This is an excerpt from this week’s Books Business Abundance Podcast: Speak Up, Sell More Books, Get More Clients with Arvee Robinson, master speaker trainer.

If it’s a small group, you want to hand out a book to every person in there. So, let’s say it’s twenty people.

So, you hand out twenty books, right? You’re not giving them to them, mind you, you’re just putting them in their hand. Then, what you do is you tell them to turn to a certain page in the book and read, and you can have a person, each person, two or three people read. So, one of the things I wanted to read from my book is one of the chapters that would never have been in the book had I got it out a lot sooner. As you know, Ellen, I shared with you, it took me nine years out because I’m a speaker, not a writer. I had to learn how to write. I had to get a coach. And so, it took some time. But one of the chapters that is in there that wouldn’t have been, it didn’t take me that long was what I call the biggest lie.

The biggest lie. And this is what you would have someone read for you. Or, you could read it yourself. If you have hundreds of people, then you’re going to read it. If you have twenty people, you’re going to give them a book. They’re going to read it. That’s a big difference. So, attend one speech class and get paid thousands of dollars, lie, lie, lie. You will be lucky to even speak for free anywhere. No program chair wants a speaker with no experience or reputation to make them look bad, right?

So, it’s a simple technique. Twenty people get them to read it. And it’s because of this because possession right is nine-tenths of the law we’ve heard. So, they possess it. Then, what you want to do is say, “Okay, you can either buy the book for $20, you know? Just pass up the money to my assistant and keep the book or pass up the book. Nine times out of ten, they’re going keep the book because they’ve touched it. They’ve opened it. They’ve read it.

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