in South Central LA and I was their very first seminar leader who was Black, from South Central. And I had kind of a following there.

When I completed as a program leader with Landmark, one of the things that I took on was that I enjoyed making a difference with people, coaching and supporting them and empowering them to go for what they want in life and not be stopped by concerns or limiting beliefs. And this was the way that I was as a seminar leader with Landmark, and this is the way I was in my life. And it was a friend of mine who said, “You know what, Pam? You’re such a yes.” And this was about maybe 12 years ago that she said that to me, and it kind of resonated with me.

I started my business in 2012, and it kept resonating with me. And then I said to my sister, “You know what? This is yes coaching.” And so I started out as yes coaching. And after about two years of hanging out my shingle and saying I provided yes coaching, I recognize that I am “the YES coach”. So I had that trademarked. So, there may be other people out there providing yes coaching, but I am the YES coach. And that is how it came to be.

[03:33] Ellen: Yeah, that’s great. I actually was the first ebook coach when people were saying ebooks and books is different, and I became “The eBook Coach,” but I work with people, just writing a manuscript, and then we do it in both. So finally I had to drop that. But that’s great that you were able to get that and trademark that. That’s awesome. Yeah, so is there more backstory to that, or that’s basically the whole story?

Pam: That’s the evolution of yes coaching.

[04:01] Ellen: But what were you like as a kid? Did you always want to coach, or how did you decide to coach?

Pam: It wasn’t distinguished as coaching back then. As a matter of fact, the distinction coach is something that is very current. Back then, it was more like I had a friend who called me a shaman. I’m very wise, and I’m not bragging. It’s just, I’m wise. And people would come to me all my life. I would go to a job. I’d get hired to be over here doing this. And sooner or later, the whole place would be coming to me for advice and support and support and empowerment.

Ellen: That’s your thing.

Pam: It’s my thing. It’s what I do. When I come to the party, the party gets more effective, more fun. I got chastised one time at one job because I was told that I couldn’t continue to skip and sing in the hallways.

Ellen: Oh, dear.

[04:59] Pam: It was funny, because that is who I am. I one of life’s little happy campers, and it’s infectious. I give it away- happiness, joy, power. And the distinction yes came about because I’ve had several people during the timeframe where I was coaching for Landmark, and then when I started coaching for myself, they would come to me and they would say things like, “I want this, I want to be that, I want to create this.” I never listened to someone and say, “No, you can’t do that.” To me, if you want it, you can have it.

I remember one of my associates came to me and said she’d always wanted to be a model. She was 39, married with one child. And from the time she was a young girl, she wanted to be a model. And she was beautiful. She was tall and statuesque. She was a little heavier, because it happens when you give birth. But when she said that to me, I said, “Great, so go be a model. Take the actions correlate with being a model,” because the reality is you can be a model. You’re not going to be some nineteen-year-old on the runway. That doesn’t mean you can’t get on the runway, because they need models for all types. They need older models, they need plus-size models. They need hand models. They need feet models. If you really want that, go get it. But don’t sit and wait for somebody to drop into your living room like a Navy SEAL and offer the position to you. You actually have to go take action towards that.”

And she was inspired and empowered, and she did. And two years later, she was a model, listed with two agencies, one in New York and one in LA. She was an older woman model. Now, she’s thirty-nine. To me, that’s not older. I’m sixty two.

Ellen: Right. Right, right, right.

Pam: A baby, right? But they need all kinds of models. And then she became the go-to model for the forty-to-fifty crowd. And she was making a living as a model.

Ellen: Wow. that is so inspiring, because actually when I was young, that was my first dream. I wanted to be a model and an actress. And I just cut that off at the knees right away, because my thighs were heavy and I was flat-chested and I had dark hair, in those days that they all were all blonde with straight hair. And so, I just looked at it as that’s not even possible. And then, of course, I grew out of that dream. We don’t always want to do what we thought we wanted to do as kids.

[07:18] Pam: As far as that goes, anything’s possible. Anything is possible. So, I tell people all the time, “Say yes.” And I do believe in the law of attraction, but one of the things that’s missing in the law of attraction that people don’t talk about is that it’s not enough to want it and to visualize it. You have to take actions correlate with having it. If you don’t take the actions, it’s like the Chinese have this saying, that if you want rice, you need a pot, rice, and water. You can’t just have it because you want it or wish for it. There’s actions to take, and you can have anything you want. Take those actions that correlate to you having that thing, and it’s yours. The universe will conspire to deliver it to you.

[08:12] Ellen: Right. What do they say, the universe is working for you, not against you?

Pam: It is. It’s my belief that the universe is like, I tell my clients all the time, and if any of my clients are listening to this right now, they’re laughing, because I say it all the time, the universe is like Aladdin, from the animated movie, you know, Aladdin, like the genie? You ain’t never had a friend like me. That’s the universe. It said, you take one from column A, take all from column B. You can have anything you want, but you have to ask.

[08:45] Ellen: Well, what do you say to people who just don’t know what they want to ask for?

Pam: Well, that’s where I come in. Because a lot of times what stops people who say they don’t know is they’re afraid to say.

Ellen: Right, even to themselves.

Pam: Yeah. They think in their mind, they think in their heart, they believe, but they’re afraid to say, because for instance, one of the things I get all the time, when people are visualizing their relationships, they don’t want to acknowledge that they want somebody good looking. They don’t want to say, well, he needs to have money, because they think that that’s selfish or self-centered, or they’re worried about what you’ll think about them because they say that. But the reality is if you don’t acknowledge and distinguish what you want-

Ellen: You won’t get it.

Pam: How can the universe deliver it?

Ellen: Right, right.

[09:37] Pam: It’s kind of like going to a restaurant and picking up the menu, and when a waitress comes over, what can I get you, and you look up and say, “Well, don’t bring pancakes.” It doesn’t work.

Ellen: Right.

Pam: You’ve got to lead with what you want, and then there’s a possibility of it being delivered.

[09:56] Ellen: So, why do you say there’s a possibility of it being delivered?

Pam: The reason why is because, like I say, the missing element that’s always present, you have to take actions correlate to you having that thing.

[10:10] Ellen: Well, and what about subconscious thoughts that are actually countering what you want?

Pam: Subconscious thoughts, limiting beliefs, they do get in the way, but let’s just say that you disappeared your limiting beliefs and your subconscious thoughts, and still sat there in the lotus position. You’ve eliminated all negativity completely and absolutely. It’s still possible a Navy SEAL will land in your living room and give it, but darling, you’ve got to go take some kind of action. Like that old joke about the guy who was wishing to win the lottery and kept praying every day to God. And finally, God said, “Dude, do me a favor and go buy your ticket. I can’t help you till you go and take the action. Buy a ticket, and then we’ll look at you winning the lottery.”

[10:58] Ellen: Well, there’s that other saying, too, where somebody is on the rooftop and they’re going to drown and they’re praying to God to save them, and God sends a boat. And he says, “No, no, no, I don’t want the boat. I’m waiting for God to save me.” Right?

Pam: Yes, exactly. You’ve got to take the actions correlate.

Ellen: Yeah. It’s really pretty amazing how that works. I had something happen last week that just blew me away. But after going through Pride, which I will talk about more later, I got really clear on some things, like what I wanted and what I didn’t want. And Ken was talking, Ken Krell was talking about non-negotiables, and just things that you will not do, or the other side of that is things you must have. He didn’t really talk about that, but I think there’s that, too, things you must have.

And so after talking to him, I set up a time to talk to my health coach because I wanted to check in and see how I felt in terms of my stress level, what I felt I could do and not do that was going to support me. And we got into this conversation, and I was telling him, “I love my podcast. I love this. I love talking to people.” And what I wanted was to make it work more for me. It’s like, I didn’t want to be doing 10 different things. I wanted to focus on something and use that as the main thing to generate other things that I was looking for. Because otherwise you get scattered and you get unfocused. And it just, it makes you crazy.

[12:38] So, he says to me, so it started out as a health call, and all of a sudden it turned into a marketing call. And so we’re talking marketing and he starts telling me how he grew his membership and how he does his podcast and all this kind of stuff. And he turns me on to this company that gets you podcast guesting. And he turns me on to this other company that helps you monetize your podcast.

And at that point, I was also working on my one-sheet, and I had done several versions of it;  and it was driving me crazy. And so I get on the call with this guy, and it was very reasonable. The company is called Podcast Virtuoso. The guy’s name is Fidel. He’s actually a member in my group now, because he wants to write a book. And anyway, it was very, very reasonably priced. And guess what it came with? A one-sheet. It came with a one-sheet.

Pam: Awesome.

[13:37] Ellen: So I got, as a matter of fact, I saw the first version of it today. It’s beautiful, and I didn’t have to do anything. They just took it and did it. I was like, shock, because I thought I was going to have to get on the phone with them and go back and forth and all this. And then I get off the phone after reaching out and taking on both of these possible calls, and I get a $1,200 client, who I’d been trying to get with for a few weeks and we kept missing each other, and it wasn’t happening. And all of a sudden, it was there. I was like, “Oh my God. I’m really manifesting today.”

But I knew exactly what I wanted. And I was very emphatic that I wanted my podcast, and I wanted to speak, because I love speaking and I love talking to people. So,, it really does work. It’s pretty incredible.

[14:31] Pam: I call that the yes energy. You’re operating inside of yes. And people don’t even realize when they are being a no. They think that they’re being reasonable, that they’re being … What I hear all the time is, “Well, I’m just trying to keep it real. I want to be based in reality.” There’s no reality to life. Life is not linear at all. The energy in life is very, very, it’s like peanut butter. It’s not a solid rock wall. It’s malleable. It’s thick in some places, but it’s malleable.

Ellen: Right, and it can change on a dime.

Pam: On a dime.

Ellen: Literally.

[15:14] Pam: You cannot say, you can’t have this, or I can’t do that. I want to be reasonable. I want to be realistic. What do you want? Ask for it. You can have it.

Ellen: Well, I’ll tell you something, I deal with that. There are certain things I’m looking at doing, and my mind goes, “Oh, that’s ridiculous. How are you going to do that? Blah, blah, blah.” And one thing I love that Ken said in Pride was, stop it. And I tell my husband that. So, now whenever I start to go there, my husband goes, “Stop it”

Pam: Did he show the Bob Newhart stop it one?

Ellen: Yeah, he did.

Pam: That was [crosstalk [00:15:47].

Ellen: I had actually seen it. I actually, I remember that particular one because it was so hysterical. For people don’t know what we’re talking about, on The Bob Newhart Show, there was an episode where this woman comes to him and she says, “I have a, I think it was a fear of being  buried alive in a box.

And he says, “Well, I have two words for you, but I’m only going to charge you $5, but I don’t take change.” And so she said, “Okay, what is it?” And he said, “Stop it.”

Pam: Stop it.

Ellen: And then he says, “Do you have anything else?” And she says, “Well, yeah, I do have this other one.” He goes, “Well, I can tell you that in five words,” I think it was. And she says, “Okay, what is that?” Her fear of death, I think it was. And he says, “Stop it right now.”

[16:34] Pam: Or, I’ll bury you alive in a box.

Ellen: Or, I’ll bury you alive. That was very funny. Very, very funny.

Pam: It is. It is funny.

Ellen: But yeah, but it’s all in that thing where you think your mind is being reasonable. That’s the whole game that your mind does play with you.

Pam: Exactly.

Ellen: Yeah, I’ve been a master of it. So, I’m really fighting with that, in a good way, and going on. And also, I’m reading for the second time, I’ve read it before, Little Voice Mastery, because he’s telling you how to stop it, too. And the funny thing is he basically says the same thing. He says, “When you hear the voice, say stop.”

Pam: Yes

Ellen: Well, that’s close enough.

[17:12] Pam: Well, in my book, I call that the monkey mind, and I distinguish what to do with the monkey mind.

Ellen: So, you want to tell people any tips on that?

Pam: Well, the monkey mind, it comes from a Buddhist teaching that says that your mind is like a hundred monkeys, running around drunk, so listening to the monkey mind is absurd. It’s like listening to a hundred drunken monkeys. So the way to still the monkey mind is to empower it against its fears. A lot of times, your monkey mind will jump in when it’s afraid you’re not going to produce a result. So, you say, yes, I’ll have that done by Tuesday, and your monkey mind’s first reaction to that is, how are you going to do that by Tuesday?

And so then it begins, the whole monkey mind, think of the monkey, hitting the cymbals, that little toy that goes [inaudible [00:18:14]. That’s your monkey mind. It just comes up with all the reasons why there’s no possibility that you’re going to be able to finish this, or do this, or take this on. My conversation with the monkey mind is be at peace. Everything’s fine. We’re going to take this on, and we’re going to get it done to be a yes. Always, always. If you bring yes to your monkey mind, your monkey mind will settle down. Absolutely.

See, the monkey mind is not even no. The monkey mind is no with an exclamation point in bold letters. So you have to deal with the drama of the monkey mind, and some people, whether they admit it or not, love drama, the whole drama of it. There’s no possible way I can get that done. I don’t even know how to do that. I can’t possibly Google that or look that up. It requires experience. That’s the drama of the monkey mind. The more the monkey mind brings drama, the more you bring serenity and calm, and that will settle the monkey mind down. It just wants to be heard, and it will not be ignored.

[19:29] Ellen: Yeah. Sometimes, like in my household, there was constant drama. So it’s like, that’s normal. It’s like, when it gets really quiet, there’s a part of me that goes, uh-oh.

Pam: Something’s wrong here.

Ellen: Yeah, right, right.

Pam: Where’s the drama?

Ellen: Right. Yeah.

Pam: So, I dealt with that most of my life, as well. But the thing that I’ve gotten to, and what I give away to others, this whole conversation about yes, brings peace and serenity because everything’s yes. It’s only no when it’s drama.

Ellen: Well, another way that it can pop up is it cuts you off before you even say yes.

Pam: Well, the access to yes is the access to just have that be knee jerk, and that doesn’t come overnight.

Ellen: Yeah.

[20:12] Pam: And I recognize that for some people, the hard part is that they’re thinking, “I need to have everything be perfect, I need to have everything lined up, everything has to be set or I can’t trust it.” And the thing that I’m asking my clients and my readers to trust is themselves.

Ellen: Right. I was going to say, are they really saying, I can’t trust myself?

Pam: You can trust you. Because if you were a villain, if you’ve got the handlebar mustaches and you’re looking to tie somebody to a railroad track, you probably don’t want to have a conversation about yes. But most of the people I interact with are not villains. They’re not looking to cause problems or trouble. They actually want what’s best for themselves and the people in their lives. It’s just naturally what’s there for them.

How I know that is that if you’re reading my book or if you’re attending one of my workshops, you’re somebody who’s looking for the answers. You’re not a villain. You’re not looking to suck off people or do them wrong. You’re looking to create context for yourself. You’re a good person. So, if you’re a good person, I promise you that all there is to do is say yes.

[21:28] Ellen: Okay. So let’s talk about your book for a minute. So, what’s the name of your book?

Pam: The book is called, Say Yes: Seven Steps to the Life of Your Dreams.

Ellen: Okay. And what has your book done for your business?

Pam: So, I wrote the book because, like everybody else, when COVID-19 hit, it threw a monkey wrench in what I was up to in terms of my clients. I’m self-employed, and the majority of my clients were self-employed, and there were several clients that couldn’t pay me and dropped off the radar. So, I had time on my hands, and it’s something I’d always wanted to do, was write a book. And so, as I started to rebuild my business and do, as they say, pivot to where I’m focusing on virtual versus one-on-one, I started to write my book.

And it started out, it was 75 pages. And I created the context for your life given by yes. And then I sent it to an editor to read it, and he gave me some really good comments. And one of the comments he said to me is that you’re not in the pages of this book. It’s like you’re some teacher in front of a classroom, teaching some concept on a blackboard. You need to have more of you in this book.

So, I took each chapter and I started doing what I do best, which is storytelling. And I told stories from my life, from my background, from movies, and the book became 250 pages.

Ellen: Whoa.

[23:06] Pam: Because it’s not just about me teaching you about the seven areas of life that will make the most difference. It’s about why I have the credentials to teach you that.

Ellen: That’s awesome.

Pam: So, the book has gone to bestseller on Amazon, and the thing I’m most excited about is that people recognize the authentic expression in the book. I’m transparent. I tell you what’s going on, what works, what doesn’t work. And the feedback I’m getting is that it makes a difference, people reading that book, and dealing with mindset and dealing with limiting beliefs is not easy to do. But the important thing is for you to recognize is what there is to do, is to manage your mindset, because that’s the access to power for you in whatever you’re up to in life, your mindset.

[24:00] If you could just get, I said this to someone once, when you look at the Academy Awards and you look at the dresses that the actresses are wearing and the tuxedos that the actors are wearing, and you go to the prom night of any high school in this city, you’ll see the same caliber of clothes. Now, why is it that people, who probably are very ordinary people, can deck themselves out like a movie star on the biggest night of their life? Because when you want something to happen, you make it happen.

You don’t have to be a movie star to go out and buy the best dress that you can find. So, the prom night at any given high school is the same level of gorgeous fashion that any night at the Academy Awards is. That’s because when you want something, you make it happen. Period. Drop the mic. You don’t have to be a movie star to get a gorgeous gown and look like a million bucks when you want to look like [crosstalk [00:25:09].

Ellen: Yeah. It just won’t be a designer one that’s thousands and thousands of dollars with diamonds.

Pam: And to be perfectly frank with you, half the time those dresses aren’t, can’t touch-

Ellen: Yeah, I know. Some of them are hideous. I agree. I agree.

Pam: All the midriffs, people were commenting on the dresses this year. It was crazy. Half the time those girls at the prom look better.

[25:33] Ellen: Yeah. I agree. So, I’ve got to ask you, how did you use LinkedIn for your book launch?

Pam: So, how I used LinkedIn is interesting because the intention of the book launch and taking it to bestseller was to use it as a funnel for my coaching. I coach entrepreneurs. And LinkedIn, the whole concept of LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the inside the conversation called “six degrees of separation”, so that you are connected to anybody on the planet within six degrees of everybody you know. If you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows that person, and that’s how LinkedIn works. So, what I did on LinkedIn is I reached out to all my first circle, and I told them that I’m having this event.

Ellen: And you reached out to them one-on-one or in a post?

Pam: No, you can do group messages on LinkedIn. If you don’t know how, I’m happy to help you do that. You have your first and second circle. That’s where I concentrate on, is my first and second circle. I have 2,500 people on LinkedIn.

Ellen: I was thinking, how would I do that? I have like 9,000.

[26:55] Pam: That’s perfect. That’s perfect. You can go on LinkedIn, and in your first circle, you can blast a message saying, “I’m having this event and my request is that you contact the people in your inner circle and invite them to my event. And I got reactions from people I haven’t talked to in years, congratulating me, notifying me that they were going to take that on. And they do. Some of them do, some of them don’t. Some of them ignore it, like you do. Some of them are just like whatever, and some people, “Oh, there’s Ellen. Oh my God, what’s she up to?”

Ellen: And then there are people who just wish me a happy birthday once a year. I don’t know that [inaudible [00:27:40].

Pam: Because LinkedIn tells them “It’s Ellen’s birthday.”

Ellen: Yeah, I know.

Pam: As long as you reach out to them and notify them, that’s the point. You can do a blast on LinkedIn to your entire first circle.

Ellen That is so cool. I did not know that.

[27:56] Pam: Yes. And when you tell them, I did my first and my second circle, I asked them to notify their first circle.

Ellen: And did you offer anything in return or you just asked them?

Pam: I always give away freebies, and I had freebies out the yahoo for that, because what happened was I had friends who said, look, I can give away something from my coaching or my thing to anybody who responds or brings people to your event. So, I ended up with 12 people who were giving away freebies.

Ellen: Oh, nice.

Pam: So, I made a landing page, and I gave away all these freebies to people who participated in my launch.

Ellen: I love that. Thank you. [crosstalk [00:28:42] I will use that.

Pam: Yeah, I didn’t do that. That happened because I reached out to people who asked me, “Well, would it help if I gave away something to the people who participated?” I said, “For sure, Are you kidding?” And I ended up inviting, there was a mentor that I took courses from years ago. His name is James McNeil. He’s a Fortune 500 incredible leader. And he’s got bestselling books. He’s crazy. Anthony Robbins got coaching from him. I reached out and I said, “Would you buy my book and come to my book launch?” And he said, “Yes, of course.”

[29:24] And then he said, “Would it help if I gave you something free from me?” He’s known in the speaking industry. So, I’m like, “Yes.” And it just snowballed from there.

Ellen: Yes. Hear that, people. She said,  “Yes.”

Pam: I was like, “Yeah.” I always say yes.

Ellen: Yeah, I know, I know, I’m just [crosstalk [00:29:42].

Pam: Yes. I was just astonished that he said yes to me, but he was there. He showed up. I had three people who showed up that I was not expecting, that are big-time in the speaking industry. And two of them gave freebies.

Ellen: Well, that’s awesome. Yeah, that’s awesome.

[30:00] Pam: So, that’s something that’s useful. And I can say that I prefer LinkedIn. I actually have a third-party software that crawls around on LinkedIn, finding people who I program it to, and invites them to get on my calendar.

Ellen: What’s that called?

Pam: It’s called Mojo, M-O-J-O, and I paid for that because LinkedIn is my playground. Some people like Facebook, some people like Instagram, and now TikTok’s on the rise right now.

Ellen: Ken Krell was talking about Tik Tok.

Pam: Yeah, he’s all into it.

Ellen: Do not, not, not want to go.

Pam: And the guy that enrolled him in Tik Tok came on, and he’s been enamored of Tik Tok ever since.

Ellen: Yeah. I didn’t want to be on Instagram, either, but Clubhouse, you’ve got to connect to Instagram. So, because I like Clubhouse, I’m now on Instagram.

Pam: Exactly. To me, and I’m an [inaudible [00:31:02] of Clubhouse, too. I like Clubhouse because Clubhouse is audio only. So I don’t have to get all dressed up. I don’t have to do anything.

Ellen: What’s your favorite? Do you have a room?

[31:19] Pam: I do. I have a room called,  The Science of Yes.

Ellen: Okay. And when does it meet?

Pam: Thursdays at [8:00] PM.

Ellen: Okay.

Pam: PDT.

Ellen: Okay. Yeah, I don’t have a room yet. I’ve only done two of my own rooms. I need to do one more, I think it is.

Pam: Yeah, I don’t know what the criteria was. I’ve been kicking around on Clubhouse, and somebody said, “Oh yeah, if you’ve been doing this, then they’ll give you a room.” I looked down and there was the thing saying I could make a room, and I didn’t even know.

Ellen: Cool. Well, I often go on to Podcasting for Authors with Morgana Rae.

Pam: Yes, I go in there sometimes, too.

Ellen: So, I’ve been co-moderating several times in there.

Pam: You have to be looking for me, because I sometimes go in that room, as well.

Ellen: Okay, cool.

Pam: And also, Steve Olsher’s.

Ellen: I haven’t gone in his. I went in Michael Neeley’s. He does a podcast.

Pam: I have not been to his, but I go in Podcasting for Authors all the time, and I also go in Steve Olsher’s room.

[32:17] Ellen: Okay. Well, we could just sit here and jam for hours here, but we need to get on with it. So, do you have any final tips for people? This has been awesome by the way.

Pam: What I can tell you is that I mostly focus on people who own businesses. They’re business owners, they’re entrepreneurs, they’re looking to leverage and expand. They want more money, they want more leads, they want more clients. And so, what I do is I bring “yes” to the party, and anything they want, I help them brand themselves. I’m a branding expert. And I teach them how to create the context for people to want to hire them, because they become yes and everybody says yes to them, and that’s kind of the way life works. When you say yes, life says yes. So, that’s my tip for the day.

[33:07] Ellen: All right. And you have a free gift for people. You want to tell them … Oh, actually I’m going to tell them. It’s called The Yes Blueprint, Scaling Your Business to Win. And you’ll be able to get the link to that on the podcast page at https://booksopendoors.com/podcast. That will be the new site. And you can get to the podcast from there, while we’re in the process of moving.

And speaking of yes, if you’re ready to say yes to writing your own bestseller, if you’ve been thinking about it for a while and you don’t know how to get started, or you think you’re too busy to write one, I want to invite you to join my free 5 Day Bestseller Breakthrough Challenge, where I’m going to walk you through taking your book from idea to outline, so you have a solid roadmap to writing your own bestseller the quick and easiest way possible.

And when you register before Tuesday, July 13th, [6:00] PM, Pacific, [9:00] PM, Eastern, you’ll get access to an extra pre-event bonus training with Ken Krell on how to use virtual events to sell books, as well as high-ticket offers. And there will be at least one more pre-event training after that. So, don’t wait. Register now, at https://bestsellerbreakthrough.com, and then be sure to follow the directions in the welcome email to get into the Facebook group, because that’s where the trainings are going to take place.

So, that’s it for today. Thank you so much, Pam, for coming on. I learned some really awesome things that I will absolutely be implementing, and I appreciate you, and I know we’re going to do good things together.

Pam: Thank you so much for having me. This was a joy. I look forward to kicking it with you in the future.

Ellen: All right. So, that’s it. Till next time, bye-bye.

Pam: Bye-bye.


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