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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Book
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  • 1

    How to find the best topic for your book

  • 2

    How to get clear on your goal and why you should

  • 3

    How to plan your book so you have a roadmap to success

  • 4

    Tools for mapping your plan

  • 5

    5 Steps to mapping out the perfect plan for your book!

  • And more!

About Ellen Violette

Ellen Violette helps inspirational speakers, coaches, and founders write a bestseller in 7 days, launch to #1 bestseller, and use their book to grow their business,  make a bigger impact, make more money and leave a lasting legacy through her coaching and author's services company, Books Open Doors ™

She’s is a multiple #1 International bestseller author herself and author of nine books, award-winning book strategist, host of the Books Open Doors ™ Podcast and Grammy-nominated songwriter.

Her mission is to make the world a better place, one book at a time.