Books Open Doors Insights #24: 7 Top Ways to Sell Books Right Now

December 29, 2021

In this training, Ellen Violette shares seven of the top ways for authors to sell books going into 2022!

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JV Directory

Self Growth (Biggest Self Improvement website online)

3 Key Points

Tik Tok now is where Facebook was in 2011 so there is a lot of opportunity there.

There are over 9,000 opportunities to speak online daily!

Anything that creates urgency increases books sales.


Hi and welcome. I’m your host Ellen Violette and you’re listening to the Books Open Doors Podcast Insights Number 24 and we’re going to be talking about seven ways to sell your books right now, so let’s do this.

Music: Welcome to the Books Open Doors Podcast. Are you a mission-driven speaker, coach, consultant, thought leader, creative entrepreneur, or author who wants more credibility, financial abundance, and wants to make a bigger impact in the world and leave a lasting legacy, and who wants to have fun doing it? Then stay tuned for today’s inspiring podcast with your host, Ellen Violette.

We’re back. The first way to sell your books that I want to talk about, which is really hot right now, is Tik Tok. According to Keith Krance, who’s President of Dominate Web Media and Internet Marketing Consultant and Training Company, and one of my mentors, dedicated to helping businesses get more traffic and customers using social media marketing, Tik Tok is the place to be.

He says it’s like Facebook was in 2011 and that there’s tremendous opportunity there. And I have to say, it must be true because I saw one author in one of the groups that I’m in, and she was talking about how she’s making 500 to 1,000 sales a month on Tik Tok and all she’s doing is sharing tips in the book, like one at a time on a video, and then inviting people to learn more by buying the book.

[1:48] Some other ways to use Tik Tok include posting an unboxing video, so this is a video where you’re taking the book out of the box when you first get it and showing the excitement of it when it comes in the mail, posting a cover reveal video, doing a summary of the book, sharing quotes from your book, talking about your writing process, using hashtags, definitely being consistent, this is true no matter what you’re doing, and following others who have an audience that you’re trying to attract. The one that has, as I said, that’s been selling 500 to 1,000 books, I mean, that’s pretty simple to do. You already have the book, you just open it up, find a tip or something they’re going to learn, and just share it.

[2:36] The second one is book launches or book promotions. And launches and promotions really are the same, the only difference is, is that on a new book it’s a launch and on a book that’s already out, it’s a promotion. But you can use Amazon’s promotion tools to promote the book. You can give your book away for five days for free or, of course, that’s not selling it, or you can do a countdown and that’s where you give a discount. And with a countdown, you can do you from one hour to seven days, and you can only do one countdown every ninety days, but the point is, is that you create an event and when you create an event and you create urgency, people buy.

The reason that it’s so powerful to use Amazon is that, number one, I mean, it’s the gorilla in the room, that’s where most of the books are sold, but also because there are announcement sites that have grown up and have been creating lists since 2007, some of them, and so they have big lists. So that even if you don’t have a list, even if you’re just getting started, you can still sell quite a few books by using Amazon, and then being able to get it in these sites where they will announce your book.

There are more that are for free, but there are plenty that do $.99 as well, if you want to do it for $.99, but you can also do it graduated. So, you can say “It’s $.99 today, it’s a $1.99 tomorrow” and you can keep going up to the regular price if you want to do that. The only consideration with that is you have to have your book in Amazon for thirty days first so that they establish a regular price.

[4:28] The next one is speaking. I love speaking. First of all, it gets my message out. But second of all, it gives me the opportunity to mention my book or one of my books, sometimes two of my books. So once you have a book to promote, speaking is a great way to do that. There are lots of different ways to speak. You can speak on podcasts. You can do Facebook lives of your own. You can go into other people’s, get interviewed by them. You can be on Clubhouse. You can moderate with other people on Clubhouse. You can have your own room on Clubhouse. So, there are different ways to do it there. And there are massive opportunities to speak.

[5:05] According to one of my other mentors, Suzanne Evans, there is something like 9,000 opportunities now online per day. You can go to Meetup. You can go to Google and put in your topic and look for opportunities to speak. There’s also a listing service that I recommend called SpeakerTunity. Jackie Lapin, I’ve known her for years. I did interview her on the podcast. And my affiliate for that, if you want to support my work and go through me, is at That’s You can also find opportunities at networking events, where people will then let you come into their space and promote your book. And again, it might be a Facebook live, it might be an interview that might have a radio show, whatever it is.

[6:05] My favorite one right now is JV Directory, which I have also talked about. I’m actually going to be interviewing David Riklan for next week’s podcast, so you’ll want to pop in there and listen to him. He’s got one of the best self-improvement sites on the internet and he’s been running this for years. It’s called And he started a free networking service and my link to that is That’s And the cool thing about that is, is that these events are free and you meet really of good people on there.

[6:55] I actually reconnected also with somebody I’d known for years, Robert Butwin. I’ve got an interview with him coming up because we reconnected on JV Directory. Also though, they do have a paid version, which is why I gave you an affiliate link, even though you can come for free. And if you decide to join, he’s got amazing software where you can connect with other people for all kinds of things. That’s just one of the things that is available to you and it does cut way down on your research time for finding podcasts, finding book reviewers, all kinds of different things.

[7:34] Next is posting. If you’re active in social media, it can be a great place to sell your book. There are plenty of groups that have promo days or promo posts. There’s also a lot of times where someone will ask, “What are you promoting this week?” We do that in our Facebook group, and we do that now on Saturdays, so you can always promote in there.

And as I said, find the groups that have your ideal clients in there and then look for ones that allow you to post either in their promo day, their promo thread, and some just allow you to post anytime, so just find out what their rules are, and then make sure that you play by the rules.

[8:24] Another thing you might want to consider is adding a graphic of your book. That’s always a more helpful thing to do. You get more sales when people can see it. Then once you’re are posting in groups that you like, that are ideal clients, whether it’s the promo one or not, you want to like other people’s comments, you want to comment yourself, engage, get to know the people, give value where you can. It may take time, but, sometimes, somebody’s just is looking for exactly what you have right now, so you just never know.

[9:03] Okay, next is create a PDF, checklist or a summary, something that leads to your book. Maybe it’s five pages, ten pages. If it’s a checklist, it might only be one or two pages. But the point is, is that you want to give that away, and then have that promote your book for you, so you want to send traffic to that however you’re going to do that.

[9:25] You might have a podcast like I do. I have a podcast and then I tell people which I will do at the end of the, this go to and you can get the Rockstar Author’s Toolkit and there’s a bunch of checklists in there and a planner for Kindle. So, promote it. And I’ve noticed that since I started doing that and also we change the offer because the other one wasn’t doing real well and sometimes you have to test them until you find something that works, so do that and then promote that instead of the book, but then have it go to the book. You can also write an article and place that on a third-party site.

So in other words, somewhere like LinkedIn or Medium or even EzineArticles, but just be aware that on Ezine Articles have to change the content by 30% if you are also publishing that anywhere else. So, just be aware of that. At the bottom of the article, make sure to tell them where to go to buy your book.

[10:28] The last one is run a sale. Again, running a sale creates urgency. So, whenever you can create urgency, you’re going to get more sales.

I also want to add a bonus tip. The bonus tip is write more books and here’s the reason why. More books mean you’re going to do more launches, you’re going to do more marketing of A book and then when you do marketing of A book, and then people see that, especially if you’re sending them to Amazon or your website where they can see other books, then some people will buy other books, as well as the book that you’re promoting. So anytime you’re promoting a book, you can be promoting all your books. Okay?

So, that’s it for today.

As I said, if you’re new to the show and you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to grab a copy of the Rockstar Author’s Toolkit with checklists for writing your book in three days or less, writing a bestseller title, simple strategies to jumpstart your book marketing online and the Kindle planner and that is at,

[11:37] And if you’re a coach, content creator, speaker or founder who is ready to write your high-impact book and want to learn how we can help, go to That’s And if you’re a fit, we can set up a time to chat and I would love to help you write your next book, learn how to write them faster, easier and open doors to amazing opportunities and bigger impact and more money.

That’s it for now. Til next time, bye-bye.

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