Episode 26: From Dairy Farm to #1 Bestselling Author & The Big Stage with Dennis Shaver

November 4, 2019

In this episode, Dennis G. Shaver, shares his journey from growing up on a dairy farm with six brothers and the valuable business and life lessons he learned there, to becoming a #1 bestselling author, how he overcame his fears to connect with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, how he sells without selling, and the amazing opportunities that he has gotten since becoming an author and how you can get them too!

Resources mentioned

Book: The Entrepreneurial Incubator: Secrets to Getting Your Invention from Mind to Market
Dennis’s website: www.inventpromoteprofit.com 

3 Key Points

People think they have to write a book and make it perfect before they go to anyone to go to the next level to publish it. Don’t wait!

A book is an expense business card, it’s what you do after the book is what keeps the door open to possibilities.

Opportunities present themselves when you take action and show up.


[00:51] Ellen Violette: Hi, everybody, and welcome to episode 26. Today, my guest is Dennis G. Shaver. Dennis is an American entrepreneur, product development expert, Amazon international bestselling author of The Entrepreneurial Incubator: Getting Your Invention from Mind to Market, which we published and launched in 2016. And I want to congratulate him because it’s number four today. Yay. After all this time. And Dennis specializes in empowering entrepreneurial leadership and product development in corporations, education, established businesses, startups, and first time aspiring entrepreneurs. So, Dennis, welcome to the call.

[01:33] Dennis Shaver: Well thank you very much. I’m so honored to be here, especially with my best ever book coach, you, Ellen.

[01:40]  Ellen Violette: Well, thanks. You’ve had such an amazing journey since we started working together, and that was why I wanted to have you on the podcast today. It’s so fantastic to see us put it up in 2016. And I know for the first two and a half years it was on the bestseller categories the whole time. I don’t know if it stayed the whole time, but I know, as you said today, it’s number four again. So, that is so awesome and makes my heart feel so good for you.

[02:11] Dennis Shaver: You deserve it because of the work that you do to help us aspiring authors when we’re in that mode of, “What do I do? What do I do?” And I followed your plan, your strategy, and navigated it. And it’s not only about writing the book. Where the real opportunity is was what you do after you write the book.

[02:33] Ellen Violette: Exactly. Why don’t you tell people a little bit about your story because it’s really an interesting one.

[02:39] Dennis Shaver: Well, of course. I was born and raised on a very large dairy farm in Michigan in a family of seven brothers all born in nine years. And our family was all about taking care of the cattle and the baby calves and the chickens and that type of thing. Yet we also were raised as what I’ll call MacGyvers because our father was always helping us boys understand how to be cost-effective, how to run the business, and then also be able to fix things and repair things and invent things to keep the business running. So, that inspired me as a young boy.

And then also what I call the formula for success. And back then it was about the harvest. If the harvest was milking the cows or the harvest was a crop of corn or wheat or barley at the end of the season, it was about planning it, then planting the seed, then nurturing it and cultivating it and, not water the weeds, of course, pull the weeds. And then eventually to the gestation period, there’d be an outcome. Much like business is that we have a business idea that’s the seed. And when we take action on it, that’s where we plant the seed and we cultivate it and nurture it. And there was a gestation period, so it doesn’t always happen overnight. And eventually, you get to the harvest. So, that’s the strategy I’ve followed including by writing this book and the follow up after writing the book.

[03:59] Ellen Violette: So, what inspired you exactly to write the book?

[04:03] Dennis Shaver: Well that’s a really good question, Ellen. In fact, what inspired me to write the book was the people that kept saying to me, “Dennis, you need to put this in a book.” So, my career was many years, a couple of decades working in Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, Saturn, PepsiCo, Clorox, Frito Lay, and also several business startups.

And I was always curious about learning how to effectively run a business and how to cause your target market buyers to want your service and/or product, and so, eventually, I got into new business startups. And that really inspired me to do that type of work. And when you’re doing something you love doing, it just shows. It’s like you’re passionate about it and there’s this light about you. Well, people kept saying, “Dennis, you know so much about entrepreneurship in getting products to market. Why don’t you put this in a book?” And I thought, “Who am I to write a book? I run companies. I’ve never written a book before. What do I know about this?”

So, I started writing and I would write and write and write for several years. And, of course, there’s another story tied with that in terms of how I got right to the point. But what inspired me to write a book is I like to leave a legacy to help others raise the bar and become a conduit to their can do it. And so, what inspired me is that, and also just people kept saying to me, “Dennis, write a book, write a book.” And I figured, “Okay, I think it’s time to write a book.”

So, I picked up my laptop and started writing even though I didn’t know how to do it. But eventually, I aligned with the right people like you, Ellen, to get me on track to do it the right way.

[05:46] Ellen Violette: Nice. So, why don’t you tell the story that you were just telling me before we got on the call?

[05:52] Dennis Shaver: Oh, my gosh. So, people say, “How does your book stay in the top 100 bestselling books on Amazon?” And I thought, “I’m not doing anything on Amazon. Really what I’m doing is I’m here to help other people help themselves.” And I never really sell when I’m talking with people, I am just empowering and inspiring and motivated people to take action.

And so, yesterday I happened to be going to a restaurant, and I go into the restaurant with my business associate and all of a sudden the waitress comes up, she says, “I’ve not seen you guys in a while. What you been up to?” And of course, we have some chit chat. And I say, “How about you?” And she says, “Well, I’m finishing up my Ph.D.” And I said, “Ph.D., that’s fantastic. Have you ever thought about writing a book?” And she said, “Who am I to write a book?” And I said, “You know, I said that two years ago and now my book is a bestseller.” And she said, “What? You have a bestselling book?” She never knew this. Okay?

So, what she did is apparently she bought my book because yesterday my book was probably around number 26, and this morning it was number four. And I knew that she bought my book online, and she also left a really nice testimonial. I guess she’d done some reading through it and found it very, very helpful. But it’s what you do to help others help themselves, and that comes back to you. And this is what’s happened with my book journey, is that I’m always posting social media posts about inspiration, about how I found a way to get from bottlenecks to breakthroughs, other people’s challenges and how they’ve gotten through them, and also sending out emails to my clients, helping them with various tools and how-tos, about helping them with product development.

And all these things that we do, we actually are contributing to nurturing that book journey because people will go to it and actually buy it and then give a testimonial as well. So, to get a book on the Amazon bestselling list is to surround yourself with the right resources like I have with you Ellen as my book coach, which I greatly appreciate because I would have gone down a rabbit hole if I wouldn’t have contacted you. Pretty amazing what’s possible with the… Once you write a book is that it’s what you do beyond the book is what’s key.

 [08:13] Ellen Violette: Absolutely. But what’s one thing you wish you’d known when you began writing your book?

[08:16] Dennis Shaver: I wish I would have known how to navigate writing the book in the most effective way. I had been writing my book for years, and then I happened to meet the lady that wrote the book You Can Heal Yourself. Louise Hay. So, I met Louise Hay and I was at this big event. And of course, it’s all about authoring, author 101 information. This is before I met you. And of course, then I get picked to be the one to grab the microphone and share where I’m at with my book. And she says, “So, Dennis, are you an author?” And I said, “No, not yet.” She says, “Have you been writing a book?” And I said, “Yes.” She says, “Then you’re an author, an aspiring author.” I said, “Okay.”

And she says, “How long you been writing your book?” And I said, “Oh, probably about five years.” She said, “Why so long?” And I said, “Because I have a job.” And she said, “That’s an excuse.” She said, “You should be able to write your book in a weekend or maybe a couple of weeks.” And I said, “Okay, I’m all ears.” She said, “The key to writing a book is to first get it down then get it right.” And that was one big lesson.

And then a couple of months after that I had met another friend who suggested I talk to you because I was pretty much done writing my book and now I needed to figure out how to get it edited and get it positioned to publish it. So, she recommended you, Ellen. And of course, I started talking with you. And one of the first things I recall you asking me is, “Why would you name the title of your book that?” I called it something like [inaudible [00:09:42] Reinvent America. And you said something like, “Why the heck would you name it that?” And I said, “Well, that’s what it’s going to do. People are going to innovate and they’re going to reinvent America.”

And you said to me something like, “The key to writing a book is not writing a book, is to first come up with the right title that is inspiring and shows benefits to those who are in need of help.” And there’s more to it of course. But that totally opened my eyes. I wish to God I would have first come to you to know how to navigate writing a book, and that would have saved me years, years of work.

[10:17] Ellen Violette: This is true. This is what I say all the time to authors and aspiring authors when they come to me. And the hardest part is when you get somebody and they’re on the fence and they aren’t sure whether they should hire you or not. And you just know they’re not going to and they’re going to suffer and there’s not… It’s like you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

[10:37] Dennis Shaver: Yeah. Being raised on a dairy farm, you know how to get a horse to drink water? This is how we sell books as well. You salt the horse. A horse will not drink water if it’s not feeling well. But if you can put salt in them and get them to swallow salt, they’re going to get thirsty, hence they’re going to start drinking water. This is how we used to do it with our baby calves when they’re getting sick.

[10:59] Ellen Violette: And how does that work with books?

[10:59] Dennis Shaver: So, with books, is it salt the horse to buy a book. An example is yesterday at the restaurant I talked with this waitress, and salting a horse is basically having a conversation with somebody and just being open and free and helpful. And that yielded her buying my book. So, it’s almost like acting like a lamb, selling like a lion. But we really aren’t actively selling, we’re actively helping.

[11:25] Ellen Violette: Right. And that’s really the key. Usually people who write want to help people. But then they think, “Oh, I have to sell.” And then they freeze up because they hate the idea of selling. And it’s changing your mindset to exactly what you just said, which is not thinking of it that way. It’s like really thinking that you are helping people.

[11:45] Dennis Shaver: Right.

[11:46] Ellen Violette: So, what do you think was your biggest failure on the book journey, if you had any? And what did you learn?

[11:46] Dennis Shaver: Well, the biggest-

[11:47] Ellen Violette: What was your biggest failure? Did you feel like there was anything that failed on that journey? And what did you learn from it?

[12:00] Dennis Shaver: The biggest failure, which to me I look like a failure is how do I fail forward and it’s a stepping stone is the next time I write a book I wouldn’t do it the way I did it before I hired a coach. And specifically, I spent years of my life writing a book and really not knowing how to do it, just putting words down. And I was putting words down based on what I think is right, but the readers have different personalities than me. So, am I really writing this book to fit the personalities of my target market?

So, there are so many things that I didn’t know when I was writing the book that if I would have known would have been a lot easier to write the book. And the other thing is I thought I had to make the book perfect as possible, and it’s like, “No.” In fact, there’s a quote I put together a couple of weeks ago that when you’re writing a book first write it down, then focus on getting it right, R-I-G-H-T. And we work so hard on trying to perfect something, but if we can just first get it down the what and the why’s, later on, we can figure out the how. And the how is where you also come in where you’re able to help me edit it and to formulate the words and the sentences and the paragraphs so they make sense to my target market readers.

[13:22] Ellen Violette: When I started teaching my signature program, or one of them, The Three Days to eBook Cash Workshop, and people would say, “Well how can you possibly write a book in three days?” Well, the truth is is that not everybody writes, like you said, it’s not perfect after three days for most people, but if you have that mindset and you go through the steps that I teach you, it’s very easy to do what you just said, which is get it down.

[13:50]  Dennis Shaver: Get it down, but get it down in a way where you’re minimizing the disorganization, because I think that’s a big part too. When people don’t know what they’re doing, what they do is they just write whatever, and then it’s all over the place. And then it is really hard to put it back into some kind of semblance of a book. But if you do it right the first time where you organize it and you do your outline first and then you follow it, then there’s a lot less to do to get it to be publishable.

[14:22] Dennis Shaver: Absolutely. In fact, can I share a quick story?

[14:25] Ellen Violette: Yeah. Sure.

[14:25] Dennis Shaver: So, I really appreciate what you had shared with me during the coaching, our time coaching together. And you were mentioning, “So, Dennis, when you going to start writing your second book?” And I thought, “Gee, I don’t want. I have to have the time for it.” But the most amazing thing is that, now that I’ve written a book, I call this the book and beyond strategy, is after meeting Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank ABC, he inspired me to take it even further as well. So, he said, “Why don’t you have a fast track version of your book that you can put into a PowerPoint presentation and offer it up as a training program to people?” I thought, “That’s brilliant.”

And so, what I did is I put together a one-hour presentation that I now have created into a click funnel for a free video training. And then there’s also an extended version that actually has the how to navigate. And so, now what I can do is, instead of me actually physically writing a book, I can just take the recording of that PowerPoint presentation and have it downloaded into a transcript, which I can get done for pretty inexpensively, and then get to an editor and formulate that into my next book. And so I’m close to getting that into the next book’s journey now. But what really helped me get organized is instead of writing a book is just to put together the content or a training program in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, thus getting things organized, and it makes sense. So, this is how I’m paving the path for the next book.

[15:59] Ellen Violette: That’s awesome. I actually wrote a book, Real Easy eBooks: Eight Ways to Write or Repurpose Your Content into a Bestseller. And I go into all the different ways that you can write a book. And that’s one of them. And I’ve written books all different ways using the three-day process, doing it from PowerPoints, having the PowerPoint go to a webinar and then transcribing it and turning up. There are so many different ways to do it, blogs. Content is content.

[16:24] Dennis Shaver: Right.

[16:24] Ellen Violette: And the more ways that you can repurpose it the better.

[16:27] Dennis Shaver: Right. And the other thing is that many people I’ve met, including myself, is that once you write the book it’s like, “Okay, my job’s done. Now, hopefully they sell like crazy.” And it’s funny because when my book was published, I think it was at three weeks, and after we published it, it became an international bestseller that quick. It was absolutely amazing. And that week I celebrated. But working with you, Ellen is that I know that you can’t just sit around celebrating too long.

[16:55] Ellen Violette: Right.

[16:56] Dennis Shaver: Books are going to become a bestseller as well, so you got to stay lean and mean and competitive and inspiring to keep that book up at that level. So, that means that requires a presence out there of yourself, via, for example, social media, connecting with people, contacting people, posting, inspiring, blogging, writing articles that keep you in the light of your book and causing, want to know more about connecting with you and about your book and beyond strategy.

[17:27] Ellen Violette: Yeah. It always cracks me up when someone says to me they’re afraid to publish their book. And I go, “Well, why are you afraid?” And, sometimes, they’re afraid of the rejection. But, sometimes, they’re afraid of the success. And I said, “Well, don’t worry about it because if you don’t market it, it’s not going to be successful and you won’t have to worry. So, you do have some control over how much-

[17:44] Dennis Shaver: Imagine owning a bakery and you have only three different types of-

[17:48] Ellen Violette: What? I didn’t hear that whole-

[17:50] Dennis Shaver: I’ll give you an example. Imagine you’re an entrepreneur and Dennis Shaver: you own a bakery and you sell only three different types of cupcakes. And it seems like there’s not a lot of people that go for the pink cupcake, but they do like the red velvet cupcake, but there is a market for the pink cupcake. So the thing is, is that it’s understandable that not everybody’s going to love everything that you do. And that’s okay. So, it’s important to realize that, but also to know your target market, know how to market to your target market, to cause them to say, “Ooh, I want that.”

[18:24] Ellen Violette: Absolutely. Well, you mentioned Kevin Harrington. I want to go back to that because you have a great story to tell about that.

[18:29] Dennis Shaver: Oh, my God. It was probably a few months into after my book is published and there was an event. And I believe that it’s important once you write a book or even before you write a book is you also go to many events and network with people. So, I was at this event and I knew Kevin Harrington was going to be there because it was going to be on the topic of pitch, a pitch event, P-I-T-C-H. And so I wanted to go to it because one of my chapters in my book is how to do an elevator pitch successfully.

So, I go to the event, and it was day one, we go through our things. And day two was on a Saturday. And the morning of day two I was out for a jog, got back, and I thought, “I need to meet Kevin Harrington.” And I thought to myself, “But I’m shy. I’m shy.” And I was like, “No, I got to meet Kevin Harrington. But he’s very wealthy and what am I going to say to him? And I’m shy.” And it’s like, “No, shut up, Dennis. Focus on what matters most. We got to meet Kevin Harrington.”

So I thought, “Okay.” I went and got a shower, got cleaned up, got a nice shirt on and went to the event. And of course the doors open at [8:00], and there must have been 300 people standing outside the doors and waiting to get in. And all of a sudden I thought to myself, “Wherever Kevin Harrington comes in,” because he’s the first speaker, “I’m going to walk right up to him and just say something to him. What are you going to say, Dennis?” And I’m like, “I don’t know. But just breathe. Okay? It’s going to be all right.”

So, Kevin Harrington comes in and the most interesting thing is of all those 300 or 400 people standing out in front of the lobby, he comes in within 10 people of where I was standing. So I just said, “Excuse me, excuse me.” And I just walked right up to Kevin, pulled out the book, and I said, “Kevin Harrington, it’s so nice to meet you. In fact, you will want to read this book.” And he looked at it and he was dumbfounded, like, “Who are you to walk up to me?”

So, he’s standing there and I’m standing there as well, and everybody around me is like, “Oh, my God, you’re talking to Kevin Harrington.” And they were blown away. So he says, “Well, thank you. By the way, I love the color. I love the title.” He said, “I’m definitely going to check it out.” He shakes my hand, and he says, “Thank you very much.”

He goes inside and the door closes and everybody’s standing around me going, “Oh, my God, you just talked to a multi, multimillionaire. This guy was on Shark Tank,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I was all giddy and stuff at that moment, and shaking and excited, couldn’t believe I said what I said to him.

Then at [8:00] the doors open. And when the doors open we’re like a herd of cattle going inside of the room. We’re all sitting in our seats. And I thought, “I want to sit up front. I really want to listen and hear things and see things.” So, I sat two tables from the front. When I walked in, there’s Kevin Harrington sitting up front on a big director’s chair. And he’s got my book in his hands, and one hand is inside the book like he’s holding a page waiting to say something. So, we all sat down, and all of a sudden Kevin says, “We were going to have a specific agenda for today, but do you mind if we mix it up a little bit?” And everybody in the class says, “No, no problem.” He says, “Okay, Dennis Shaver, please come up.” Oh, my God.

So then, I get up and I walk up front. And I’m like, “Okay, what do I say? What do I say?” And I thought, “Wait a minute, you’re an author, you’re a bestselling author. This is your book?” I’m thinking, “What if he asks me questions I don’t know?” As I’m walking up.

[21:33] Ellen Violette: Isn’t the mind a wonderful thing?

[21:36] Dennis Shaver: It is. And it’s just believing in what’s possible versus what you think you’ve always been. Just understand that we are worthy and deserving. It’s our birthright to be successful. So, I’m standing up there with him and he puts his arm around me, pulls me in like we’re buds. And he said, “This is an amazing book. Folks, I skimmed through this book and I don’t want to put it down. And this is why I’m changing the agenda today. Dennis, I want to talk to you for a while here. Can I ask you some questions?”

So then, he started asking me questions about my book. He had me on stage for almost 45 minutes and was using me as an example to the other people who are still waiting to be an entrepreneur and are still waiting to be an author. And he used me as an example. So, he asked me questions about why I wrote the book, what inspired me, what caused me to reach out to him in a crowd of people, and on and on. So, ever since that’s happened, I’ve realized that the only thing that’s in my way is me and what I think in my mind.

[22:29] Ellen Violette: Yep.

[22:29] Dennis Shaver: Yes.

[22:30] Ellen Violette: Ain’t that the truth.

[22:31] Dennis Shaver: And so, that’s why, even in my podcast, I call it become a conduit to your can do it, because the conduit is you saying yes to what’s possible. That’s the seed. And keep nurturing that and taking action. Surround yourself with people, like I have with you as a coach as well, but also just people who can help you raise the bar to become the best you can be and serve the masses out there.

[22:56] Ellen Violette: Great advice. So let me ask you, what happened after that? I know you did a live event in Singapore.

[23:02] Dennis Shaver: Well, yeah, after that then I started meeting other celebrities like Jack Canfield and just a number of people that were just like, “Okay, now it’s happened and now it’s exposed, and now people want to talk to me.” And so that was really, really exciting. And then also one particular day I received a phone call from somebody who I was in an event with a couple of years prior. And I’m saying, “[inaudible [00:23:28], do you remember me?” And I said, “Sort of.” He said, “I sat next to you and talked to you a couple of times at this XYZ event a couple of years ago.” I said, “Oh, my gosh, I remember you.” And he says, “Dennis, I was really inspired, really, really inspired by you. And I’ve watched you online and what you’ve been doing. And now that you’ve written a book and you’re a bestseller, I have a proposition for you.”

And I said, “What’s that?” And he said, “Well,” he says, “It’s amazing that you speak very naturally and you’re realistic and you’re inspiring, and we would love to have you be a speaker, a keynote speaker at our event in Singapore.” As this guy’s talk with me, I was next to my dry erase board, that’s my thinking board, and I wrote down the words he was saying, just to remember what he said. But, yeah, that was a very, very successful opportunity for me to go out and go to another country and speak on the topic of entrepreneurship because I attended an event, made a connection that I didn’t know, but left a great impression, I felt very grateful for. And then secondly, is I kept taking action of helping people. And of course that was the book and beyond strategy. So, it really has paved a path.

And whoever out there, as your listeners of your podcast, Ellen, are sitting on the fence and are not sure, you will always be where you’ve always been until you decide to take action. And that is, if you want to write a book, start writing. Just start writing on what and why. And you don’t need to think about the how right now. Just start writing. And surround yourself with people who will help you raise the bar because once you cross that line and you actually do it, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I waited so long.

[25:08] Ellen Violette: I know. That’s what a lot of people say. Yeah. The other thing though is, too, it’s so exciting. It’s like when we finally get it up and it’s published and it starts going up the charts, it’s the best feeling. It’s so exhilarating for people. That’s the really fun part for me. Every time, that person’s like a little kid seeing something for the first time and it never gets old.

[25:30] Dennis Shaver: Right. And what this also has done for me is, once you write the book, it isn’t just writing the book because you really don’t make a lot of money selling books. I’ve heard this term before, is an expensive business card. And it’s what you do after the book is what keeps the door open to possibility. So, what the book has done for me is the speaking events. I’m talking about high-paid events where you get paid thousands to speak. And also coaching. I’ve done a lot of coaching, like professional coaching for entrepreneurs starting up businesses, and also how to get a new invention from your mind to the market to profit. So, this will be forever. I can do this forever, the rest of my life. Even in retirement now. It’s so awesome. That book has paved the path for a passive income.

[26:21] Ellen Violette: That book is what? I didn’t get that. That book is what?

[26:22] Dennis Shaver: People keep showing up and saying, “Oh, I heard about your recent talk or your podcasts or this quote.” And I’m kind of stuck. I don’t know what to do. And so, I offer up a complimentary discovery call. We talk about where they’re striving to achieve. And before you know it they want to sign up and be part of the mentoring program. And I’m passionate about this, so this delights me to be able to help people. And I’m rewarded for it as well.

[26:48] Ellen Violette: Wow. It’s so great to see all the other things that have happened since you wrote the book. And it’s like you said, you have the right attitude because it absolutely is what you do with it. And that’s why I always say books open doors.

[27:01] Dennis Shaver: They really do.

[27:01] Ellen Violette: Books open doors. Yeah, getting to follow what my clients are doing after they write their book is just so gratifying. It really is. So, let me ask you, what’s the one common myth about being an author that you want to debunk?

[27:17] Dennis Shaver: Well, the myth I would say is something that I lived for years, and I can’t believe, I kick myself or this, is that why did I wait so long to write a book and not ask for help. And people think that they have to first go write this book and make it as perfect as possible before they go to anyone to go to the next level to publish it. And so, I would say that the thing is is to find a way to discover how to navigate writing the book in the most cost-effective, fast-track way. And there are very fast track cost-effective ways to write a book. Find that out as soon as possible, so that you’re not spending years and wasting years of your life doing something like I did for almost five years trying to write a book when I could have done it in a matter of even a few weeks to a good strong weekend to do it.

[28:14] Ellen Violette: Yeah. I remember when I was writing Sell More eBooks with Jim Edwards, and we got a bonus from some guy who had this program that he was pushing that had to do with eBay. Eventually eBay came up with their own and it became obsolete. But I remember that he had written a book. And he said, “Oh, God, it was so painful. I would never do it again.” And I said to him, “Well then you did it wrong, because if you’ve got expertise and you can talk about it, then you can write a book.”

[28:46] Dennis Shaver: Right.

[28:46] Ellen Violette: Yeah. If it’s painful, you’re not doing it right.

[28:48] Dennis Shaver: Well, that’s a good point. And imagine Michael Jordan playing a basketball game and he’s telling his coach, “That last game with whatever team was so painful. I don’t know if I could do it again.” Yep, well when you’re done thinking about that let’s get on with the practice and keep on moving forward here.

[29:05] Ellen Violette: Right. Well, we’re just about coming to the end here. Do you have any closing thoughts?

[29:09] Dennis Shaver: Well, yes. I would certainly be honored to help those of you who have a great invention idea know how to navigate the seven steps to get your idea from your mind to the market to profit. And my book is on Amazon. It’s called The Entrepreneurial Incubator: Secrets to Getting Your Idea from Mind to Market. And I would be glad to have a discovery call with you to also just help you understand where you’re at and where it is you’re striving to go to reach your full potential. And you can reach out to me on invent promoteprofit.com.

[29:43] Ellen Violette: That’s www.inventpromoteprofit.com. Well, thanks so much, Dennis. This has been great. It’s always fun to catch up and see where my clients are in their journey and I’m just so happy for everything that’s happened.

[29:57] Dennis Shaver: Well, thank you so much. And, Ellen, thank you for being a great resource for us aspiring and authors to realize the true potential of our books and beyond. It’s so amazing and you are so helpful. You really helped guide me. There were times where I was freaking out like, “Wait, what’s next? What’s next?” And you were like, “Dennis, breathe. It’s okay.” So, I appreciate that. I feel much stronger now and I’m looking forward to this next book and getting your help with that as well.

[30:24] Ellen Violette: Oh, that’s awesome. Okay, well that’s it for this episode. To get the show notes, go to www.booksbusinessabundance.com/podcast. And if you’d like to join our private group, you can go to facebook.com/groups/booksbusinessabundance. That’s where you can ask questions, delve deeper into today’s topic, and share comments and takeaways. And if you have questions for Dennis, you can put them in there as well and I can get them to him. And you can find more information on my books (on book writing) at booksbusinessabundance.com/books.

[31:05] Dennis Shaver: Ellen, thank you so much. I so much appreciate you. Thank you.

[31:08] Ellen Violette: And I you.

[31:09] Dennis Shaver: You, too. Bye.

[31:10] Ellen Violette: Have a great day. Bye.


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